I kept on running through the forest as the R-10 soldiers chased after me, I had to escape I must not let them catch me, I had to do it for my brothers but i was so exhausted and I was getting weaker with every second that passed and my mind was getting fragile.

I shivered as the cold wind blew on my face willing myself to move faster as they closed in on me. I was so engrossed in the pain that I was feeling that I didn't see the cliff,I slipped and fell my head hitting on a rock before landing into the waters and all I thought about was that I had failed my brothers.

My Name is eleven I was rescued by a police officer who took me to the hospital, where they found out that I had amnesia due to head injury. Unfortunately my amnesia was long term which was supposed to be healing since it has already been 3yrs since I was found but my brain was hiding away the memories which my therapist declared as bad memories and I was suppressing those bad memories, the only thing I could remember was my name Eleven. The police officer Chris later adopted me since no one was looking for me. The first time we noticed that there was something wrong with me was when my brother owen, Chris's son nearly fell off a ladder with that anxiety I ran to him at a speed that was very unnatural, Chris and his wife Thea took me to the hospital were they found out that there was nothing wrong with me. Because of my unnatural powers Chris started a deeper research about me and so far so good he hasn't found much only an infinity symbol which lead him to a deadlock,they tried hypnotizing me but it didn't work out since the power of my mind was really strong. Chris sent me to school along his older son Neo and since then I've been trying to blend in with humans.

We just had a long term holiday and today was the first day of school for a new session and I was going to be late since I was still still searching for clothes to wear, I finally settled for skinny jeans and a white tee shirt with my favorite ankle length boots. I stared at the mirror my golden small face starring back at me, My large green eyes taking in my overall appearance I would say that I was looking good.

“Oh my God am so dead” I screamed internally as the class was about to begin. Running towards my class without seeing the person in front of me I jammed into him, still fretting without looking up I picked my books and ran into the class half screaming my apology to him.

“You stop there” The new homeroom teacher stopped me as I tried to tiptoe to an empty seat at the back.

“What is your name” The teacher asked looking straight at me.

I felt so embarrassed as the whole class was staring at me , this was what I did not want standing out too much.

“Eleven” I answered

“What??” The teacher asked looking confused

“My name is Eleven ” I screamed which made the whole class to erupt in laughter.

“Everybody keep quiet, See you at detention, the young man behind her too” The teacher said

I was so embarrassed that I did not turn to see who was at my back I just quietly walked to an empty seat lowering my self into it, brought out my book and stared at it while thinking about my weird self.

Soon the bell rung and we all filed out of the class, I went to my newly assigned locker and dumped all my books into it picking out the one that I needed for my next class. After class I went to detention before going home, I was the only one there since I did not see the other person, I took the bus after school since Thea wasn't able to pick me up from School.

There was no seat in the bus so I had to stand, when the bus hit a bump the book I was holding fell out of my hand, in the process of picking it up the bus shook again causing me to fall on an unknown person's lap, the shock of it made me sit still.

“Hey you, won't you get up” The person I was sitting on his lap asked

“I'm sorry” I apologized quickly standing up as I tried to pick up the book again,the bus swayed the second time and our lips touched. Up close I could see his green eyes staring at me, almost unnatural.

“You... What are you doing”He asked pushing me away from his body.

“I'm sorry I didn't mean to” I apologized once more quickly standing erect , holding my book tight.

I got down from the bus when it reached my stop. I put my book inside my bag, brought out my head phone and began listening to music then I began the trek down to my street. I felt someone staring at me and the gaze gave me goosebumps it took all my courage not to burst into a run with the little courage I had left I turned around to look at the person behind me only for me to hit a body and forest green eyes staring down at me.

“You what do you want, I'm sorry for what happened in the bus, is this your way of having revenge by killing me and buring me where no one would find me. Please forgive me I don't want to die now. I rumbled on not giving him a chance to talk.

“Shut up” Those green eyes said eyeing me

“I'm sorry I tend to talk alot when am nervous....”

“I live down the street so don't think too much”He said walking ahead of me . In no time I reached my house, I turned around to see if green eyes was still around when I saw him entering the house beside mine which meant that we were neighbours. Lord have mercy. I quickly entered inside not wanting to draw attention to myself.

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