My Mother Has a System but Won't Use It

A person who had been considered trash all his life. A person who had only been cared for by his mother and no one else. A person who didn't have a Spark where everyone else did—a person who couldn't cultivate. That was... Han Li. Yet, on his 18th birthday, everything changed! He was on the roof of his home, frolicking with his mother as usual, when he was gifted something by her—a blank and incomprehensible notebook that she had bought from a scammer. No, it was not blank, not incomprehensible to him; it was as clear as daylight. Others couldn't see the words written there, but he could see them, and he was stunned—the inheritance of the Sacred Demon of Lust. And thus began Han Li's rise. *** Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/d7gNwe9zDw [Warning – Mature Content and Taboo Relationships.] [Explicit R18] What should you expect from this story? A Harem with fleshed-out characters. As for the number of women, the core harem would be under 20, but he would have more women. It is especially a story for the MILF lovers out there. The MC is a decisive and demonic person who knows what he's doing. SO, HE IS NOT A PASSIVE SLOG! Expect no cliché overload. Even if some things seem cliché, they won't be in the long run. There would also be a fun power system to explore. Plot, plot, characters, power system, and nice world building. What else can you ask for? Jump in! Of course, women. Ladies, all with their own characters, personality, and beliefs. Especially lots of love for the Mother! ... (No NTR: MC's women would not be touched by any other man.) (No, Yuri: MC's women won't play with each other.) (No R***: Obviously).

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252 Chs

I want to know!

"Mom, what is your secret?" Han Li asked with a serious tone.

He had had enough!

It was early in the morning and he hadn't even gone to take that fatso's money. Today he wanted answers.

They had both just brushed their teeth. But he was here, facing his mother the first thing in the morning, asking questions.

Yue Li looked at him with a sad face. "I can't say it."

"...Mom..." he sighed inside, she knew how to use his weaknesses.

I know how to do that too.

"I want to know it, Mom, I...feel like you are alienating me and avoiding me... I feel..." His voice choked up and he stopped speaking.

Yue Li bit her lips.

"At least tell me the reason why you can't talk about it!" Han Li hit the pot when it was hot.

Irritated a bit and quite sad, she yelled at him, "I can't tell you because you will be hurt if I say it, is that okay for you?!"

Han Li's eyes widened, "Because I will be hurt?"

Yue Li's mind cleared and she immediately regretted what she said.

But then calmed down and tried to brush the matter aside, "More important than that, you touched below my... My that place again right? Why?"

"Why?!" Han Li was even more irritated, "You are my mother, I can do whatever I want with you!"

"But you promised!"

Not falling for the trap, Han Li looked straight into his Mom's eyes and said, his voice determined, "Mom if you won't tell me why it will hurt me, I will do 'that' with you when you are asleep!"

"All the way?!"

"All the way!"

Yue Li was stunned silent. So it had finally reached this moment.

But her heart was also filled with a strange sense of anticipation.

But no, she can't have him do it.

They were at the moment both in their room, seated on the bed as they yelled at each other.

This was not the first time they were yelling at each other but it was the first time he determinedly said he would do it regardless. Even though she knew it was probably a bluff, what if he really ended up doing that?

It might lose him his life!

"Xiao Li, it is not that I don't want to tell you everything, it is that you can't understand everything I have to say, so easily."

"Are you actually calling me dumber than you?" Han Li was honestly impressed this time.

His Mom was a woman who prided herself on her foolishness and always ended up getting scammed, to think she would one day call him more stupid...

He was proud.

"If you can understand what I say, understand then!" Yue Li snorted and then said, her voice high and mighty, "I was just a normal teenager in my past life who couldn't even pass her school test, and when I died in an accident, I transmigrated here and had you, is that enough? Can you understand?!"

Han Li looked at her with a dumbfounded face, "Trans...Trans what gate?"

Yue Li looked at his face full of question marks and chuckled happily. But then again, she didn't actually want him to feel estranged from her, so she said, her voice teaching, "It is complicated to explain it to people who don't know it Xiao Li but I will tell you things you have to know."

She had decided to tell him everything already when his hands traveled down her body yesterday, it was time he came to learn about her.

Keeping it a secret till now was for his own good but... Sometimes, she wanted him to know what sacrifices she had to do.

Maybe, it was selfish of her but she wanted him to know. Just like how she wanted him to continue yesterday.

"Xiao Li, your mother is not an ordinary person!"

Han Li listened with an amused face, he had rarely seen his mother this chatty and interested.

"I came from another world and from the moment I was born, I had a thing called [Luck-Chat System] inside me."

She then explained to Han Li about all the wonders of the other world she remembered, cars, anime, manga, web novels, schools, and games.

She told about it all and Han Li was stunned silent by the imagery and everything his mom's beautiful lips voiced out. It was too complex coming from his Mom for it to be a lie!

Each word was a new world opening up infront of him, each detail made his jaw drop.

And in their lovely company, time passed like a stream, "...and then, this white truck came crashing and bam! I woke up in the Starlight Clan as an ordinary village woman."

Han Li looked at his mother in disbelief, was all that she said something his dumb mother truly went through?

He couldn't believe it.

But Yue Li had more to say, "But I was so lonely and sad that I died and it was then that my Luck-Chat System woke up."

Han Li licked his dry lips. "What is that?"

"A golden screen that pops up infront of me when I ask," Yue Li pointed infront of her, "It is also here at this moment, but only I can see it."

Han Li looked at the golden screen and his eyes widened. "I can see it too!"

Yue Li turned towards him with stunned eyes, "You can see it too?!"

"It says, Luck Trade..." Han Li scrutinized it, his mom was speaking the truth!


Yue Li only kept looking at him as if he was a strange animal, even the Starlight Clan's Head couldn't see it when she played around with the system right in the middle of her own Awakening ceremony years ago.

"Xiao Li... Are you hiding something from me?"