184 Fear

The Sacrileges was only stunned for a moment before they started attacking again. They knew that it was useless beheading them. They could regenerate back no matter how the enemy cut their bodies. That's why none of them are so worried about getting cut.


Yet, their eyes widened when none of their attacks could hit him. The enemy's figure disappeared astonishingly. He was like a phantom that whenever they tried to cut him his figure vanished without leaving a trace. Then, in a split second, he appeared on their blind spot. And it was too late before they knew it. They were stabbed unceremoniously or cut greedily.


This enemy!


Is a beast!




They were more than that! A pair of arms flew in the air. But the Sacrileges were like a herd of hungry wolves as they furiously attacked him. But just the same as before, the enemy had disappeared once again.





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