51 Unusual

Warning before you proceed. Adult content ahead. It was a necessary part of the plot.

The two beasts had given him 30k soul points after he killed it. Now Yeman had a total of 57k soul points. One of the beasts rolled an object. But this time it was color black, and the name was also Magic Cryst. He wondered why there were many colors of these things. Since Mina already told him about the uses of it. That it increases their rank as a magician and which give them additional power, magic, or strength.

He thought to try it later. But right now he needed to complete his original purposed of coming in this place.

After collecting the White Petal Moonflower, he noticed something around the area.

They saw the purple crystal-like object that sticking out of the ground. When Mina touches on it, she felt like her body being burned. Because of this, she felt a throbbing pain all over her body. She rolled on the ground while twisting.

Yeman doesn't know what had happened. He asked Elder Priest to heal her which the Elder Priest followed without a second thought, but nothing had happened. She still rolling and twisting on the ground while groaning in pain.

Since Yeman doesn't know much of this world. He found himself not of help. He was about to leave to call for some help when he felt someone tugged on his sleeves.

Yeman quickly glances back just to see her already jumping towards him. He reflexively caught her but his foot lost balance and he fell down with her.

One of his eyes closes while enduring the pain he felt on the back of his head which slammed on the ground brought by a sudden fall.

Suddenly, he noticed unusual about the girl which was ridden on top of him at the moment. Her face was rosy.

Her white hands were strangely scratching her clothes on top of her chest.

Yeman stared at her puzzled. Then after a second, she ripped off her clothes. Because of this, he saw it. Those white that looks so soft. Her ample bosom he saw it. Good thing that her fitted clothes weren't fully ripped. Some part was hidden especially the crucial part of her white soft ample bosom.

Yeman's eyeball almost pops out of its socket. He was stunned. And he forgot to react. Suddenly, because of shock. The current Mina was able to invade his mouth that was wide open.

He regained his bearing because of the sensation that he felt within his mouth.

He could feel her breath. He could even smell it. She smell...he couldn't think right. But he thinks it was a good smell and the taste of her saliva somehow a little sweet.

Yeman tried to resist. But he felt something touches his tongue. He could feel her tongue invaded within his mouth, twitching as it was trying to find something. And after it touches his tongue. Her tongue aggressively and repeatedly touching his.

Yeman was about to resist but this girl had suddenly become stronger. He couldn't even budge her.

And the sensation from her tongue touching his was irresistible. He started to follow her lead. Both of their tongues was fencing within while their mouth stuck to each other.

Yeman felt a soft sensation from his palm. He was unaware that while trying to push her back, his hands were touching her bosom. His hands slowly grope her and he could hear her slight moaning sound.

The middle part of him started to get wild because of the rubbing sensation from her body that was twitching on top of him.

Their moaning sounds envelop the area. Good thing that Yeman managed to send his pets into the Lord's Domain before it happened.

His hands slowly took off her shorts, he couldn't stop himself from wanting more. But, a realization kicks into his mind. That this girl was not the usual her!

Yeman though regretful, resists the temptation. And applied more strength on his hands while pushing her body away from him.

Good thing that he was able to push her slowly while a lone saliva-thread connected their mouths. Mina's neck craned towards his head. Her tongue was sticking out as it wriggles.

Yeman gulped. While his mind was invaded by a mix of thoughts. He wanted to do it with her but his conscience wanted him to resist.

He quickly summoned his Window Interface. Using his right hand to push her bosom away, his left hand scanned his Interface while trying to find something that could help with their situation as of now.

Mina grabbed his head and pulled towards her. Yeman felt that if she succeeded in doing it, his will to resist would be crumbled.

As Yeman repeatedly gulped the mix of saliva within his mouth, her mouth slowly came close to his.

3 inches before their mouth would touch each other again.

At the corner of his eyes. Something caught his attention.

He quickly taps on <Buy > choices and uncapped it then tucked inside her mouth.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

He was able to buy a bottle of cola. But he wasn't sure if this could help.

Yeman slowly took away his hand which holding the bottle. But the current Mina grabbed his hand and continued gulping the cola.

After the last drop, she fell on top of his chest unconscious.

Yeman sighed heavily.

His mind had a mixture of thoughts.

After several minutes, he decided to get up. Then he laid Mina on the sleeping bag that he bought in his market, for the cost of 5k soul points.

He could only sigh while staring at her rip off clothing. It looks like he needed to buy her clothes too.

He decided to stay in the place for a night. Until she wakes up. It wasn't good if they went back while Mina in such a condition.

While staring at the bonfire. He couldn't think of how many times a sigh escaped from his mouth.

He glanced at her sleeping face. Then the scene that happened this afternoon surface on his mind. He shook his head to get rid of it.

He was wondering why Mina suddenly acted like that. 'Maybe the crystal-like object has something to do with it, ' he thought.

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