My Muscle System in the Mage World

[WPC DEC & JAN 2023 [Fantasy] WINNER!] _________ [Talent: Future Seer] The path to immortality is always a cruel one to tread. In a world where the Wizard reigns supreme and spells are everything. Watch Aur’s journey as he walks down the path of immortality, albeit not in a conventional manner. Muscles! With the muscle system in hand, he forges a path for himself, slaughtering all his enemies with a punch. But in this world filled with schemes, can he reach the pinnacle or will he perish falling into the spiral of schemes? …… [Scene from the Novel] "Aren't you supposed to be an ordinary wizard? How are you so strong?" The man muttered as the very earth crumbled, and the mountains behind him split with the sheer pressure of the giant fist descending on him. There was no surprise the man was crushed into meat paste. Aur looked at the distant sun. "Throughout Heaven and Earth, I have the strongest muscle," Aur shouted as countless shadows appeared in the corner of his vision. “You are going to die today,” The tone was cold and unforgiving, with countless figures appearing one by one. “You cannot re-establish the Laws of this universe again.” My Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/4wwAbwBsUR ----------- A super gift for 5 bonus chapters. ––––– #no ntr #no yuri #no bl

Aurelius_Imperator · Fantasy
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Glimpsing at the future again


[Muscle System]

[Name: Aur Cromwell/Auriel]

Talent: Future Seer (Major: 1; Minor: 0)

Muscle mass: 5.16 (+) [Tier one (high)]

Intelligence: 2.0 (+)

Stat Points: 48

Storage space: 0.32/1 cubic meter

Quest: Daily (completed)


Aur, however, didn't directly faint, unlike last time, and just stayed in a meditating position. He could feel a mysterious blue energy that appeared in his brain and seemed to connect to some unknown dimension.

He couldn't see nor feel it, but he knew one thing: this blue energy connected him to something.

Suddenly, his vision changed again to the caravan, where a person had a hopeful expression on his face looking at the mana stones that were in front of him.