195 Grand Residence

As he walked out, Lucy emerged, carrying a large bag that she dragged across the floor.

"Young Master Aur," a blush appeared on her face as she shyly looked at Aur.

"Hmm," Aur could discern Lucy's intentions and immediately took out a random storage bag from his collection, placing all the items inside.

Aur didn't show her the storage ring; after all, he hadn't forgotten that she was an informant for the village.

Naturally, if she saw it and reported it, an investigation would easily uncover the proof that the second elder had given him resources.

It was against the rules for the elders to provide resources to any of the students in the academy!

Although Aur had already broken through to the tier one wizard realm, he wouldn't be punished harshly. However, it would still give others leverage over him.

It would be fine as long as Aur wasn't caught. However, if he was caught, he would be in some slight trouble.


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