My Love Hurts Me The Most Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Love Hurts Me The Most

Yu Meiren

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<p>Before today, she was still making every effort to love this cold-hearted man. But today, he became the groom of her good friend. He held the bride&#x27;s hands to say hello to her. It looked like that he was looking at a cowardly stranger. At this moment, she finally understood that there was only a contract and no love between them. </p><p>However, the two-year period was about to expire, and the moment she was about to leave, he said like an angry beast: "Between us, it will never end!"</p><p></p><p>☆About the Author☆</p><p></p><p>Yu Meiren, a well-known online novelist. Her novels are most about urban love. She is good at describing the storyline from a female perspective. The delicate language and ups and downs of the storyline are loved by many people.</p>