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My Naruto Dream


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Disclaimer: I don't own naruto. This story is purely out of my mind. I may not have the greatest mind but I would like to also share my thoughts. New cover is also not mine. Just uploaded it to properly remind myself how MC looks. Just minus the tatoo LOL ----------------------------------------------------------------- Our MC woke up one day to realize he is in the world of naruto. With no idea how he got there and no cheat or system to assist him. Will our MC be able to at least live in this world? curious? then read it. Not good enough? You're welcome to drop. This is just a product of my thoughts of what a fanfic would be in my own mind. And this is the first one I've worked on too. All kinds of review are welcome. Have a good reading everyone! Peace out. As of 22/02/2022 This fanfic has ended. Thanks for all the power stones you have sent to me. As a beginner author, it was an awesome experience writing as I see people read my work even though I just began. Peace out,


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