My Maids Are All Antagonists!

"I, Eddie Edward, had reincarnated into a world of magic and became the single child of Duke Eddie from the Lancamdo Kingdom. Fortunately, I was given a system that could collect energy from magical items and turn them into attribute points, skill points, and bloodline points to enhance myself. Knowing that this is a world full of danger and cruelty, I’d decided to become stronger with the help of the system. On a day like any other, I was given a personal maid. The new maid was acting strangely, but I paid no attention to her weird personality because she was loyal to me. As days passed by, I began to have more maids around me. However, all of them were strange. It wasn’t until later I noticed that the maids would leave at night and return reeking of blood. Naturally, I was curious, but I’d never questioned them as they were my personal maids. To become stronger, I, Eddie Edward, continued to grow using the system to be not threatened by others in the future. Until a fateful day… I learned something important. One of my personal maids was a Fallen Angel? And the other one was the Lady of the Dark that was being pursued by the Holy Church? Not only that, but I also heard some of my maids being addressed as the Lord of the Dard? The Ominous Witch? The Vampire Queen? Lady of the Death? Why did their names sound like they were some antagonists of a novel? Could it be that all of my personal maids were actually the bad guys of the world I was in? Not long after that, I was now a wanted person in the Lancamdo Kingdom? Some even began to hail me as the Lord of Evil? Eddie Edward let out a deep sigh. “Fine. Looks like I can drop the act now.” With a wave of his arm, the alliance of the mage and knight was wiped out with an asteroid. “To tell you the truth, I’ve already become the God of Magic.”

Ultimate Guaiguaipi · Fantasy
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160 Chs

Provoking the Wrong Person

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Looking at the melted mud on the ground, the Goblin Elder was so scared that he almost peed himself.

He had just escaped because he had crouched down in advance.

A long time ago, when he was not a goblin elder, he had seen this move.

How could the goblin elder not know that the other party had come to take care of them at this stage.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have come to such a place in the middle of the night.

However, the Goblin Elder didn't panic.

Because every year, there were people who wanted to destroy the goblins, but they all failed in the end.

It wasn't because of how strong they were.

It was because the goblins were as numerous as the sea.

When this power was gathered together...

No matter if you were a third-rank mage who had learned group spells or a third-rank warrior knight who had awakened Combat Aura, you wouldn't be able to destroy them.

You might even be killed in the end because there were too many goblins.

The Goblin Elder pretended to fall and sit on the ground. He pretended to be afraid and pitiful, trying to stall for time.

With his right hand behind his back, he quietly controlled his walking stick to release sound waves.

Yes, this was not a walking stick but a flute.

This flute could summon all the goblins within a hundred miles to fight for him.

"Don't kill me, I can exchange the treasure for it."

The goblin elder summoned the goblins while observing them.

He knew that with the greed of humans, they would definitely be interested in the treasure.

It knew humans too well. Using this method, it had killed countless people.

The walking stick on its back also emitted sound waves.

And these sound waves would spread out like waves in a large area.

It spread from the depths of the forest to a radius of a hundred miles.

After a moment of silence, the ground suddenly began to shake.

At this moment, all the goblins hiding underground appeared under the call of the flute!

Under the night light, countless red lights appeared, like dense pomegranates, densely covering the ground.




It seemed that there were tens of millions of them rushing from all over the forest.

The tremors coming from the ground were also becoming more and more obvious.

Emily and Thor's expressions did not change. They had long noticed that something was amiss.

"Is this all of your strength?"

Emily's tone was filled with disappointment, and her cold tone caused the goblin elder to shiver involuntarily.

However, a wave of annoyance swept over.

"You're already surrounded by us, yet you still dare to be stubborn? Tonight, we'll use your blood to sacrifice the great goblin ancestors! !"

The Goblin Elder crawled back and regrouped with the main group.

With his robust appearance, it was impossible to tell that he needed crutches.

The Goblin army quickly arrived.

Looking at the dense goblins in front of them.

Emily pointed at them without any fluctuations, then pointed at herself.

"You might be mistaken. You're not the one who's surrounded us, I'm the one who's surrounded you."

The moment these words were said.

Above the clouds that covered the moonlight, a huge battle spear that looked like the judgement of light lit up the entire battlefield.

It was as if a weapon of God had descended on this land that was filled with filth and sin.

Just from the appearance of this huge spear, one could tell that its power was absolutely shocking!

If someone from the Church of light saw it, they would recognize that it was a seventh level light magic, the spear of God's punishment.

In the church, only high-ranking members of the cardinal level had the ability to use it.

Now, it actually appeared in the hands of a maid from the countryside!

The Goblin Elder was also shocked.

What kind of powerful spell was this to have such an effect! ?

This time, they might have hit an egg on a rock.

Emily did not waste any words and pointed forward with one hand.

"God's Spear of retaliation!"

Under the Goblin Elder's shocked gaze.

This huge light spear was like an interstellar battleship that was heading towards the target star. It suddenly charged towards the place where the goblin army was densest.

That speed was extremely fast.


A huge explosion sounded like a raging storm.

At the place where the army was densest, it exploded!

Countless goblins were unable to withstand this purifying power and instantly melted.

The impact of the explosion also shattered the bones of the goblins that were close by.

The surrounding goblins also lost their vision permanently because they looked directly at the light of the explosion.

The smoke dispersed.

In the middle of the Goblin army, a huge black hole was blasted open.

The hole was like a black hole, bottomless.

Many goblins fell down and turned into meat paste because they couldn't stand properly.

The morale of the army was immediately stifled.

The goblin elder who was originally clamoring seemed to have his throat grabbed by an invisible hand, unable to speak.

Emily's Spear of God's punishment had caused over a million goblins to lose their fighting strength.

This was not the end.

Thor was like a meteorite, jumping to where the army was concentrated.

His arms were straight, and his fingers were slightly open.

Death Rays shot out from each finger.

Thor was like a conductor on the battlefield, and the death rays became her baton.

Wherever he went, there would be a symphony of screams.

The surrounding goblins were all cut into countless pieces.

With her as the center, a round stage of flesh and blood was instantly cleared out.

However, Thor's performance was not over yet.

She kept moving with light steps.

No Goblin's body could withstand the sharp cuts brought about by the death ray.

The Goblins looked full of muscles, but in front of these black threads, they were as soft as tofu.

They were cut open without any hindrance.

The flesh was connected to the blood skin, and the broken limbs were scattered all over the ground.

This kind of torture..,

also filled Thor's Golden Dragon Eyes with satisfaction and joy.

Thor was like a flower of death, crazily blooming in every corner of the army.

Everywhere he went, he would be like a meat grinder, mincing the goblins here into countless pieces.

The Goblin's green blood and short limbs covered the entire battlefield.

Thor had already opened the enchantment to keep these dirty things out.

It would be bad if he dirtied the maid's dress that his master had given him.

The Goblin Elder had lost all his strength at this time, and his eyes were filled with despair.

He could tell that these two women were definitely high-level powerhouses.

They were simply not something they could resist.

However, he was unwilling to accept this, and used his last bit of strength to shout at Emily.

"Why? Why Us! ! !"

His race had never provoked such a powerhouse before.

In other words, they didn't even have the qualifications to provoke a powerhouse.

Why would Emily and Thor find them! ?

This didn't make sense!

Hearing the Goblin Elder's question like a defeated dog,.

Emily spread her wings and flew into the sky.

Under the Goblin Elder's desperate and shocked gaze, she said,.

"Because you've offended someone you shouldn't have offended."

Emily spread her hands.

A huge pillar of destructive light condensed around her,

she wanted to carry out the final judgment on the goblins on the ground.