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Magic was flowing through his body like a rushing river, and it headed for his hand as he screamed with all his heart: "Firebolt!" From the glowing heptagram that magically appeared from the palm of his hand and floating in midair, a huge fiery sphere was formed, ready to be hurled at the heinous beast. The monster's red eyes that at first instilled fear, no longer frightened, because aware of his Magic, he threw the fireball at the wolf-like beast, which was quickly engulfed by an explosion of flames, burning its pitch black fur and flesh in agonizing pain. Smirking at the accomplishment, he breathed a sigh of relief at the escaped threat, and as he watched death come upon the creature, he exulted saying: "I did it! I'm finally a... Sage!" ____________________________________________________ WARNING: If you cannot stand dark stuff like rape, murder, gore, etc, my work is not for you. Ordinary man MC Isekai-ed in a world full of conflicts, but most of all, he needs to resolve his inner-conflict. Weak to strong. As a first-time writer, worldbuilding is my forte. The writing and English grammar need to be improved... and I'm continually learning. My chapters are usually longer than the standard on WN, 3-4k words instead of 1.5k words. I manage(d) to publish twice weekly, but by the length of my chapters, it's basically the same amount of content you'll get with daily chapters of 1.5k words. Chapter updates when I have the time, unfortunately. If you wish to directly support me, you can send DOGE to this address: DPy7f5UxEEvty424M7KxfEhGA3dECtQcn8 Cover art is not mine. Artist can contact me for removal.

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