"Mr. Lee is that you?" I asked not believing what am seeing 'it's my imagination right' i thought. "No its not poor Jimin its really me i waited for this opportunity years and years now finally i can get rid of the last piece of Park family" Mr. Lee replied.

"What do you mean?" i asked. "Oh i forgot to tell you, my bad actually am the one who made your parents disappear i tricked them to go somewhere where they will never come back" he grinned "HOW DARE YOU, YOUR SO EVIL!!!" i shouted at him. All he did was grin i was so angry i just wanted to tear him apart. All this time he was lying i always considered him as family and this is what i get after getting too attached. I had so many thoughts all this time i thought my parents were dead yet they were deceived. "What are you getting from all this?" i asked. "Oh Jimin are you dense, of course i want to rule, take away this kingdom i wanna be remembered the great." he replied "So all this time you were pretending, you were only greedy for powers you never considered us your family?" i asked while sobbing "oh its so easy to pretend to be a sheep yet am the wolf in a sheep's clothes hahh it was so easy tricking you"

All this time we were talking in his cabin, only the two of us no one had heard the conversation and when he was done talking he went to meet the people taking me along with him. He stood in front of the many mermaids and said "Am sorry my people you were all called suddenly but its an emergency that you guys have to hear the truth today" he turned and glared at me and i did too i knew what was gonna happen next will be bad, the people too were looking at me with pity on how bad i was hurt and started shouting "what happened to our prince?" "why did you beat him up?" "what is going on?" they all had many questions while me, my mouth was tied with root like plants i couldn't say a thing to defend myself.

"We have a traitor in our kingdom, he's been trading us to the merkraid (evil mermaids), hes been trading us for sacrifices all for what so that he can find his dead parents he's so selfish, and its none other than our prince!!!" he pointed at me and the people got shocked while i was trying to speak but held me roughly.

"no that's not possible he's innocent" "it cant be true" "how did you know" everyone had many question this only means they trusted me. "As you know am his right hand man i know everything he does so two days back i heard him plotting something he was discussing something concerning more sacrifices to be done and there after two days you guys were attacked isn't it?" everyone started nodding like he made perfect sense 'wth!' i thought.

"So do you guys believe me?" he asked, everyone started murmuring with each other while i was shaking my head telling them not no believe shit but i was too late everyone seemed to be... convinced....

The people who looked at me pitifully now looked at me disgustingly and suddenly they started throwing rocks at me and yelling "traitor" "traitor" i could no longer defend myself because i couldn't do anything. At a further distance i see Tae hyung running to me but suddenly someone grabs him and covers his mouth, it was his dad he didn't want him defend me now i understand how Mr.Lee was able to topple me down he had allies too.

"He deserves death, many of our people have died because of him, kill him!!" One mermaid shouted and the rest supported only a few didn't and couldn't do a thing about it. I was framed and i could say i was, i was helpless, weak, my emotions took over me 'its over' i thought to myself.

They grabbed me and now i was standing near a hole which had a very bright light almost making me blind when i looked up everyone was starring at me Taehyung was still held by his dad and was crying and i shook my head signalling him to stop crying. I looked around the kingdom my father and mother had built and i felt regret "Sorry dad and mom i couldn't protect your kingdom i failed you" Those were my last words before the other mermen threw me in the light hole i closed my eyes now only surrounded by darkness and off i fell....

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