My Mother Has a System but Won't Use It

A person who had been considered trash all his life. A person who had only been cared for by his mother and no one else. A person who didn't have a Spark where everyone else did—a person who couldn't cultivate. That was... Han Li. Yet, on his 18th birthday, everything changed! He was on the roof of his home, frolicking with his mother as usual, when he was gifted something by her—a blank and incomprehensible notebook that she had bought from a scammer. No, it was not blank, not incomprehensible to him; it was as clear as daylight. Others couldn't see the words written there, but he could see them, and he was stunned—the inheritance of the Sacred Demon of Lust. And thus began Han Li's rise. *** Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/d7gNwe9zDw [Warning – Mature Content and Taboo Relationships.] [Explicit R18] What should you expect from this story? A Harem with fleshed-out characters. As for the number of women, the core harem would be under 20, but he would have more women. It is especially a story for the MILF lovers out there. The MC is a decisive and demonic person who knows what he's doing. SO, HE IS NOT A PASSIVE SLOG! Expect no cliché overload. Even if some things seem cliché, they won't be in the long run. There would also be a fun power system to explore. Plot, plot, characters, power system, and nice world building. What else can you ask for? Jump in! Of course, women. Ladies, all with their own characters, personality, and beliefs. Especially lots of love for the Mother! ... (No NTR: MC's women would not be touched by any other man.) (No, Yuri: MC's women won't play with each other.) (No R***: Obviously).

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252 Chs

Luck Trade

"Xiao Li... Are you hiding something from me?"

Han Li pensively looked at her for a while and nodded, "I am hiding something important from you."

"What? What are you hiding?!" Yue Li asked with a frown.

Han Li smiled, and said with a teasing tone, "Tell me your secret and I will tell you."

"...I already told you most of my secrets," Yue Li said, this time truly a bit sad.

So, he keeps secrets from her?

Han Li couldn't bare to see his mother sad and said, "It is not that I wanted to keep it a secret, it will hurt you that's why I stayed silent..."

He hadn't told her about him traveling back in time due to that after all.

Then suddenly, it hit him, he shouldn't always blame his mother so easily, she might have felt the exact same.

Yue Li nodded and said, "Let's no longer have secrets from each other... Okay?"

Han Li nodded in assurance, yes, that was much better.

He then moved closer to her and made her sit on his lap, and looked at the golden screen, was it visible to him because of his special eyes?

Putting that aside for now, he asked, hugging his mother's stomach: "What is this Golden screen's use? What does it do? And what is Luck trade?"

Yue Li smiled, and said with a light smile, "Luck Trade is my Golden finger."

"Golden finger?"

"A cheat of sorts that can help me achieve my dreams."

Han Li had the urge to kiss her neck, but he kept it at the back of his head for now and asked: "What does it do?"

"It helps me trade one luck for another luck. Hmm, let me explain it like this, when I just got here into this world, I had no friends and you were not born yet. So, I wished to have a nice and cozy home for me at least. And then, the Starlight Family released a new rule of giving everyone inside their own houses."

"You just wished for it and it happened?" Han Li asked with a stunned face.

"No, it isn't that easy... It asks for something in return for what we wish... but I had nothing in my hands, No, let me show you."

Yue Li moved in his embrace and clicked the Luck Trade option in the system.

New words appeared, and Han Li looked at them in intrigue.

Owned Luck:-

[Lifespan: 30 more years.]

[Cultivation Talent: None.]


[{Demonic Lust Sutra} in your son's hands.]

[Starlight Family Home.]

[250 Sacred coins in your son's hands.]

"You see all that?" Yue Li asked with satisfaction, "Those are everything that we have."

"It even counts everything in my hands?" Han Li asked weirdly.

"Yes, at first it didn't use to, but when everything in your hands ended up being in mine, and it saw that we are always ready to give each other what we have, it changed," Yue Li said with a bit of nostalgia.

"Okay, Mom, but what did you trade for the Starlight Family to change rules and give everyone homes?" Han Li asked, a bit worried.

And she only had 30 more years of lifespan?

"Don't worry, I am not so stupid to use my lifespan on it, I used my cultivation talent to trade with this home and something more," Yue Li said with pride, "I might seem like a dummy to you, but in that cultivation talent area, there was 'Body Cultivation' and 'Soul Cultivation' once. I traded it for better things though..."

Han Li was speechless, he didn't know what the 'Soul and Body' stuff was but still, "You gave up all your cultivation talent for a... House?"

Yue Li smiled, "Of course not, I am a fool, but not THAT foolish. I wished for a great and calm life with a son by my side and that took my body cultivation talent."

Han Li's heart skipped a beat, "Then?"

"I found a fruit on my way home from a small trip to the outside world and after doing what anyone would do after getting a tasty-looking fruit..uh... bam! My Xiao Li was born."

"...No way..." Han Li was stunned silent.

Yue Li lost her smile and nervously clenched his hands in hers. "I know you have always asked who your dad was when you were small, I could never have it in me to tell you the truth, that you are born from a fruit.

"And I was always guilty that you were born without a spark because you were born in such an unconventional way."

Han Li felt like his head was spinning.

'I was born out of a fruit?!'

His 18 years of self understanding seemed to come crashing. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Then wasn't she a virgin?

Wasn't she untouched by other men?

His thoughts were full of chaos and it was hard to follow everything happening. But he tried his hardest to calm down, and maybe, facing death had indeed done some good atleast. He could stay moderately calm.

"Then what about your Soul Cultivation talent? What did you do with it?"

Yue Li stayed silent for a long while before sighing, he only held her hands stronger after she told him the truth, he really didn't mind his origins. A burden seemed to have lifted from her shoulders.

"I used my Soul Talent to wish for you to get the ability to cultivate and receive a great fortune along with it."

She felt like an absolutely shitty person at the moment; a selfish woman. Han Li would surely be sad that he was the reason for her to lose her talent, yet she still told him this... she should have kept him ignorant about this.

She started to regret it.

She didn't know why, but once she knew a bride might soon enter their home as her daughter-in-law, she was very nervous and wanted all his attention for herself.

It was just...hard for her to believe that her son might grow unattached to her.

"So, after you wished for it... I naturally got a cultivation technique that will help me cultivate too?" Han Li suddenly felt many pieces clicking together.

No wonder! He had already felt more than once, it was too lucky. He had gotten everything he wished for so easily.

Then, another thought hit him...

Did his mother have to endure that hellish pain in her legs and did her cultivation fail because of himself?

Cause he 'stole' her talent?!

Did she never mean to use her Soul Talent but used it in the end because she felt too sad he couldn't cultivate?

His hands tightened around her waist.

She was so... Precious. He couldn't help the unceasing love and guilt that built up in him.

Who cares about origin and such in the first place? All that mattered to him was who she was. And he was certain of how sincerely she loved him. She deserved everything she widhed for!