My Master Knows It All

“Master, Xingchen Zi said his master refined a treasure—a huge boat that flies in Heaven—and only his master knows how to do it. Is that true?” “It's true.” Cao Zhen glanced at the super-large flying peak beneath his feet and nodded. “Master, have you heard? The Jiao dragon on Azure Dragon Peak seems to have the potential to become a Golden Dragon!” "Just scoop up an Azure Dragon from our family's Fengshui pond and play with it. Don't interrupt me while I'm cooking." “Master, I've heard that...” “No matter what you've heard, go to my room and look around, everything... ah, wait a moment, let your senior sister come out first.”

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Chapter 1 Two Spots_1

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Headache, confusion, a rush of memories rapidly uploading.

Once Cao Zhen realized he had transmigrated, he understood this was the process every soul transmigrator had to go through.

"Master, Master are you alright..."

Cao Zhen opened his eyes, squinting against the light, and saw two young men and two young women looking at him with concern; he also quickly sorted out his current identity and situation.

This was the Profound Yellow World's Hundred Peaks Sect, and he was the Peak Master of the Hundredth Peak!

The four youngsters with concerned expressions in front of him were all his disciples.

"Your teacher is fine, you all leave first, I'll come out after I regulate my breathing," Cao Zhen waved his hand to dismiss the four from the secret room, and began to rapidly assimilate the memories.

The Hundred Peaks Sect had over a hundred immortal peaks, each governed by a Peak Master who served as the master; the strength of each peak was ranked, and Four Treasures Peak's Peak Master Cao Zhen, had impressively grabbed the hundredth place in the Sect rankings.

Starshine Peak, which ranked ninety-fifth, had acquired a third-grade Spiritual Medicine, the Magma Lingzhi Grass, but they lacked a high-grade cultivation area like a third-grade Spirit Field, so they started to covet Four Treasures Peak and looked for an excuse to start a quarrel with the previous Cao Zhen, which eventually escalated to a magical duel wager.

Naturally, the Magma Lingzhi Grass and the third-grade Spirit Field became the wager, with the duel scheduled for three months later.

Not long after the bet was placed, the previous Cao Zhen realized his mistake; he was no match for the Peak Master of Starshine Peak, let alone their Senior Disciple.

Fearing the loss after three months, the former Cao Zhen sealed himself within a room and practiced desperately night and day for half a month, until he drove himself mad and died, which is how I managed to take over his body.

"There's not much time, and the Cultivation Base is only at three Dao platforms; it's a definite loss without a miracle," Cao Zhen muttered, "Just arrived and already facing bankruptcy? Don't I have any sort of cheat? That's not scientifically plausible, right?"


A temple bell's sound echoed in Cao Zhen's mind, and then he 'saw' a vast sea of clouds floating in his mind.

What kind of cheat is this? Cao Zhen watched the endless sea of clouds before him, perplexed, when suddenly he heard a mechanical voice coming from within the clouds.

"China Cloud initiated, connect to a user?"

China Cloud? Cao Zhen suddenly realized, recollecting his identity as a 996 programmer before transmigrating. At the time, he was conducting the final tests on China Cloud, a cloud service exceeding those of Alibaba and Tencent by many times. Due to an even more exaggerated 007 work schedule than 996, he literally worked himself to death at the console.

Is this thing before me the China Cloud? What use could that broken thing have in a world of immortal cultivation?

"China Cloud initiated, connect to a user?"

The prompt came from the depths of the cloud sea once again.

"Then just connect," Cao Zhen came to his senses and chose to agree.

"Random user connection completed," the voice from the China Cloud said, "You may designate two users for connection."

Designate? Cao Zhen asked with a head full of questions, "Can I connect anyone? Even Taobao's richest man, Ma Yun?"

"User connection completed; there is still one designated user slot available."

The words from the depths of the cloud sea caused Cao Zhen's heart to leap again; it actually connected? But what's the use of connecting?

There wasn't time for Cao Zhen to ponder, the cloud sea started to urge him again, leaving him uncertain about whom to connect.

"Master... are you okay?" The voice of his Senior Disciple, Ling Xi, reached him from the other side of the door.

"Just connect this Senior Disciple then!" Cao Zhen pointed towards the door and spoke, "Can I connect this Senior Disciple?"

"Designated user connection completed..."

As the voice from the cloud sea sounded once more, Cao Zhen saw a huge document rising within the cloud sea. It seemed as big as a building, while the other two documents that appeared were tiny, no larger than sesame seeds and might have required a microscope to be found if they hadn't also been emitting a golden light.

"Is this largest one Ma Yun?" Cao Zhen curiously prodded the document that was the size of a building with his consciousness.

User: Zhang Daoling

Gender: Male

Cultivation Base: Daluo Golden Immortal

Identity: Great Celestial Teacher, Alchemy Great Grandmaster

Specialties: Dragon-tiger Righteous Method, Alchemy Dao, Five-thunder Righteous Method

Owns: Three volumes of the Great Hollow Scripture

Alchemy Level: 98, Alchemy Sub-Saint

Talisman Level: 98, Great Grandmaster

Array Level: 77, Grandmaster


"Zhang Daoling? Isn't he the ascended immortal in the legends?" Cao Zhen tapped the three volumes of Great Hollow Scripture with his consciousness, and a series of complex runes appeared in the cloud sea.

Just as Cao Zhen was about to complain that he couldn't understand the text at all, a voice came again from deep within the cloud sea.

"Would you like to download user Zhang Daoling's backup?"

"Download! Of course, download!" Cao Zhen hurriedly responded, as top-level immortal cultivation knowledge and various complex pill prescriptions that could seize the essence of heaven and earth all entered his mind.

In just an instant, without the need to study, Cao Zhen fully understood all of Zhang Daoling's immortal cultivation knowledge.

Simply put, Cao Zhen, who had been a cultivation rookie just a second ago, had now become a Grandmaster of Cultivation Theory and a Grandmaster of Theoretical Alchemy.

"Is the backup only knowledge? Can't his powers be backed up too?" Cao Zhen couldn't help but feel sentimental.

"User management authority is too low." China Cloud quickly responded, "User Zhang Daoling is classified as a shallow access user, designated users are deep access users, they back up a portion of their cultivation daily in the cloud for the use of user managers."

Cao Zhen temporarily closed Zhang Daoling's document and quickly opened the document of Ma Yun, the richest man.

User: Ma Yun

Gender: Male

Cultivation Base: Mortal

Identity: Master of Deception, Capitalist, Businessman

Good at: Soul-soothing chicken soup MAX, Sophistry MAX, 996 Blessing Dark Arts MAX.

Owns: Grand Theft International Company

Total Cultivation Experience: 0

Extra Experience: 0

Cao Zhen remembered that Ma Yun had also learned Tai Chi, and Wang Zhanhai had praised him as, what was it, the Tai Chi Peak Grandmaster? Now it seems it was probably just a hoax.

"Others might be combat noobs, but is Boss Ma a combat speck of dust?" Cao Zhen quickly closed Boss Ma's document and opened the document of his senior disciple, Ling Xi.

User: Ling Xi

Gender: Female

Cultivation Base: Foundation Establishment Realm, Five Dao Platforms

Identity: Senior Disciple of the Four Treasures Peak in the Hundred Peaks Sect

Aptitude: Ancient Talisman Immortal Body

Good at: Hundred Percent Kowtow Style

"What is this 'good at'?" Cao Zhen couldn't understand this skill, and at the same time, he lamented that he only had three Dao Platforms while his disciple had five?

Total Experience: 50

Extra Usable Experience: 150

"User Manager, would you like to collect the usable experience?" A voice from the cloud sea asked once again.

"How about I collect one experience point to try?"

After Cao Zhen responded, he saw the extra usable experience decrease to 149, and at the same time, a warm current spread throughout his body, raising his cultivation base considerably in just an instant.

Suddenly, Cao Zhen's file panel popped up in the midst of the cloud sea.

China Cloud Level 1 Administrator: Cao Zhen

Gender: Male

Cultivation Base: Foundation Establishment Stage, Three Dao Platforms

Identity: Former Programmer, Current Peak Master of the Four Treasures Peak in the Hundred Peaks Sect

Good at: Programming, Grandmaster of Theoretical Alchemy, Grandmaster of Cultivation Theory

Owns: Four Treasures Peak

Total Cultivation Experience: 31

Extra Experience: 0

Alchemy Level: 0

Talisman Level: 0

Formation Level: 0

"Damn it! What was the point of connecting with Ma Yun!" Cao Zhen regretted. Had he known he could use connected users like this, he should have thought about who was the strongest in the sect! Connect directly with them! The extra usable experience should be more, right?