7 Activating One-Click Learn, Automatically Cultivating Martial Arts

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Lin Luo put the black card into his pocket.

It was really like a pillow for a drowsy person.

Although he was already a beginner martial artist, without martial arts techniques, it would be useless.

With this black card, he could get a 50% discount. How much money would he save?

Lin Luo smiled warmly. "I'm so sorry. You're too polite."

"I should. I should."

Zhang Renhu waved his hand. "If you need anything, feel free to look for me!"

"Definitely, definitely!"

After sending Zhang Renhu off, Lin Luo touched the black card in his arms and laughed.

He had really struck it rich this time!

[Automatic detection of spirit stone balance...]

[Your balance is 12459 spiritual energy crystals. Your 'one-click cultivation' function can be upgraded. After the upgrade, the cultivation speed will be 800 spiritual energy points per hour. The host is advised to top up as soon as possible.]

Lin Luo was only happy for a few minutes before the system's voice, which was even more excited than his, rang out in his mind.

Good fellow, there's even a whole here.

"Charge, charge, charge!"

Lin Luo immediately agreed. He was rich now.

When he became a Martial Master, he would have a lot of money.


Lin Luo could hear the system's impatient tone.

This thing was even more greedy than him.

[Recharge failed!]

[Host, please withdraw the spirit stones you have saved!]

[Host, please withdraw the spirit stones you have saved!]

Lin Luo was stunned. It seemed that the spiritual stones in the black card could not be used without taking them out.

The system in his head kept repeating, reminding him to take out the spiritual stones.

"I know! I'll get it when I get out."

The system finally quieted down.

"You little brat!"

Mr. Zhang called out to the distracted Lin Luo in a bad mood.

"You dare to refuse Chuxin's recruitment?" Mr. Zhang said in exasperation.

Lin Luo sharply noticed Mr. Zhang's hidden worry.

"Mr. Zhang, so what if he rejected me? What's the matter?" Lin Luo said tentatively.


Mr. Zhang glared at Lin Luo and took a few large steps to the side.

"Yuan Chu and Yuan Xin are both King-level experts in the Chuxin team.

"If you don't agree with a bright future ahead of you, then you're stupid...

"But what I'm most afraid of is angering these two King-level experts!"

As Mr. Zhang spoke, he smacked the sofa with his large palm.

Lin Luo's shoulders shrank. I don't think so.

All he did was reject the recruitment.

Business didn't work out, but benevolence and righteousness did.

Mr. Zhang glanced at Lin Luo. you've just entered the ranks of martial artists. It's not your fault that you don't know.

He took a deep breath and then exhaled.

"Martial artists are a class above the rest."

"The rank among martial artists is much higher than that of ordinary people."

Lin Luo understood.

As a King-level expert, his eyes were usually on top of his head.

The martial artists below were no different from ants to them.

Lin Luo shrank back, feeling a little scared.

"This, will they do anything to sister?"

Lin Meng'er didn't know much about martial artists, but she knew what it meant to be a King level expert.

It was an existence that ordinary people like them had to raise their heads and worship.

Lin Luo, who was still a little worried, suddenly straightened his back when he saw Meng'er's worried and scared look.

"Meng'er, don't worry."

Lin Luo patted his chest. "Them? I'll be fine."

"Swish!" Mr. Zhang was so angry that his face turned green.

"Lin Luo! Let's not talk about whether you can really break through to Martial Master in half a month."

"Even if you become a Martial Master, you won't be able to withstand three moves from a King-level expert!"

"But they don't dare to act immediately." Lin Luo grinned and raised his eyebrows confidently.

This kind of expert definitely wanted face.

If he refused, he would be in trouble.

No matter if it were Chuxin or not, they would be blamed for it.

Even if no one dared to say anything on the surface, who knew how they would talk about Chuxin behind their backs?

Therefore, even if the siblings were to make a move, it would take some time.

However, he had the one-click cultivation system. After a while, it was hard to say what his cultivation level would be.

Lin Luo's mind spun, and he was completely at ease.

"Don't worry, don't worry!"

That day, Lin Luo brought the black card to the martial pavilion.

He didn't want to go out to the field, but he still had to learn this life-saving martial art.

The martial pavilion was the largest shop in the city. It only served martial artists and mainly sold martial arts techniques.

There were five floors, and ordinary martial artists could only wander around the first and second floors.

Anyone who wanted to go up to the third floor or above had to either have great strength or authority.

The real good stuff was on the upper floor.

Once Lin Luo entered, he went straight to the third floor.

"Hold on!"

Staff members in uniform stopped Lin Luo at the stairway.

Lin Luo took a look. The other party was actually a middle-ranked martial artist!

"Beginner-level martial artists can only be on the first floor." His tone was arrogant, and he looked at Lin Luo with disdain.

"Who are you?"

Lin Luo took a step back.

I'm the manager in charge of the first and second floors of the martial pavilion. My surname is Chen.

Manager Chen said casually as he rolled up his sleeves.

"Oh, so you're just the manager of the first and second floors."

Lin Luo was relieved. He took out a black card from his pocket.

He waved the luxurious black card in front of manager Chen.

Manager Chen's expression changed drastically!

"Ah! It's my fault for failing to recognize you!"

Manager Chen's attitude took a 180-degree turn. He bent down and smiled apologetically.

"Please, please!"

Lin Luo snorted and swaggered up to the third floor.

The uniforms of the staff on the third floor differed from those on the first floor.

The service was also better than on the first and second floors.

As soon as Lin Luo came up, a female sales assistant immediately greeted him with a smile.

"Good afternoon, Sir. May I know what martial arts technique you need?"

On the third floor of the martial pavilion, a few tall bookshelves were placed against the wall.

There were a few round pillars in the middle, and a square platform was placed on each of them. A martial technique book was suspended in the air.

"It's my first time here. Can you show me around?"

"Alright," she said.

The shop assistant enthusiastically introduced the third floor to Lin Luo.

There were ordinary martial arts techniques and also advanced martial arts techniques. The ratio was about 1:1.

"Give me the 'Basic skills for apprentices' first."

Lin Luo said as he looked at the martial arts techniques on the shelf.

The smile on the shop assistant's face almost disappeared.

"Apprentice martial artist basics" was used by people who had just entered the ranks of martial artists, and it was also the most widely used martial arts technique.

However, this was only an ordinary technique, and it was the most basic one.

They were only placed on the third floor to make up for the numbers.

Who would come to the third floor to buy "apprentice martial artist basics?"

Fortunately, Lin Luo bought a few high-level martial arts techniques in the end.

The smile on the shop assistant's face stayed on.

As soon as he got home, Lin Luo couldn't wait to open the martial arts manual.

All the books on martial arts techniques were made of special paper.

As soon as Lin Luo opened the "Basics for apprentice martial artists," the system in his mind immediately responded.

[One-click learning activated. Basics for apprentice martial artists: Beginner level!]

Beginner level!

Lin Luo had only flipped to the first page, and he was already at the beginner level!

He glanced at the progress bar and slowly walked forward.

As long as the progress bar reached the end, he would be able to completely master the "Basics for apprentice martial artists" in no time!

He impatiently opened the advanced martial arts technique.

To ordinary people, high-level martial arts techniques were difficult to understand. But Lin Luo could understand them with a single glance.

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