My Navy Seal II: Undeniable Attraction Book

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My Navy Seal II: Undeniable Attraction


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Before you start to read this book you have to read "My Navy Seal" as "My Navy Seal II" is a sequel to that book. He is her one true love and she is a breath of fresh air. Will their love prevail after everything they have gone through? Will they grow closer or further apart? ...You turn and see a man like no other, his black hair falls perfectly in place and his piercing blue eyes meet yours. Every muscle in his body sings in perfect harmony as he moves. ...He gives you a cocky smile and slowly removes his shirt. You knew that the man before you was well built but this is a ridiculously, breath-stealing, indefinable masterpiece sitting in front of you. You're trying to regain some sort of respectability around him but you can't control the flush shifting inside the very foundation of your being. You swallow visibly. He sees your blush shining like a beacon for all to see. His cocky smile returns on his face and he knows what he's doing to you... ....You watch the urgency that is written across Nick's face and then again after talking to the soldier. He turns to you and holds your hand. You know that you are in big trouble now because he risked holding your hand in front of other soldiers. "What is it, Nick? Do not fool around just tell me I can take it" "Just…do not be afraid. Just, trust that I have this?" "I do…I trust you with my life..." ...You stare over the ocean and an unfamiliar calmness comes over you. You for the first time you feel that you have to be here, that this is where you belong. You've always wondered if you made the right choice and this feeling right here confirms what you've been thinking all this time. This is your home now....


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