1 My Dantian Automatically Cultivates

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The last memory he had was jumping off a building after losing a match.

The next second... He seemed to have transmigrated.

Lin Luo took a few deep breaths. Then, memories that didn't belong to him began to merge rapidly.

It turned out that this was an era of great disasters on earth.

With the revival of spirit Qi and the rampage of demonic beasts, the huge Godzilla had destroyed the human home with one kick before the human race had even begun to cultivate.

The mutant snakes and rats multiplied crazily, the town fell into a biochemical crisis, virus wreaked havoc, and zombies wandered.

The giant crocodiles that were 30 meters long became the overlords of the sea.

A winged dragon spat out flames and caused great suffering.

After ten years of struggle, humans finally gave up 90% of their land and built a defensive circle in the core city. They kept accumulating strength, waiting for the day to fight back and take back their land.

As for Lin Luo in the parallel world, even though he had managed to survive by luck, he was the same as Lin Feng in his previous life, achieving nothing.

Furthermore, he had no parents and was an orphan.

Until ...

[Your soul strength has reached 180 points, triggering the world reward. Activating the system for you.]

[Hello, I'm the 'one-button cultivation system,' and I'm willing to serve you.]

[One-button cultivation system: Enables you to cultivate anywhere, anytime, and become stronger every second.]


'I was wondering why transmigrators usually have a system. It turns out that it's because the strength of the soul after transmigration has been combined into one, triggering the world reward.'

It seemed that the day when he reached the peak of his life was coming!

However, the following information poured a bucket of cold water on Lin Luo.

[Host: Lin Luo]

[Cultivation physique: Crippled body of inferior roots]

[Strength, agility, and defense are evaluated as weak]

[Affinity with the five elements—zero]

[Special attribute affinity—zero]


Lin Luo's expression couldn't help but turn grim.

It was fine if his attributes were bad since he had just transmigrated.

But what the hell was this physique cultivation?!

Did this mean that he was born to be useless?

[Automatic detection of spirit stone balance—zero]

[Insufficient energy to activate the system. At least one spirit stone is required to activate the system. The system is going into deep sleep. Goodbye!]

[System prompt: After three days of deep sleep, the host will automatically change. You poor thing, goodbye!]

What?! They would even change hosts?!

Lin Luo cursed in his heart. As expected, being the chosen one wasn't that easy.

What to do, what to do? The opportunity bestowed by the heavens was right in front of him. He couldn't miss it!

"Brother, you're awake? Hurry up and eat your breakfast. You still have to go to work."


Lin Luo recalled that he had a younger sister in this life called Lin Meng'er.

However, his sister was also an orphan and not his biological sister.

The brother and sister met in the disaster and relied on each other since they were young, supporting each other as they grew up.

He loved his little sister very much.

"Sister, do we have any spirit stones in our savings?"

Lin Meng'er was stunned for a moment before she burst out laughing.

"Brother, what do you want spirit stones for? We can't afford spirit stones, and it's useless even if we do."

In the era of catastrophe, prices were divided into two classes.

The commoners used spirit coins, which were also the common currency used by most people.

On the other hand, martial artists used spirit stones. 10000 spirit coins could be exchanged for one spirit stone. To the commoners, spirit stones were a luxury they could only look at but not get.

He could only earn 2000 spirit coins by working for a month, and he would have to spend 1800 spirit coins on his daily necessities. He simply couldn't save any money!

"I'm in urgent need of a spiritual stone. With one, I can earn back 10 or even 100 spiritual stones and take you out of the slums."

Lin Meng'er shook her head.

"Brother, did you meet a scammer? How could such a good thing even exist?"

"Meng'er, believe me. I won't lie to you!"

Lin Luo's eyes were very determined.

He had finally met the system in his two lives, and he could not give up this opportunity!

Lin Meng'er saw her brother's insistence and hesitated for a long time, but ultimately, she chose to believe him.

Because her brother would never lie to her, never!

"We have no savings, but if we get three months of our salary in advance from Mr. Zhang, that's six months of our salary in total. That's enough to exchange for one Spirit Stone."

"Will he agree?"

Lin Luo recalled that Mr. Zhang was his boss, and the siblings worked at his restaurant.

"Don't worry. Mr. Zhang is like my brother. He loves me the most!"


An hour later, Lin Luo rushed to the restaurant after eating. Mr. Zhang was holding a knife and shouting fiercely, "Lin Luo! You little brat, you're late again! If you're late again, I'll chop you up and feed you to the dogs!"

Lin Luo subconsciously shrank into himself. It seemed that he had been scolded a lot before he transmigrated.

This Mr. Zhang was one-eyed, and it was said that he was once a genius of the Zhang family in the inner city. However, he injured his dantian during a field mission.

From a respected martial master, he became an ordinary person overnight, and even one of his eyes had been injured.

After that, he offended the young master of the Zhang family's direct line of descent.

In the end, he was kicked out of the Zhang family and ended up in the slums, where he opened a small, dilapidated restaurant.

"Mr. Zhang, don't blame my brother. I'm the one who woke up late."

"Hey, Meng'er is here."

Mr. Zhang's fierce-looking face suddenly turned into a kind one. He looked at Lin Meng 'er with a smile.

It turned out that he was a man with a daughter complex!

Truly double standards!

"Meng'er, you're still young. You should sleep more. You don't have to come so early in the future. Just let Lin Luo come earlier. This brat should work more."

"I know, Mr. Zhang."

Lin Meng'er stepped forward and tugged at the corner of Mr. Zhang's clothes. She pulled Mr. Zhang from the front desk to the backyard.

He acted coquettishly, begged, and used some kind of magic. In the end, Mr. Zhang actually called Lin Luo to the backyard.

He looked displeased and had a fierce look in his eyes, but he still handed Lin Luo a spirit stone.

"Brat, I'm only giving you an advance on your salary for Meng'er's sake."

"If you can't pay me back, I'll chop you up and feed you to the dogs!"

Lin Luo was overjoyed when he received the spiritual stone!

He had actually gotten it!

As expected of a fallen noble. He still had some savings!

"I know, Mr. Zhang. Oh, right, I'll take today off. Bye!"

Lin Luo took the spirit stone and ran.

If Lin Meng'er were not obediently working at the restaurant, Mr. Zhang would have broken Lin Luo's legs on the spot.


When he got home, Lin Luo held the spirit stone and called out to the system.

"System, quickly activate it!"

[Automatic detection of spirit stone. Balance... Balance: 1]

[Spirit stone x1 has been consumed. One-button cultivation system activated.]

[Activation reward: Cultivate dantian with one click]

[One-button dantian cultivation: Every breath is cultivation, and spiritual energy increases by 100 per hour]

[The first top-up reward is 100 spiritual energy-advancement: You have advanced to Junior Apprentice Warrior! Current spiritual energy attribute: 100]

[It is expected that he will advance to Middle-grade Apprentice Warrior in 30 hours and a High-Grade Apprentice Warrior in 60 hours.]

[I will officially become a beginner martial artist in approximately 100 hours!]

Lin Luo's heart beat faster, and he was extremely excited.

He had already become a martial apprentice!

A martial apprentice meant that one could cultivate. Once one became a martial apprentice, they would barely be able to get out of the slums!

"System, do I need to do anything? For example, meditation, cultivation, or meditation?"

In his excitement, Lin Luo did not forget to ask for the details.

[Dear host, you don't have to do anything. You just have to eat and drink. You can cultivate anytime, anywhere, and become stronger every second!]

[The one-button cultivation system is at your service!]

Don't need to do anything?

It felt so good!

'Goodbye slums!

'I'm coming, my winning life!

'Meng'er, I'll definitely lead you to the best life!'

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