4 An enchanting view

Alan replied with a smile : "Because it is the rarest element and the one that everyone dreams of having, there is a catch of course !"

Kevin still wasn't showing any of his emotions, but he could already guess what was to follow, if this element was as rare as Alan said, then he had to consume a lot of soul force which at the moment he was sorely lacking.

Alan then said : "You seem to be a smart guy, Kevin, so you've probably guessed by now that in order to use such an element you will need a lot of soul force.

Don't worry too much though, like I told you, once you will get to the Sun Sect you will be able to practice to increase your soul force reserve.

It is up to you to seize this chance, thanks to this element you can become a very powerful mage in the future, but you will have to work hard to get there."

Kevin nodded to thank him for all his advice and for the time he had taken to explain it all to him.

He told him without hiding anymore his excitement and determination : "I'm going to work hard Alan, do not worry about it."

He finally asked him : "Alan, when will we leave to the Sun Sect, and is it far from here ?"

Alan smiled and said : "I need a break, come with me I'll help you finish to register and otherwise do you have any money ? I saw that you were an orphan that's why I asked, you will need 5 gold coins for your registration fees and 15 gold coins to acquire the necessary materials to start your apprenticeship."

Kevin replied without hesitation : "Don't worry Alan I have money, thanks again for your help."

Alan nodded and stood up, if he hadn't had the money, the sect would have agreed to make a loan for him, they were doing it only for new recruits who had a good potential and Kevin had a great potential so it wouldn't have been a problem anyway.

He motioned for Kevin to follow him out of the tent and he lead him to where the final registration of new recruits was done.

On the way he explained to him that they were there two more days for recruiting and that they would leave as soon as it was over, the trip would only last 2 hours.

So they would arrive for dinner and he told him that the day after they would all have a day off to explore their new surroundings before class started.

This suited him perfectly, he wanted to sell the jewelry and sword he found on this asshole to make some money and he also wanted to try to open this book that he had inherited.

On the way Kevin stopped to observe a man who were practicing with a sword. The man was even more handsome than Alan, he had long dark hair that ran down to his waist and which he had tied so as not to be disturbed.

He was tall and well built, and he had sharp featured with deep blue eyes. He was in comfortable sportswear, his jogging pants, his tank top and even his shoes were all black.

He was only focused on his movements and he was good, damn good.

Kevin had an eye for it, this man was at one with his sword, his movements were smooth and quick, and an aura of power emanated from him, more powerful than the one around Alan, what an enchanting view he thought.

When Alan saw that Kevin had stopped and that he looked hypnotized by what he was seeing, he said to him : "It's Axel, he is the same year as me, and if I am considered one of the best mages of my generation, Axel is without a doubt the best fighter that the Sun Sect has known for several generations."

Kevin then asked him curious : "His sword is special, isn't it ?"

Alan looked surprised and asked him doubtfully : "How did you notice that ?"

Kevin stopped observing Axel and told him : "There is a red glow reflecting on the blade."

Alan patted him on the shoulder and said contentedly : "Kevin believe me, you have a bright future ahead of you, it's very rare to be able to see that kind of thing.

The sword Axel is using contains the fire element, this weapon is considered an artifact and they are very rare.

He brought it back from an expedition and made a blood pact with it to become its rightful owner."

Really this world was getting weirder and weirder, weapons could contain elements and what was the blood pact thing about.

Alan had started walking again and he followed him, asking him the question. Alan told him that it was the only way Axel could use the power that was inside the sword.

The sword had absorbed a few drops of Axel's blood and now he had become his master, and in order for anyone else to use the power of this sword, Axel would have to be killed first.

Kevin was so engrossed in their conversation that he hadn't realized they had arrived at the check-in desk.

Alan looked at him with a gentle smile and said : "If you have any other questions or if you need help once we will be back to the Sun Sect, please come to see me, it will be my pleasure, okay."

Kevin nodded and thanked him warmly. This new world was really confusing for him, so if he could have some help at first to adapt he wouldn't say no.

Alan then left and when Kevin's turn came, he handed out his registration form that Alan had given back to him.

The man who casually took the registration form suddenly widened his eyes and looked at it and then at Kevin several times as if he couldn't get over it.

He ended up coughing to hide his embarrassment at his inappropriate behavior and told him : "Kevin, welcome to the Sun Sect. My name is Douglas and I am the intendant of the sect.

I'm the one in charge of the registrations here and when we will be in the Sun Sect, I'm the one who is taking care of the warehouse. So if you need to buy something you will have to go through me."

Kevin nodded and said respectfully : "Got it Mr. Douglas."

Douglas waved his hand and said : "Just Douglas, no need to add 'Mister', we're all going to be part of the same family and we're going to have to see each other quite often especially at the beginning."

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