1 Chapter 1

POV Hécate

The first thing I felt was my infernal headache. I feel like I have a worker doing work with a jackhammer in my head.

And why is it so bright in this class!? If I remember correctly, it's 10am with a big sun so why are the lamps on? We can see that the person who turn on them does not pay for the electricity!

As my eyes adjusted to the brightness, one thing struck me.

Since when does my classroom look like a palace?!

Holy shit, don't tell me I just got isiki'd??

" My head... " said a voice to my left.

When I turn my head towards the source of the noise, I don't see one person but my whole class.

Correction, we were isikaied…

" Welcome to our world saviours " A strong, authoritative voice calls us.

When I turn to the person who speak, I see a man, seated on a throne. If you asked me how to describe this man, I would tell you that this man looks like a king as you can imagine.

Although he is seated, you can easily say that he is tall. He has brown hair and a beard. He has sky blue eyes and those teeth are spotless. How the hell does he have such teeth?! You would probably tell me that he has a good dentist, but the problem is that we are in a fantasy world. How do I know? Obviously, isikaied, palace, crown and guards have metal swords.

So, I came to the conclusion that we must be in the Middle Ages, finally for us.

Ok, let's go back to what we were saying.

" What is this mess ?"

" Where am I ? "

" Shit, my book, where is it? "

I can hear many of my comrades being dazed by the situation. But I didn't think that the first instinct of a person could have is to seriously ask themselves where their book is.

Hello, you are in another world. You don't have another more impactful comment like " Where's my phone? " eh eh

What ? A phone is more important than a book.

" Come on, calm down. You have nothing to fear " the king said authoritatively.

Although this king is a stereotype, he has charisma. Now everyone shut up and stares at him.

"Like I said, welcome to our world, saviours. If you are present today before us, it is because our invocation has chosen you to become our new saviours in order to defeat the demons that are eating away at our world."

" Wait ,what ?"

" We are in another world ?? "

" Shit, it's like in a manga "

" … "

The announcement that the king has just made is like a bomb among us. I can hear lots of comments. Some are confused, others are happy, and others start to cry.

" Come on, enough, enough my dear saviours. It is an exceptional chance that you have there. Many people are willing to kill for this privilege " expressed the king.

The king is not very good at comforting people because even though silence returned after his announcement, I can still see people sniffling or crying in silence.

" Wh..o Who are y…you ?? " said one of my classmates, I think it's Hasuko Miura. A girl in my class, blue eyes, black hair. She is quite pretty.

" Miura, I thought you were a bit smarter " Sato Ado Sato. I think he is the most popular boy in school. He has black eyes and black hair. He is tall and thin. When you meet him for the first time, you think he is a kind, caring and very charismatic person.

But that's on the surface. He is manipulative. He will do anything to be above everyone.

And he has a pleasure in crushing " insects " as he calls it.

How do I know? He is the leader of the group that is harassing me.

" You can see that this man is the king of this country. Am I not right, mister king? " He said confidently

" You are observant my boy. Yes, I am the king of this country, Nitis. My name is Yamoto Fune " replied the king.

" If I'm not wrong, you want us to fight demons to save your kingdom? " Ado asked.

" Yes, that's right " replied to the king.

" I imagine that we have no choice " said our leader. He has become our leader since he is the only one who dares to speak.

" You are not forcing it. The problem is that the invocation is irreversible. So, you are stuck here and if no one is going to defeat the demons, we will be the ones who will be defeated with you. And we don't have enough mana to reattempt a summon "

" I see. So how do you defeat demons ? We're just high school kids. Some of us can't do 100 meters without being at the end of our life " Ado mocked.

" You will all receive a system. The system will be what the almighty have chosen for you " answered the king.

" I see. So how do we receive this system. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can get down to business "

" Oh, an enthusiastic person. I like that. Archmage, can you bring the donation ball please "

" Immediately your majesty " replied the archmage.

After a few minutes where everyone was watching each other. Some boys in my class tried to flirt with girls who were still crying or in shock. What a bunch of hungry dogs.

They take advantage of others' moments of weakness to achieve their own goals.

" Here is the donation ball your majesty "

Finally, I was tired of seeing these hungry dogs on their prey.

Well, they didn't bother to find a name. This object that gives donations is a white ball on which it writes "donations". Where did I fall again ?

" Ah there she is. Is there any volunteer ? " asked the king.

" It would be logical that it was me first " In your opinion, who said this sentence ?

Ado Sato. Of course. I wonder if his knees hurt?

" You just have to touch the donations ball and you receive your donation that the powerful have bestowed on you " Said the king.

Ado Sato strode towards the ball confidently. I swear to you, how can a person be so arrogant.

When he was close enough to the ball, he reached out and touched it. At this moment, the ball lights up in blue then goes out again.

" My congratulations sir… " said the archmage.

" Ado Sato " he replied

" Congratulations Mr. Ado. You have received the hero system. Which makes you our new hero " announces the archmage while bowing.

" I'm not surprised you received this Sato system. You can see your status by just saying or thinking system " claims the king

" Thank you, your majesty " replied Ado

I swear to you, if he's the hero, then I'm the Queen of England. Seriously, of all people, it's him ! If these powerful people choose who has what, then they suck at analysing people.

Finally, let's move on.

After Ado passes, the volunteers push each other to be next. Where am I? In a zoo?

Well, after the king has restored some order, a line is created. One after the other, my comrades receive their gifts. It goes from the assassin to the healers.

Well, that's not all, but it's finally my turn and coincidentally, I'm the last one.

I stand right in front of the ball. I can feel my comrades staring at me and I feel like they all want me to receive a dirty system. They will see. My system will be the best.

I reach out my hand to the ball, I touch it and, and…uh…why isn't it glowing? She is broken?

" Archmage, what's going on? Is there a problem with our relic? " asked the king.

" uhh.. No, your majesty, the relic is perfectly operational " replied the archmage.

" I think I know what's going on majesty " exclaimed one of my comrades. When I look who spoke, I realize that it is Ado Sato, as if by chance.

" Tell me hero, what's going on? "

" The problem is the girl. She is not in our class. She's an intruder sneaking into our class and trying to look like us. She even stole one of our uniforms from a poor girl. I tried to resonate with her, but she doesn't want to know anything. The almighty must know that. That's why it doesn't work with her " Ado Sato explained.

" I see. Tell me, is what he said is true? If you tell the truth, nothing bad will come to you. You will live a perfectly normal life " Asked the king

" I..t it i..s fff..ake " I stammered

" You see your majesty, she cannot answer without stammering. This is proof of his guilt. However , you can ask everyone that this person is an intruder and that she is violent " Replied Ado Sato

After King charges Ado Sato, he looks at my entire class. At that moment I said to myself that it is impossible that my whole class agrees with him. I know I'm not welcome but still.

When I thought, my comrades were going to come to my defence, they all started to nod their heads. Even some added accusations that I had raped girls.

I swear to you. I hate these people. But the accusations are too stupid to be taken seriously. The king will surely say that it is a joke.

" What do you have to say in your defence young lady. ? " asked the king with a harsh and dark voice.

I froze. He actually believes these guys?! These accusations are meaningless.

I didn't believe it so much that I couldn't even hear what the king was saying.

" I see… Such a crime cannot be tolerated within my kingdom. Let's throw her in the cell " Ordered the king

" Wait your majesty. I know this person a little, if you throw her in the dungeon, she will escape " replied Ado Sato.

" So, what do you recommend, hero "

" I think the best way is to execute. I know it's not an easy thing for me or you to make this decision, but I think it's the best way to settle this matter. Thanks to this, maybe the girls who have been raped by this thing will sleep better at night knowing that the monster is dead " Explained Ado Sato

Hearing the word "execute", I directly recovered from my previous state but only to be worse than before. I was shaking, tears were forming at the edges of my eyes, I was having trouble breathing. I didn't know if I was scared, if I was sad or if I wanted all of them killed with the greatest pain that exists.

I would lean more towards the latter option.

" Our kingdom has never executed a person despite serious crimes " Said the king.

" I know it's not an easy decision to make but what do you think your citizens think. I'm sure they all want her executed, for the sake of the kingdom "

We can see that the king is thinking. Well, I do not know. I'm too busy shaking.

After several minutes but days for me, the king made his decision.

" Knock her out and throw her in the river. None of our subjects should know that someone has just been executed. You all heard, not a word. If I learn that a person has not respected this order, he will join this monster at the bottom of the water "

" Why do you want to drown it your majesty? " asked the archmage.

" For in my greatest bounty I grant this thing a pleasant and painless death by knocking it out why threw it in the river, for the river goes to the sea. I do not want a body of a monster be on my continent. Who knows, she may come back to life " replied the king

" We recognize our king "

" Long live to the king "

" Long live to the saviours "

" Death to the monster "

And it was on this last sentence that I fainted after a well-placed blow.

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