My Lycan Mate of Suicide Forest

WINNER: 3rd Place, 2021 Werewolf Competition [Mature Content] After escaping suicide forest, August Moon finds that she has only gone deeper into the mysteries it holds. Lycans exist. But maybe she is something even stranger... With a clandestine experimental pandemic, a decade-old murder mystery, and a timeless prejudice against strange members within the lycan community all simmering in the periphery of her newfound surroundings, August must fight to discover her own truth alongside a fierce and possessive male who claims to be her mate.

emme_z · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
531 Chs


Zagan gave a high-pitched whistle to his lycans who were already departing the immediate area, indicating to them where to gather next.

The Alpha and the male trailing him were still following the Luna's scent, which would cause them some confusion for awhile when they were unable to continue tracking her. That would buy Zagan's crew enough time to find her and depart without further incident. There were already too many casualties tonight for his taste.

The young guard the Luna had referred to as Finn was one unfortunate casualty. But he had walked into a nest of other lycans disguising their scent, so it was unavoidable. Zagan had to swoop in and quietly slice his throat, catching the poor male's head before it hit the ground in order to avoid any unnecessary noise.