My Maids Are All Antagonists!

"I, Eddie Edward, had reincarnated into a world of magic and became the single child of Duke Eddie from the Lancamdo Kingdom. Fortunately, I was given a system that could collect energy from magical items and turn them into attribute points, skill points, and bloodline points to enhance myself. Knowing that this is a world full of danger and cruelty, I’d decided to become stronger with the help of the system. On a day like any other, I was given a personal maid. The new maid was acting strangely, but I paid no attention to her weird personality because she was loyal to me. As days passed by, I began to have more maids around me. However, all of them were strange. It wasn’t until later I noticed that the maids would leave at night and return reeking of blood. Naturally, I was curious, but I’d never questioned them as they were my personal maids. To become stronger, I, Eddie Edward, continued to grow using the system to be not threatened by others in the future. Until a fateful day… I learned something important. One of my personal maids was a Fallen Angel? And the other one was the Lady of the Dark that was being pursued by the Holy Church? Not only that, but I also heard some of my maids being addressed as the Lord of the Dard? The Ominous Witch? The Vampire Queen? Lady of the Death? Why did their names sound like they were some antagonists of a novel? Could it be that all of my personal maids were actually the bad guys of the world I was in? Not long after that, I was now a wanted person in the Lancamdo Kingdom? Some even began to hail me as the Lord of Evil? Eddie Edward let out a deep sigh. “Fine. Looks like I can drop the act now.” With a wave of his arm, the alliance of the mage and knight was wiped out with an asteroid. “To tell you the truth, I’ve already become the God of Magic.”

Ultimate Guaiguaipi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
160 Chs

Using Money to Buy His Own Life

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The two people who hadn't hesitated at all were instantly rooted to the ground when they heard the word Eddie.

Such a change caused many people present to wonder with a trace of doubt: who exactly was this Eddie?

Instructor Autumn actually said that this Eddie was the Master of these two maids who possessed terrifying strength?

Then how terrifying was this Master's strength?

Tier 9?

No, he was definitely a Saint-rank!

Many students kept guessing in their minds, and in the end, they all came to a unified conclusion.

That's right!

The other party was definitely a Saint-rank boss.

Otherwise, the maids under him wouldn't have been existences who could instantly defeat Tier 9 mages and warriors.

This Eddie must be an even more terrifying existence than these two maids!

The people present immediately imagined Eddie as a big shot with the strength of a top-tier Saint-rank.