My Master Is Super Powerful But Overly Steady

Ye Chen transmigrated to a fantasy world by chance. He was well-aware of how dangerous this world was, so he kept a low profile and quietly cultivated in Xuantian Holy Land. He tried his best not to get involved in any affairs for fear of getting caught up in any vendetta. If he encountered problems that he could not run away from, he would ensure that he annihilated all his opponents as swiftly as possible. He showed no regrets for staying aloof and no remorse for killing his enemies. Hundreds and thousands of years later, Ye Chen’s disciples were domineering existences in the world, and their influences spread far and wide. On the other hand, Ye Chen was steadfast to his principle of not drawing any attention to himself. … One day, the Heavenly Path experienced significant changes, and all the demons and gods throughout history attacked Ye Chen simultaneously. Ye Chen was forced to defend himself. He drew out his sword and easily eradicated all the demons and gods, resulting in the collapse of the Heavenly Path. Ye Chen blinked his eyes in disbelief and said, “Was that all?”

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Zi Menghan Makes Her Move

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Tian Lin the skeleton transformed into a black shadow as it shuttled through the air, sealing any demon cultivator in Vision or Law Realm wherever it passed by.

Once the black shadow was gone, those imprisoned were blasted into pieces.

Ye Chen could have mobilized even more inanimate objects to deal with the enemy. However, that would easily make people associate them immediately to Xuantian Holy Land, which wasn't a good idea.

So this Peak-Stage skeleton in Might Realm would do for now to trap the few Demon Emperors of Blood Demon Cult. There was no need to use too many dead objects.

Moreover, the remaining small fry demon cultivators would not pose too much of a threat if they were the only ones left to deal with those from Xuantian Holy Land.

The four Demon Emperors - Shang Wuqing, Meng Jiuxiao, Demon Emperor Cang Qing, and Demon Emperor Qingli - had already fled outside the blood-colored hall and were now floating mid-air where they hoped the skeleton wouldn't be able to reach them. The demon cultivators, mostly in Vision Realm, managed to escape unscathed and stood right below them.

But they could still see the skeleton Tian Lin slaughtering the others from their cult, which made them a little depressed.

Shang Wuqing gritted his teeth and said, "What happened to Martial Uncle Tian Lin? Why isn't he dealing with the people of Xuantian Holy Land instead? Why is he slaughtering the disciples of our cult?"

Demon Emperor Cang Qing said, "Did you guys do anything that might have upset him? Why else would he still be so angry with you guys after he died?"


Shang Wuqing resolutely rebuked the accusation with a slight frown. But then, he muttered to himself. "Could it be because I stole all the treasures buried with Martial Uncle back then?

"But why didn't Martial Uncle find trouble with me back then? Why did wait three hundred years?"

Meng Jiuxiao said, "We have to think of a way to stop it. Otherwise, the disciples of this branch will be completely slaughtered by it!"

At this moment, many disciples of Xuantian Holy Land finally rushed out of the blood-red hall, each of them surrounded by the shadow of a fire dragon.

When the people of Xuantian Holy Land finally stood under the clear sky and bright sun again, they felt as if they had been trapped underground for eternity.

Even though they were in enemy territory, the valley was a beautiful and tranquil place - a clear river flowed through as ancient trees stood on its banks under the sky and sun while surrounded by a thin mist.

The Peak Lord of Crimson Flame Peak suddenly spat out a large mouthful of blood and the fire dragons that helped transport the Holy Land disciples out dissipated in the air uncontrollably.

He had just stopped Shang Wuqing and Meng Jiuxiao by himself when he was ambushed by the other two Demon Emperors. The severe injury he received from the Blood Poison Demon Blade of Demon Emperor Cang Qing had also devoured his blood essence since the blood poison from the blade was still in his wounds. The huge amount of effort he had used to help the others escape simply exacerbated his injury.

"Peak Lord Shen!"

The Xuantian Holy Maiden was surprised to see him in this state and immediately used her divine energy to support him before stuffing a spirit pill that emitted a sparkling luster into his mouth.

The Peak Lord's aura instantly stabilized and the blood poison in the wound on his back was slowly dissipating. He said, "Don't worry about me. Let's take advantage of the distraction caused by the sudden resurrection of that skeleton of Tian Lin. This is a rare opportunity. Let's go!"

The Xuantian Holy Maiden agreed as she turned to the others and firmly echoed, "Let's go!"

She once again displayed the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers in her vision as she swung her Crescent Blade to open up a path further away from the four Demon Emperors.

"And where do you think you're going?"

Meng Jiuxiao shouted. His figure flashed and appeared in front of the Xuantian Holy Maiden. His vision of various demon prisons appeared and enveloped her.

But then, a black shadow flashed out from nowhere as the skeleton of Tian Lin rushed over. Gray-white demonic shadows appeared around him and tore Meng Jiuxiao's demonic hell vision into pieces.

Meng Jiuxiao grunted and quickly retreated into the distance. "The people from the Xuantian Holy Land are escaping! If we don't find a way to stop Martial Uncle Tian Lin, this operation will be wasted!"

Shang Wuqing cupped his hands towards Demon Emperor Cang Qing and said, "We can't delay any longer. Please help me, Demon Emperor Cang Qing! The two of us will temporarily stop Martial Uncle Tian Lin and let Demon Emperor Jiuxiao and Demon Emperor Qing Li finish off these people from Xuantian Holy Land first!"

Then, Shang Wuqing suddenly waved his blood-colored horsetail whisk towards the skeleton of Tian Lin. The blood strands of the horsetail whisk grew stronger with the wind. In a blink of an eye, they turned into thousands of blood dragons, enveloping the area where the skeleton of Tian Lin was.

With a loud boom, the thousands of blood dragons exploded. More than half of the blood strands of the blood-colored horsetail whisk were blasted into an illusory state and the skeleton of Tian Lin reappeared, standing where he was, unharmed.

"I'll help you!"

Demon Emperor Cang Qing raised his hand and summoned a demon tower. The demon tower was divided into nine levels, each guarded by a demon dragon. The demon dragons headed straight towards the skeleton of Tian Lin as well.

But just like with Shang Wuqing's attack, the skeleton of Tian Lin was not affected much. It managed to dodge the demon tower's attack at an extremely high speed before sending the demon tower flying with a slap. The demon tower's radiance flickered and Demon Emperor Cang Qing's face turned pale.

"Hurry up and attack!"

Meng Jiuxiao wanted to take advantage of the skeleton of Tian Lin being occupied with the other Demon Emperors to deal with the other Holy Land disciples. He summoned a demon cauldron with surging blood Qi. A sea of blood splashed out from the cauldron, emitting a terrifying devouring power as it enveloped the Crimson Flame Peak Lord and the Xuantian Holy Maiden.

It was his spirit treasure, the Demon Blood Cauldron!

Shen Beiwang held his Fire Dragon Sword while the Xuantian Holy Maiden held her Crescent Blade, ready to engage in a battle with Meng Jiuxiao.

Demon Emperor Qingli finally arrived with a skull covered in blood threads which expanded three hundred meters in the wind. The skull opened its mouth and spat out a large amount of grayish-green poisonous fog toward the crowd that emitted the stench of rotting corpses.

The Peak Lord of Crimson Flame Peak and the Xuantian Holy Maiden were extremely anxious. They desperately wanted to rush over to fight off the Demon Emperor Qingli, but they were being held back by Meng Jiuxiao.

They knew that with the cultivation bases of the remaining disciples, there was no way they could withstand this kind of attack from Demon Emperor Qingli.

"Let's go all out!"

A few elders with white hair and beards had the will to die fighting. They burned the divine energy in their bodies and took out all kinds of magic treasures. They were the first to rush toward the rolling poisonous fog.

At this moment, a loud and clear cry of an Immortal Phoenix resounded through the sky, a cry so shrill it could pierce through gold, crack rocks, and forcefully shake away the clouds in the sky.

A magnificent and dreamy Immortal Phoenix appeared out of thin air, measuring about ten feet in size with each of its feathers seemingly condensed from the Great Dao runes. It emitted an indescribable Dao rhythm and the heat from its body distorted the air around it.

The Immortal Phoenix opened its mouth and spat out a flame that emitted a terrifyingly high temperature. Nearly a thousand feet of water in the nearby river evaporated into a hazy mist that filled the air. The valley now looked like a fairyland.

Everyone's gaze focused on the woman standing on the back of the Immortal Phoenix. She was petite, wore a purple dress, looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old, and her clear eyes contained boundless spiritual Qi. She was like a fairy, untainted by the mortal world.

"Zi Menghan?"

A mixture of shock and disbelief appeared on the Xuantian Holy Maiden's face.

When Zi Menghan first arrived at Xuantian Holy Land, it was obvious that Zi Menghan had an Innate Crippled Body.

But now, Zi Menghan was able to block an attack from an expert in Might Realm. When did she become so powerful?