My Lycan Mate of Suicide Forest

WINNER: 3rd Place, 2021 Werewolf Competition [Mature Content] After escaping suicide forest, August Moon finds that she has only gone deeper into the mysteries it holds. Lycans exist. But maybe she is something even stranger... With a clandestine experimental pandemic, a decade-old murder mystery, and a timeless prejudice against strange members within the lycan community all simmering in the periphery of her newfound surroundings, August must fight to discover her own truth alongside a fierce and possessive male who claims to be her mate.

emme_z · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
531 Chs

Of Course It's A Real Name

"Holy shit, what was that?" Lucas almost fell over in his chair with the sudden bright burning wholeness that flamed at the center of his chest.

Zoe, yet to be renamed so grudgingly accepting the previous moniker, had her knees pulled up to her chest as she watched the festivities occurring out the window down below. There were pups running and dancing around the huge fire, chasing each other further out into the cover of woods where activities seemed to be set up for them. Long picnic tables were filled with people eating and visiting. It looked like a family reunion—a giant family reunion. And she was on the outside looking in like usual.

She had told Lucas to go enjoy himself with the rest of the pack, but for some reason he was still stubbornly here acting as if he actually wanted to be.

But when Lucas braced himself from falling and grimaced with a hand over his chest, she sprung from her perch by the window.