197 Glimpsing at the future again


[Muscle System]

[Name: Aur Cromwell/Auriel]

Talent: Future Seer (Major: 1; Minor: 0)

Muscle mass: 5.16 (+) [Tier one (high)]

Intelligence: 2.0 (+)

Stat Points: 48

Storage space: 0.32/1 cubic meter

Quest: Daily (completed)


Aur, however, didn't directly faint, unlike last time, and just stayed in a meditating position. He could feel a mysterious blue energy that appeared in his brain and seemed to connect to some unknown dimension.

He couldn't see nor feel it, but he knew one thing: this blue energy connected him to something.

Suddenly, his vision changed again to the caravan, where a person had a hopeful expression on his face looking at the mana stones that were in front of him.


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