30 Shocking Change

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Cheng Lingzhu raised her sword and walked towards Yue Tianya and the other two.

Yuan Zhao did not hesitate. She used her escape technique and turned around to run.

Yue Tianya and Ling Yufei looked at each other, their eyes solemn and complicated.

The two knew that they couldn't beat him and learned from fate that they should escape. However, due to the reputation of the heirs of top-notch immortal sects, they ended up fleeing at the sight of the wind.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, the battle just now did not seem to have any waves. It was more like both sides were testing each other, and each had hidden trump cards.

However, Yue Tianya and Ling Yufei, who had personally experienced it, knew that Cheng Lingzhu's performance just now was ridiculously strong. Even if the two of them joined forces, there was no chance of victory.

Lu Xuan stood at the side, waiting to see Yue Tianya and Ling Yufei get beaten up. At this moment, a shout came from the depths of the hall,

"The array in front of the table has been broken!"

Yue Tianya and Ling Feiyu were shocked. Without any hesitation, they turned into a stream of light and fled into the depths of the hall.

There were three treasures in the cave abode: immortal clothes, scriptures, and the World Tree.

If any of these were to spread to the outside world, even the top immortal sects would be jealous.

These three treasures were all protected by the defensive array formation and could not be taken away directly. During the time when everyone was fighting, the geniuses from the Immortal Slaying Mountain used all their knowledge to dismantle the array formation.

It was just as he had expected.

Since it was a land of inheritance, the array on the table was not too difficult to design.

Although it took quite a lot of effort, the disciples of the Immortal Slaying Mountain still managed to crack the formation.

In the depths of the hall, a disciple from a major sect flew out excitedly, wanting to seize the World Tree.

"The World Tree is mine!"

Just now, the situation was chaotic, but he had been observing the movements of the Immortal Slaying Mountain.

As soon as the formation was broken, the cultivator used his escape technique and arrived at the table as fast as he could. He stretched out his hand and grabbed at the World Tree.

The moment he was about to touch the World Tree, something strange happened!

Five colored flames suddenly burned on his body. Light circulated and spread throughout his body.

In an instant, the cultivator died in front of the World Tree. He didn't even have time to scream.

This flame was extremely strange. The cultivator's body, clothes, and magic artifacts were all turned into nothingness. It was as if they had disappeared into the spatial rift, leaving no trace behind.

"It's the Dao Law Fire… This mystic realm trial was indeed not that simple!"

Hong Yu stood in front of the three treasures, his eyes shining with golden light.

As the first person to break the array formation, Hong Yu did not act rashly because he was certain that there would be trials and dangers behind the defensive array formation.

Just as he had expected, after breaking the array formation, formless Dao law flames suddenly appeared around the three treasures and enveloped them.

This kind of fire could not be seen with the naked eye. It could only be observed with special eye techniques.

Once an ordinary cultivator came into contact with this flame, they would be incinerated and decomposed into the most basic laws of heaven and earth.

Therefore, that disciple died without even leaving a cigarette behind.

Only cultivators above the Mahayana stage could resist and control the Dao Fire Law.

Those below the Mahayana level would die if they touched it.

However, those who could enter this mystical realm did not even have a Nascent Soul, let alone a Mahayana cultivator. How could they collect the Dao Fire Law?

However, Hong Yu did not give up immediately. He had already come this far and experienced so many dangers and difficulties. No one could give up and leave when faced with a treasure right in front of them.

Hong Yu felt that there was definitely a chance for this matter to turn around.

That senior had set up a test to select a successor. Naturally, he had his own plans and considerations.

But what was the problem?

Hong Yu frowned as he recalled the details of their journey.

While he was thinking, a cultivator nearby exclaimed,

"The Death Substitution Talisman is ineffective!"

Hong Yu looked in the direction of the voice. A disciple's head had been cut off, and his corpse lay on the ground.

He didn't turn into a mist of light and get fished away by a mighty figure like the previous few dead people.

"My senior brother clearly bought a Death Substitution Talisman. What's going on?!"

Several cultivators walked forward with magic treasures in their hands and surrounded the corpse behind them. One of them found a Death Substitution Talisman in the corpse.

A disciple of the Divine Weapon Pavilion stepped forward and spoke resolutely, "Impossible, my Divine Weapon Pavilion's magic artifacts will never fail!"

It wasn't just here. Cultivators in other places in the cave also discovered this problem.

"The Death Substitution Talisman is ineffective! Everyone, be careful!"

An elderly cultivator leading the group transmitted a message to his fellow disciples.

"As long as Senior Sister dies, I'll be Master's only disciple and have a chance to become a core disciple of the sect!"

A cold light flashed in the eyes of a female cultivator.

"It's better if it doesn't work. Today, I'll settle the karma in the Secret Mystical Realm!"

There were also cultivators who roared into the sky and chased after their enemies.

The death substitution talisman's failure made the battlefield even more chaotic.

"There's something wrong with this cave abode."

In the deepest part of the cave abode, Hong Yu felt that something was wrong. He gritted his teeth and took one last look at the three supreme treasures before leading the disciples of the Immortal Slaying Mountain to retreat.

It should be said that other than working overtime in their own base camp, technicians were given preferential treatment wherever they went.

Previously, when the disciples of the Immortal Slaughter Mountain broke the formation, all the cultivators deliberately avoided that place during the battle.

Now that the cultivators of the Immortal Slaying Mountain were preparing to leave, there were no enemies to stop them.

It wasn't just the forces of the Immortal Slaughter Mountain that wanted to retreat. Some of their disciples had suffered heavy losses and were also planning to give up their opportunities and leave this place.

When a group of cultivators carried the splattering Dharma light and flying sword Qi, endured the screams and roars, and passed through the chaotic battlefield with difficulty, they finally saw the exit of the cave abode.

A tall figure suddenly appeared there.

"You want to leave? Can you?"

The figure's voice was hoarse as he sneered and blocked the entrance of the cave.

The newcomer was extremely tall. He was more than three meters tall, and his body was as wide as a door. His entire body was covered by a layer of black cloth, revealing only a pair of eyes.

It was a pair of golden eyes. The pupils were vertical, and they were burning like two suns.

"The legacy of the Immortal's cave is mine, and the treasures your disciples are holding are also mine!" the person blocking the way spoke in a domineering tone.

He took a step forward, and an invisible aura spread out.

The disciple at the front grunted and staggered backward with a pale face.

"Nascent Soul… Perfect."

Hong Yu's expression instantly turned extremely ugly. "How is that possible… How could there be a Nascent Soul cultivator among the trial-takers?!"

"You so-called disciples of great sects don't know what the true Great Dao is!" the person blocking the way roared into the sky and tore off his black robe.

A muscular and thick body appeared in front of everyone. His muscles bulged as if they contained explosive power.

The surface of this body was covered with a layer of fine green scales. It was extremely hard and emitted a faint luster.

Green scales extended from his torso to his limbs, and even his fingers were covered in scales. This made his hands not look like human hands, but more like a pair of dragon claws.

Upon seeing this, Hong Yu's pupils constricted. He knew how this guy was born.

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