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My Lucky


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*slow burn book* In a world where supernaturals exist, they must overcome a variety of obstacles in order to survive. Thirst for power causes some to lose touch with humanity; others are on a quest for vengeance, while others want to be loved, and still others mistake passion for love. As some may have assumed, Lucky is simply an ordinary young man. He is a druid and the holder of the star of salvation, which many people wish to possess because of its amazing abilities. He is not as fortunate as his name suggests; the hardships he endures and the new opponents he encounters will make his life difficult; with the support of his soulmate, his mother, he will overcome these obstacles. Lucky may be a fantastic supernatural creature, but one thing he never seems to be lucky with is heartfelt issues. Join the adventure to find out how he overcomes his obstacles and whether he will be lucky in love.


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