My Maids Are All Antagonists!

"I, Eddie Edward, had reincarnated into a world of magic and became the single child of Duke Eddie from the Lancamdo Kingdom. Fortunately, I was given a system that could collect energy from magical items and turn them into attribute points, skill points, and bloodline points to enhance myself. Knowing that this is a world full of danger and cruelty, I’d decided to become stronger with the help of the system. On a day like any other, I was given a personal maid. The new maid was acting strangely, but I paid no attention to her weird personality because she was loyal to me. As days passed by, I began to have more maids around me. However, all of them were strange. It wasn’t until later I noticed that the maids would leave at night and return reeking of blood. Naturally, I was curious, but I’d never questioned them as they were my personal maids. To become stronger, I, Eddie Edward, continued to grow using the system to be not threatened by others in the future. Until a fateful day… I learned something important. One of my personal maids was a Fallen Angel? And the other one was the Lady of the Dark that was being pursued by the Holy Church? Not only that, but I also heard some of my maids being addressed as the Lord of the Dard? The Ominous Witch? The Vampire Queen? Lady of the Death? Why did their names sound like they were some antagonists of a novel? Could it be that all of my personal maids were actually the bad guys of the world I was in? Not long after that, I was now a wanted person in the Lancamdo Kingdom? Some even began to hail me as the Lord of Evil? Eddie Edward let out a deep sigh. “Fine. Looks like I can drop the act now.” With a wave of his arm, the alliance of the mage and knight was wiped out with an asteroid. “To tell you the truth, I’ve already become the God of Magic.”

Ultimate Guaiguaipi · Fantasy
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160 Chs

Servant Thor’s Appearance!

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Chapter 3: servant Thor's appearance!

"The upper limit of your bloodline attribute has been reached. Please increase your other attribute values."

The system's notification immediately woke Eddie, who had been training crazily.

Only then did he react.

"There's an upper limit to this attribute value?"

"Can't you keep pointing at it?"

The system explained.

"The host's bloodline power has been raised to the perfect state under the current body's strength. If you need to break through, please strengthen your body's quality."

Eddie felt that the system was referring to him, but he could not refute it.

He was a man who had been killed by a goblin.

It would not be too much to call such a man a weakling.

Eddie made up his mind.

He used the six energy points in his hand and immediately focused them on his strength and stamina!

The strength and stamina attributes on the interface instantly reached six points!

Eddie, who had been lying on the bed, instantly felt a surge of energy surge through his limbs and even his entire body.

The soreness in his muscles also disappeared.

The parts that had been attacked by the goblins also began to recover.

This feeling...

Eddie immediately jumped off the bed and took off his upper half of his clothes to look in the mirror.

In the mirror.

His originally skinny mage figure suddenly became angular.

His chest muscles and abdominal muscles also became more obvious.

His height also seemed to have increased.

He clenched his fist and suddenly threw a punch.

His fist even had the sound of air being torn apart.

Six energy points directly allowed his physical fitness to leap to a whole new level.

Was this the feeling of becoming stronger?

If he couldn't continue to be a mage in the future, would he still be able to change jobs and become a warrior.

With his current physical fitness, he was definitely a superior existence compared to his peers.

Eddie, who was in a trance, did not notice that a strange guest had suddenly arrived by the window of his room.


A cute little foot wearing white silk stockings suddenly stepped on the window. Two Fair and tender little hands firmly grasped the frame, ready to use all their strength to flip into Eddie's room.

"Master! It's time to eat!"

A cute and energetic voice sounded.

Hearing this voice.

Only then did Eddie come back to his senses.

He saw a cute girl wearing a loose maid outfit, maintaining a posture of flipping the window.

The Maid on the windowsill had long blonde hair hanging at her waist, and her features were exquisite and cute.

Her arms that were leaning on the windowsill seemed to be about to squeeze through the fruit on her chest.

A cute bow was tied around her slender waist.

Her face was flushed red as she stared at his half-naked upper body.

Who Was She?

Eddie searched through his memories before he recognized her. She was one of the maids in the castle, Thor.

This maid had a lively and cheerful personality, especially her rare red eyes. They were even more beautiful than the most gorgeous rubies on the continent.

At this moment, Thor's beautiful big eyes looked directly into Eddie's eyes.

One maintained the posture of kicking his legs, while the other revealed his strong upper body.

For a moment, no one knew how to speak.

It was Eddie who reacted first and said with a smile.

"Yes, I understand. But next time, don't go through the window. It's very dangerous."

Only then did Thor react. He quickly looked away and ran away with a flushed face.

Eddie's originally refined and handsome appearance, coupled with such a strong figure, instantly made Thor's head explode!

Was this a scene that she could see without spending money! ?

As he ran, he frantically muttered to himself.

"Ahhhhh! I saw Master's naked body!"

"F * ck, it's dangerous!"

Eddie saw Thor covering his face with both hands, not looking at the road at all.

And the castle was high up in front of them. It was very dangerous!

Eddie immediately crossed the windowsill and was ready to make his move.

But Thor took a brisk step and directly jumped down from the edge of the castle.


This was the second floor?

You directly jumped down?

Even Eddie, who had already strengthened his physical fitness, couldn't guarantee that he would be fine if he jumped down!

And Thor, who had jumped down, actually didn't slow down at all in Eddie's Field of vision.


He landed perfectly!

Then, as if nothing had happened, he continued to sprint forward and leave.

This scene stunned Eddie.

Were our maids proper maids...

Why did it feel like their physical fitness was even better than his enhanced self?

Eddie's small head was filled with big doubts.

Was this normal? Or was this the world?

Eddie felt that his knowledge of this world was still too little.

As expected, he still had to keep a low profile. Otherwise, he would be laughed at by others.

Keep a low profile and work hard to become stronger. Only then would it be safe!

These words were deeply rooted in Eddie's mind.

... ...


Eddie's stomach was growling with hunger.

It was time to eat.

After putting on his clothes, Eddie walked down the stairs with solid wood floors.

It was a warm spring.

Outside the window, the trees and grass were constantly growing, giving off a new vitality.

It symbolized that everything was full of hope.

"Hi, Emily."

Stepping into the dining area, Eddie saw Emily setting the tableware.

Even in the daytime, there were candles burning here.

In a corner of the dining area, there was a fireplace and a wine rack that was older than Eddie.

These were considered high-class items. It was said that these were only owned by noble families.

On the table were milk, bread, sausages, ham, bacon, potato chips, grilled tomatoes, and so on.

The dishes were very rich.

"Emily, where's Thor?"

Eddie retracted his gaze and sat on the seat that Emily had pulled out as he remembered.

"Thor can't Stay Idle. He must have gone out to play. Eh, have you grown taller?"

The attentive Emily immediately noticed that Eddie had grown taller and seemed to have become stronger.

"HMPH, Emily is going to look up at me soon."

"That's very, very exciting."

Eddie, who was eating, could not see Emily's expression behind him.

At this moment Emily looked at Eddie's eyes extremely hot, white face full of red, the mouth of the smile looked very dangerous.

If anyone saw this, they'd think Emily was acting really weird.

It's like...

It's like trying to eat Eddie... ... . .

"Hello, everyone! I'm Back!"

Thor's cheerful voice came from the castle gate.

Full of vitality Thor, immediately diluted the ambiguous atmosphere in the room.

"What a sumptuous meal today, master, you must eat more when you are injured!"

Thor goes to the dining area and serves Eddie a crazy meal.

The fruit on his chest was like a water bag, swaying in front of Eddie's eyes.

He didn't wear it!

Thor must not be wearing it!

Was there no such thing in this era.

Eddie felt that it was necessary to bring some benefits to the maids in his castle.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to control himself if he kept swaying in front of his eyes every day.