341 Chapter 911-915: Transmission Law in the Void (6k+ words)

Li Fan's face turned dark, and he remained silent.

Then he activated the "Limitless Void Law," attempting to repair the damage to his divine soul.

To his surprise, the Limitless Void Law, renowned for "unceasing power and indestructible divine soul," lost its repairing effect against this withered divine soul! Li Fan sensed a spreading darkness in his divine soul, prompting him to decisively cut off the decayed part.

His head felt as if struck by a sledgehammer, causing stars to appear before his eyes, and he became dizzy.

His complexion turned somewhat pale, and in that instant, the nourishing effect of the Limitless Void Law on his divine soul for at least half a year was wiped out!

Li Fan instantly understood what had happened to him.

If the strength of the divine soul were quantified into a specific value, all the divine soul injuries he had encountered before temporarily reduced this value. After activating the Limitless Void Law, the value would return to its peak.

However, this mysterious divine soul decay directly affected the upper limit of the strength value of the divine soul!

Even if the Limitless Void Law could repair, having the upper limit cut off from thin air made it helpless!

A dangerous light flashed in Li Fan's eyes. His figure flashed, instinctively moving away from Han Zhong, who was drunk and sloppy.

The drunkard seemed entirely unaware of what had happened, still babbling nonsense.

Suppressing the urge to kill in his heart, Li Fan's gaze flickered, and a waterfall suddenly appeared above Han Zhong's head.


Then, a continuous stream poured onto Han Zhong.

"Hmm? Hmm!"

Han Zhong was really drunk. After being washed by water for a long time, he slowly regained consciousness.

He looked at the waterfall in the sky with some confusion on his face.

"Awake?" Then Li Fan's cold voice reached his ears.

Only then did Han Zhong realize that an uninvited guest had appeared in his room.

While trying to block the water flow with his hands, he slowly stood up.

"You are..."

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is, I am interested in your experiences." Li Fan's gaze continued to survey Han Zhong.

Han Zhong felt a trace of chill in his heart.

Recognizing that the visitor was no kind person, Han Zhong dared not be negligent.

He bowed respectfully and said, "Senior, feel free to ask. I will tell you everything I know."

Li Fan nodded slightly. "I heard you murmuring in your drunken dream that no one believes you..."

"What's the matter?"

Han Zhong looked a bit strange when he heard this.

"In fact, it's a strange experience of mine. I have mentioned it to others, but no one believes me. I even reported it to the Immortal Alliance, but it was dismissed. If Senior is really interested, I can tell it again."

Han Zhong said somewhat nervously.

After getting approval from Li Fan, he fell silent for a moment, seemingly organizing his words.

Then he slowly said, "I don't know how many years ago, I did something foolish..."

Only the first sentence was interrupted by Li Fan.

"What do you mean by 'don't know how many years ago'?" Li Fan looked at this Golden Core cultivator, who was at most a hundred years old, and frowned slightly.

Han Zhong smiled bitterly, "Because, I really don't know how long it has been since I left the Xuanhuang world and returned. Familiar people have died, and even my original identity in the Immortal Alliance was eliminated due to too much time passing."

"Even the Tianxuan Mirror couldn't recognize me. The considerable contribution points I had accumulated back then were all gone."

Li Fan's heart jumped when he heard the words "left the Xuanhuang world." The subsequent "return" confirmed that the culprit causing the abnormal spatial fluctuations was none other than the current Han Zhong.

This made Li Fan curious about the experiences of the other party.

"You continue."

Seeing that Li Fan didn't make sarcastic remarks, Han Zhong's spirit shook.

He picked up the wine jug beside him, took a sip, and continued, "Back then, I was young and rebellious, skeptical of all authority."

"When I traveled to the Nine Mountain Province, I was shocked by the peculiar sight of the Nine Mountains obstructing the way, and cultivators not being able to fly. I also heard that using teleportation arrays in the Nine Mountain Province had a considerable risk..."

"At that time, I didn't know what I was thinking, and I recklessly wanted to give it a try."

Han Zhong sighed.

Chapter 911: Transmission Law in the Void

Li Fan squinted his eyes, instantly recalling something.

When he initially looked into the information about the Nine Mountain Province, Li Fan had come across a piece of obscure information. It mentioned an unfortunate cultivator who, driven by a stroke of luck, insisted on trying to use a teleportation array in the Nine Mountain Province. The result was being directly transported outside the Xuanhuang world, never to return.

"Are you the unfortunate guy who was said to be transported outside the Xuanhuang world?" Li Fan couldn't help but ask.

Han Zhong hadn't expected this senior to have heard about his story, and his face turned red.

"That's correct, Senior. Back then, in my ignorance, I did something foolish," Han Zhong admitted.

At this moment, Li Fan became even more interested. "After leaving the Xuanhuang world, where did you go? What did you encounter?"

A hint of fear and confusion flashed in Han Zhong's eyes.

"In fact..."

"I'm not entirely sure of my location after leaving the Xuanhuang world. It felt like being enveloped in an invisible bubble, wandering and floating in the boundless darkness."

"Most of the time, the external surroundings were forever black. Occasionally, distorted scenes would quickly flash by."


Han Zhong shivered. "At that time, I was nearly driven crazy. So I'm not sure if what I saw was real or an illusion."

"So, what did you actually see?" Li Fan's tone was becoming impatient.

"I saw..."

Han Zhong remained silent for a long time.

His expression seemed to indicate that he was undergoing intense inner turmoil.

Then, he lowered his voice, tremblingly saying, "I seemed to have seen Patriarch Law."

Saying that, he used the Water Mirror technique to show the scene he had witnessed.

On the circular light curtain was an endless darkness.

Suddenly, a golden light appeared, exceptionally conspicuous in the darkness.

As it approached, the golden light vaguely revealed a figure.

With flowing white hair and a long beard, the figure had a solemn expression, exuding an imposing aura.

And the appearance of this person was well known in the Xuanhuang world and the Immortal Alliance!

It was exactly the same as the statues of Patriarch Law erected in every floating celestial city!


"Is he Patriarch Law?"

Han Zhong asked uncertainly.

Li Fan stared at the scene in the light curtain and nodded slowly.

He wasn't surprised that Patriarch Law appeared outside the Xuanhuang world. What truly concerned him was what was behind Patriarch Law.

Patriarch Law was flying through the endless void, and several golden chains extended from his body.

Connected to something behind him.

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Chapter 912: Astonishing Encounter with the Celestial Healer

The object connected by the golden chains was shrouded in a blurry radiance.

Details were indiscernible.

However, there was no doubt that this luminous mass was enormous.

Comparing it to the size of Patriarch Law and what he was dragging, it was almost the same size as half of the Xuanhuang world!

Patriarch Law was dragging this colossal object seemingly without any pressure.

His expression remained unchanged, as cold as ice for thousands of years.

With the enormous mass behind him, Patriarch Law resembled a shooting comet, flying rapidly through the endless dark void.

After a moment, it completely disappeared from sight.


The Water Mirror technique's scene ended here, but Han Zhong didn't stop narrating.

"What I just described was just one scene I witnessed during the long years of being trapped."

"I've actually seen Patriarch Law several times."

As Han Zhong spoke, he consecutively displayed the Water Mirror technique.

In front of Li Fan, dozens of light screens appeared instantly.

Each screen displayed scenes that were very similar yet subtly different.

In all of them, Patriarch Law was dragging a luminous mass with golden chains, varying in size.

"These scenes are too similar."

"To the point where I even suspect that, due to despair, I might have created illusions."

Han Zhong looked at the scenes he drew, showing a puzzled expression.

Li Fan, however, was clear that this couldn't be an illusion.

Patriarch Law could be imagined from the statues seen before.

But the golden chains behind Patriarch Law...

Based on Han Zhong's cultivation level and experience, he couldn't have drawn them without witnessing them.

Because Li Fan had seen such chains before.

It was the golden chains of the Floating Sky Star Array in the memory of the Law King Ji Yuzhen of the Xuantian Sect!

The Floating Sky Star Array could use these golden chains to capture heavenly realms and small worlds.

Naturally, Li Fan deduced a reasonable guess.

"Is the object dragged by Patriarch Law another world?"

"Did he leave the Xuanhuang world to collect the remaining cultivation realms scattered throughout the darkest stellar sea?"

"For what purpose is he doing this?"

"These cultivation realms are now located where?"

"Could it be that..."

"Patriarch Law, not content with controlling the Xuanhuang world, wants to devour even more cultivation realms to further advance?"

Combining recent information gathered about the Xuantian Sect, Li Fan derived what seemed like the most reasonable conclusion.

Just as Li Fan fell into silent contemplation.

Seeing Li Fan not speaking, Han Zhong thought that he, too, believed that he had hallucinated in his prolonged despair.

After hesitating for a moment, he added, "In fact, besides Patriarch Law, I've seen another person."

"I've never seen that person, and he only appeared once..."

"This is also why I think that everything I saw may not be an illusion of mine."

Saying this, Han Zhong once again used the Water Mirror technique.

The image that appeared made Li Fan's heart shake!

Because flying through the void was none other than one of Li Fan's psychological shadows.

The Celestial Healer!

The Celestial Healer flew through the darkness, surrounded by a pure white and holy light.

Unlike Patriarch Law, there were no golden chains dragging something behind him.

He would pause from time to time, seemingly calculating something with his fingers.

After determining the direction, he would hurriedly fly again.

"The Celestial Healer can actually break free from the attraction of the Immortal Burial?"

"How is that possible?"

The moment Li Fan saw the Celestial Healer, this thought flooded his mind.

In addition to being shocked, he quickly glanced at Han Zhong.

He even began to suspect whether this was a conspiracy fabricated by Han Zhong against him.

Chapter 912: Astonishing Encounter with the Celestial Healer

Although the true strength of the Celestial Healer was unclear, Li Fan never dared to underestimate him. Even now, despite being virtually unbeatable in the Longevity Realm, Li Fan couldn't guarantee a favorable outcome if he clashed with the Celestial Healer.

The Celestial Healer's identity was extremely mysterious, able to issue tasks through the Heavenly Mirror. However, apart from the task related to the Cloud and Water Map, Li Fan had found no trace of him in the World Cycle at other times. It was as if, despite being part of the Immortal Alliance, the Celestial Healer was different from ordinary cultivators. Much like Emperor Three Snouts, he held a position similar to a "visiting official" and rarely made appearances.

The Celestial Healer's abilities were extraordinary as well. His technique of "observing, listening, asking, and cutting" allowed him to peer into a cultivator's innermost secrets. Li Fan hadn't seen any other cultivator with such skills.

Even though Li Fan had tried to estimate the Celestial Healer's true strength, he hadn't expected him to be able to disregard the constraints of the Immortal Burial, just like Patriarch Law. Leaving the Xuanhuang world and wandering through the Dark Star Sea!

"He can actually do what even Longevity Realm experts cannot..."

"What exactly..."

Li Fan's mind was shaken. However, he quickly calmed down.

"No, this doesn't necessarily mean that the Celestial Healer's strength has surpassed the Longevity Realm."

"While the Longevity Realm is powerful, the trade-off is being deeply bound to the Xuanhuang world."

"Unless they achieve transcendence, like Patriarch Law. Otherwise, they cannot leave the Xuanhuang world in their entire lifetime."

"Even without the Immortal Burial, it's the same."

"This doesn't mean that Longevity Realm cultivators are unable to resist the attraction of the Immortal Burial."

"And this person, the Celestial Healer, hasn't proven to be in the Longevity Realm. Perhaps that's why he can leave the Xuanhuang world freely."


Gradually sorting it out, Li Fan's state of mind gradually eased.

However, Han Zhong, who had been observing Li Fan's expressions closely, couldn't perceive the changes in Li Fan's heart. Li Fan's unwavering expression didn't reveal anything to him.

Continuing his narration with some regret, Han Zhong said, "Besides those scenes I described just now, I haven't seen anything else."

"I don't know how long I stayed in that invisible bubble, facing absolute darkness most of the time."

"I've managed not to go crazy, and I'm quite impressed with myself."

"Moreover, I discovered that within that bubble, I showed no signs of aging."

"I originally thought that if I were to endure such solitary torment forever, it would be better to end my life."

"However, recently, for some reason, that bubble seemed to encounter something."

"It continuously vibrated and shrank..."

"I thought I was done for," Han Zhong said with some relief, "but unexpectedly, just before the bubble completely collapsed, I found myself back in the Xuanhuang world."

"Of course, when I saw the boundless plain, I didn't know it was the Nine Mountains Province. I only learned about it after encountering cultivators from the Immortal Alliance who inquired."

Han Zhong narrated his peculiar experience in detail.

While Li Fan was still pondering, he suddenly heard Han Zhong, with an astonished tone, say, "You are..."

But it wasn't directed at Li Fan.

Li Fan was startled and turned around, only to find a figure silently appearing in the room!

It was none other than...

The Celestial Healer!

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Chapter 913: Li Fan Rebukes the Celestial Healer

Although he couldn't comprehend why the Celestial Healer suddenly appeared here, Li Fan had already rehearsed countless times in his mind the strategies for the next encounter since the last time he narrowly escaped the "observation, listening, questioning, and testing" of the Celestial Healer.

So, in the blink of an eye, Li Fan had made what he believed to be the most correct choice.

His mind was clear, and his thoughts seemed to come to a standstill.

However, this unusual behavior instantly caught the attention of the Celestial Healer.

He gently pointed towards Han Zhong, and a few traces of silver brilliance appeared in an instant.

Like silver needles, they sealed Han Zhong within the space.

Han Zhong's expression froze, and even his thoughts were frozen in that moment.

Then, the Celestial Healer looked at Li Fan with his murky gaze, a playful expression on his face. "Such caution..."

"Young friend, have we met before?" he asked.

Without hesitation, Li Fan responded, "Stop the nonsense! Beings like you should be eradicated by everyone!"

Li Fan's face was filled with righteousness as he shouted.

He then consecutively unleashed several strikes of the Great Five Elements Annihilation Sword Qi! Moreover, the component derived from the Celestial Annihilation Sword Intent in these black sword lights increased significantly.

Facing the incoming sword lights, the Celestial Healer did not dodge.

Watching the familiar sword intent, a slight fluctuation appeared in his eyes.

Without any visible action, the hundreds of black sword lights' straight trajectory changed on their own.

They all converged into the left hand extended by the Celestial Healer.

The Celestial Healer casually squeezed them into a black sphere, and Li Fan lost control over them.

This incredible skill astonished Li Fan.

But he quickly realized it wasn't a pretense.

However, he continued with his act.

"Old thief!"

Seeing his attacks easily blocked, Li Fan, with a look of sorrow and indignation, cursed angrily.

Then, pointing towards the Celestial Healer's forehead, he simultaneously turned into a streak of light and retreated explosively.

To his horror, Li Fan found that the previously narrow room had suddenly become infinitely large. No matter how he flew, he couldn't leave the place!

"Heavenly Killing Sword, Cloud and Water Illusionary Dream Technique..."

"What else do you know?"

Facing Li Fan's frequent insults and disrespect, the Celestial Healer remained calm.

He looked at Li Fan with a complex expression and asked slowly, "Do you think... I'm a good person?"

"Humph! Dog thief, don't expect to get any words out of me! Falling into your hands today, I'm just unlucky! If you want to kill or chop, it's up to you!" As if knowing he wasn't a match for the Celestial Healer, Li Fan gave up arguing.

With disdain, he spat towards the Celestial Healer, speaking boldly, "Hmph..."

The Celestial Healer shook his head slightly.

However, he wasn't surprised by Li Fan's performance.

"So many years have passed, but they haven't changed at all. They still hate me so much..."

The Celestial Healer chuckled lightly.

Li Fan erupted in anger, "Blood feud, unyielding through a thousand generations!"

"Young man, if I tell you I'm a good person, would you believe it?" The Celestial Healer didn't get angry; instead, he smiled at Li Fan and asked.

Li Fan carefully examined the Celestial Healer once again.

With white hair and a benevolent appearance, if judged solely by his face, he didn't seem to have any connection with a villain.

However, Li Fan coldly snorted, "Old thief, don't try to deceive me! Knowing someone by appearance doesn't mean knowing their heart!"

The Celestial Healer chuckled and then asked, "You can believe the words of a madman, but why not trust me?"

Li Fan's expression changed.

Before Li Fan could respond, the Celestial Healer continued, "If I were truly a villain, could I have allowed Tian Jue to live peacefully until now? He's confused, and you can't understand that, right?"

Li Fan's expression suddenly froze, as if he were lost in thought. Judging by his expression, there was indeed some confusion in his mind.

"Sometimes, things are not as simple as they seem, even if seen with your own eyes," sighed the Celestial Healer, his tone carrying a profound weariness.

Li Fan remained silent, evidently not easily swayed by the Celestial Healer's words.

However, the Celestial Healer seemed unfazed.

"It's okay; soon, I will resolve everything completely."

He said this to Li Fan, but it seemed like he was also talking to himself.

"Young man, your character is not bad, but you're too impulsive. In the future, be more cautious and plan before you act," the Celestial Healer commented, like an elder advising a younger one.

Then, he conjured a jade slip out of thin air and threw it towards Li Fan.

This jade slip didn't seem ordinary; it was surrounded by a golden light with nine sacred auras. As it passed through the air, it even caused ripples in the surrounding space.

Li Fan instinctively caught the golden jade slip and looked at the Celestial Healer with a face full of surprise and uncertainty.

"Young people should read more; it's always good."

"Now, let me handle the real business."

Unconcerned, the Celestial Healer shifted his gaze to Han Zhong, who had been frozen in ice.

The elderly man with white hair narrowed his eyes, his expression focused.

A silver needle appeared silently in his right hand and, with a flick of his finger, shot towards Han Zhong's forehead.


The silver needle pierced through the bone, causing Han Zhong, who had been completely frozen, to struggle violently.

The Celestial Healer remained calm, releasing several silver needles that firmly restrained Han Zhong.

Li Fan suppressed the urge to read the golden jade slip in his hand, keeping his mind empty.

He was, however, attentively observing the Celestial Healer's actions.

After being pierced by ninety-nine silver needles, Han Zhong's expression completely froze.

It took on a grotesque, distorted appearance, as if something had eroded his eye sockets, mouth, and nostrils, melting them into dark voids.

A creepy, invisible aura flowed out from Han Zhong's body through these voids.

Even with the Celestial Healer's seal, Li Fan felt an intense sense of crisis, as if a great disaster was imminent.

His eyelids twitched, feeling as if a calamity was approaching!

Quietly moving behind the Celestial Healer, the sense of crisis slightly diminished.

Unconcerned about Li Fan's subtle movements, the Celestial Healer took out a jade bottle.

Aiming the bottle at Han Zhong's head, he tossed it lightly.

The jade bottle seemed to have the function of absorbing invisible auras. Gradually, the source of the crisis in Li Fan's heart disappeared.

During this process, Han Zhong's body completely turned into nothingness.

After everything concluded, the Celestial Healer solemnly retrieved and sealed the jade bottle.

"What is this?" Looking at the jade bottle in the Celestial Healer's hand, Li Fan couldn't help but ask.

"This is a disease," sighed the Celestial Healer lightly.

"This little guy, I don't know if his luck is good or bad. He found the Eye of the Coiling Beast, left the Xuanhuang Realm, and consequently contracted this disease."

Li Fan couldn't help but recall the desolation and decay he experienced in his spiritual consciousness when he first came into contact with Han Zhong.

"A disease?" Li Fan pondered.

The Celestial Healer glanced at Li Fan.

(End of this chapter)

Chapter 914: Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens

"It's okay; this isn't something you should worry about," the Celestial Healer said, shaking his head slightly.

"Knowing too much isn't beneficial for you."

"Being able to detect the spatial fluctuations and find the person affected by the disease shows that your abilities are good."

"Focusing on studying the jade slip I gave you is much better than the half-hearted inheritance of Tian Jue and the others."

The Celestial Healer lectured for a while.

"Don't wander around without reason; the Xuanhuang Realm is not as safe as it seems."

With this final reminder, the Celestial Healer disappeared into thin air without waiting for Li Fan's response.

Only his voice continued to echo.

Li Fan stood in the room, keeping his tense focus intact.

Maintaining a state of mindfulness, he quietly left the Qinghuang Province as if nothing had happened.

It wasn't until he returned to the Spiritwood Realm and ensured complete safety that Li Fan finally relaxed.

"Although this encounter with the Celestial Healer was unexpected, fortunately..."

"I made the right bet!"

Li Fan's eyes flickered, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Yes, the process of clashing with the Celestial Healer seemed exceptionally smooth and devoid of danger.

But, in reality, Li Fan was gambling!

He bet that the Celestial Healer was actually a good person!

At least, his attitude toward cultivators of the same origin was likely different!

Based on the scenes and dialogues during the previous battles between the Celestial Healer, Tian Jue, and the Master, Li Fan speculated that the massacre in the Yunshui Heavenly Palace might not have been caused by the Celestial Healer.

It was all a misunderstanding.

And evidently, the seemingly insane Tian Jue seeking revenge from the Celestial Healer wasn't a one-time occurrence.

The Celestial Healer, who could easily defeat Tian Jue, never laid a hand on Tian Jue or the Master.


All this indicated that what the Celestial Healer said might be true.

So, when Li Fan saw the Celestial Healer, he used the Five Elements Annihilation Sword with the essence of the Celestial Annihilation Sword Intent, followed by Qin Tang's unique skill, the Cloud and Water Illusionary Dream Technique, to attack the Celestial Healer.

It was all a ruse to pretend to be Tian Jue's disciple, carrying the mission of seeking revenge against the Celestial Healer.

If the Celestial Healer was truly compassionate and behaved as he portrayed.

Then, faced with a possible descendant disciple, probably the only one in the Xuanhuang Realm, the Celestial Healer would not harm Li Fan.

Even if Li Fan spoke impolitely.

And the reality...

Just as Li Fan had anticipated!

The Celestial Healer not only didn't get angry but also willingly gave Li Fan a golden jade slip!

"This is called deceiving a gentleman with a square!"

Thinking of the psychological shadow from before, this time he actually easily fooled the Celestial Healer, making Li Fan feel somewhat proud.

Of course, the main reason for the smooth deception this time was that Li Fan had known about the Celestial Healer's ability of "observation, listening, questioning, and testing" in advance.

While performing, his inner thoughts were in line with the "script."

Although the Celestial Healer had extraordinary strength, he never expected to fall into the trap set by Li Fan early on!

Confident in his diagnostic ability, the Celestial Healer, due to Li Fan's deliberate misdirection, made a misjudgment!

After reviewing the process multiple times, Li Fan couldn't help but feel even more pleased.

In the previous encounter, he exposed himself to the Celestial Healer.

Almost met a grave danger.

Now, after many reincarnations, although his strength still couldn't compare to the Celestial Healer's.

He successfully deceived him.

This showed how much he had grown!

"As long as I'm given more time, I might not be unable to confront the Celestial Healer head-on!"

However, thinking about the Celestial Healer's behavior during the confrontation, when Li Fan was testing him, Li Fan frowned slightly.

Although it was just an act, the hundreds of Great Five Elements Annihilation Sword Qi were definitely not holding back.

Almost all of them were his full-powered strikes without activating the [Soul Ignition] state.

However, the Celestial Healer effortlessly dissolved such an offensive.

Li Fan couldn't even see how the Celestial Healer turned the Annihilation Sword into a spherical shape.

"And there's that so-called [disease] the Celestial Healer mentioned..."

Li Fan's expression became solemn.

The disease that could cause spiritual decay was intangible.

This time, the Celestial Healer came, apparently to deal with the disease that Han Zhong carried.

The encounter with Li Fan was purely coincidental.

"Perhaps this can also explain why the Han Zhong incident in the last life didn't cause any waves."

"Because the Celestial Healer secretly took care of everything."

"If this disease spreads unchecked, it might even have an impact on the Xuanhuang Realm. In that case, could the Celestial Healer really be a positive character?"

Li Fan stroked his chin.

"For me, it's actually good news. The more righteous the character, the smaller the risk when dealing with them."

"As long as I don't expose the existence of [Huan Zhen]."

"I might even get some benefits from them."

Li Fan's thoughts continued to revolve.

This discovery made him quite excited.

While resolving a major hidden worry, Li Fan had already begun planning how to maximize the use of this new finding.

"By the way, the Celestial Healer just mentioned that the invisible bubble moving Han Zhong out of the Xuanhuang Realm is the Eye of the Co Beast?"

"It can observe the void near the Xuanhuang Realm, and those within it won't age..."

"No wonder it's the handwriting of the Xuan Tian Sect."


After a long time, Li Fan's turbulent thoughts finally calmed down.

He sorted out his emotions.

After contemplating for a moment, he finally took out the golden jade slip given by the Celestial Healer.

The elegant and noble aura influenced even the spirit wood not far above the secluded chamber.

Branches and leaves swayed without wind.

Li Fan's heart trembled, and after pondering for a while, he decided to send a strand of divine sense into the golden jade slip.


Countless pieces of information instantly flooded into Li Fan's mind.

"[Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens]?"

Li Fan pressed on his throbbing temple, roughly browsing through the contents recorded in the jade slip, his expression becoming somewhat strange.

The author of [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] was undoubtedly the Celestial Healer.

According to the [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens], as the heavenly path changed, it was highly likely that the heavenly path would become similar to humans, giving rise to various diseases.

At this point, it was necessary to treat the heavenly path.

However, treating the heavenly path was extremely difficult.

Man was the spirit of heaven and earth, and the human body could reflect a portion of the principles of heaven and earth.

Therefore, to heal heaven, one must first heal man.

The [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] spent a long section explaining how to treat various living beings, including humans, in the world.

If the [Celestial Healer's Almanac] Li Fan had read before was an encyclopedia introducing myriad species.

Then, the first half of [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] expanded on the [Celestial Healer's Almanac].

It detailed the specific application of medical skills on all species in heaven and earth.

Once able to adeptly treat all beings in the world, the next stage of development could be pursued.

That was [Healing the Heavens]!

Being able to heal the heavenly path required familiarity with the heavenly path, much like treating the human body.

And it also required the power to change heaven and earth.

(End of this chapter)

Chapter 915: The Celestial Healing Ultimate Method

For ordinary cultivators, changing heaven and earth is extremely difficult. Even the Longevity Realm experts in the Xuanhuang Realm can only reverse a small part of the principles of heaven and earth.

Therefore, the second major part of the [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] is a discussion on how to remedy deficiencies and strengthen oneself.

It breaks free from the constraints of the so-called cultivation system, starting from the source of life.

It lists hundreds of possible methods to surpass one's own limits.

The last and most extensive part of the [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] explains in detail how to "heal the heavens."

If abnormalities occur in the operation of the heavenly path, symptoms similar to human illness may appear.

Only by treating the cause can the disease be eliminated.


Strictly speaking, the [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] is not a cultivation technique but rather the Celestial Healer's summary of his experiences in self-cultivation. It is a concrete combination of methodology and practical insights.

Many of the viewpoints and ingenious ideas within it were truly unheard of by Li Fan.

The numerous recorded phenomena of celestial changes broadened his horizons.

Li Fan could almost be certain that the Celestial Healer had visited more than one cultivation world. Without observing the heavenly paths of over a hundred cultivation worlds, it would be impossible to write such an impressive work.

Reading with fascination, Li Fan's admiration and vigilance towards the Celestial Healer increased.

Although he temporarily made the Celestial Healer believe he was the heir of Tian Jue through the advantage of foreknowledge, Tian Jue's unpredictable and erratic behavior made it difficult to verify Li Fan's claims.

But for the Celestial Healer, there might be ways to forcibly peek into Tian Jue's memories.

Li Fan remembered clearly that when confronting Tian Jue and Master previously, the Celestial Healer had quickly subdued the insane Tian Jue, revealing his true form, and even performed an "operation" on him.

Therefore, even though Li Fan gained a small victory, he didn't let his guard down. Instead, he tried to forcefully memorize the vast [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens].

If the Celestial Healer found out he was deceived and came looking for him, Li Fan would be ready to return the favor immediately.

Even if all the other arrangements in this world went to waste, having this [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] was definitely not a loss.

However, this was just Li Fan's worst-case scenario.

In reality, according to Li Fan's deductions, with the inheritance of Yunshui Tiangong and Tian Jue, he could indeed be considered their heir.

As for how this inheritance came about...

For the Celestial Healer, it might not even matter.

As long as Li Fan's possession of [Huan Zhen] was not exposed, the Celestial Healer wouldn't harm him!

The [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] was profound and obscure. Even with Li Fan's current knowledge, studying it was quite challenging.

"In the Tianxuan Locking Spirit era, there was also a method called [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] before the appearance of the Xuan Net."

"At that time, the Wanxian Alliance forced all cultivators in the world to practice it..."

"It eventually led to the Tianxuan Mirror's final transformation into the Xuan Net."

"They both aimed to compensate for their shortcomings. Now it seems that these two have commonalities. Perhaps there is no difference between them."


During the reading process, Li Fan suddenly remembered his experiences from the previous reincarnations.

The process of turning the Tianxuan Mirror toward the Xuan Net, combined with the theories in [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens], brought various realizations to Li Fan's mind.

He was overjoyed in an instant.

Immersed in the study, Li Fan lost track of time.

When he reached the last paragraph of the [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens], describing the final ultimate method of healing the heavens, his whole body shook, and he suddenly woke up.


An unbelievable light flashed in Li Fan's eyes, and his body trembled slightly.

Then, taking a deep breath, he forcibly suppressed the shock within.

He carefully read and reread this part of the discussion more than ten times.

It was only a speculative possibility from the Celestial Healer, and he hadn't even tried it himself.


"Floating through the void array, capturing other worlds, paradises..."

"The ancient great war..."

"Yunshui Tiangong, Tian Jue..."

"Over thousands of years, the upheavals in the Xuanhuang Realm..."

Chapter 115, during the 115th reincarnation, Mr. Tian Dao appeared and spoke when passing on his teachings.


Various clues from the past flashed through Li Fan's mind one by one, confirming each other.

Li Fan couldn't help but take a cold breath.

"If it's really like this..."

A trace of horror flashed in Li Fan's eyes.

At this moment, he had no intention of reading [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens].

If his speculation was true, then the true strength of the Celestial Healer...

Even Li Fan, rarely feeling urgency, wanted to verify this guess as soon as possible.

However, in the end, he forcefully suppressed it.

"No, it must wait until the next reincarnation."

"Except for the Celestial Healer, I should be the only one who knows the contents of [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens]. If I probe in this world, I will definitely expose myself!"

"In the next life, everything can be put aside. I must verify this matter first..."

"If it's really like this..."

Due to the satisfaction of deceiving the Celestial Healer, the pride in Li Fan's heart disappeared in an instant.

In its place was an unprecedented seriousness.

Along with it, even this supreme technique [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens] became somewhat apprehensive.

After much contemplation, Li Fan decided to continue reading it.

"Don't fully imitate."

"But some viewpoints may be used for reference. Transform them into something suitable for myself."

"Absorb its essence, merge it with my strengths, and deduce, create my own [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens]."

Thinking like this, Li Fan's consciousness once again browsed through the ocean of knowledge in [Medical Transmission to Mend the Heavens].


Tianjian Sect, Sword Tomb.

The clone Li Qing sat beside the Black Sword, nurturing it with his own sword insights.

On this day, a large amount of content suddenly appeared in his sea of consciousness.

All of it came from his true body.

"Tian Dao has a flaw, and I will mend it myself."

Li Qing carefully savored the mysteries between the lines, and his eyes gradually brightened.

Due to the restrictions of his true body, Li Qing didn't know where this profound technique came from.

But judging by its exquisite level, it was obviously not something his true body comprehended.

This point, Li Qing, who knew his true body's aptitude very well, could almost be certain.

"I guess my true body must have had some fortuitous encounter..."

Li Qing no longer cared about anything else and focused on studying this technique.

"So that's how it is..."

"The Sword Dao is one of the ways of the Tian Dao. Since the Tian Dao may have flaws, so does the Sword Dao."

"So the Wooden Sword's natural instinct is to want to complete itself. This Black Sword is its instinctive attempt."

Brilliance overflowed in Li Qing's eyes.

"The Wooden Sword's natural instinct is actually already tending towards perfection. Wanting to go further is not easy."

"But perhaps we can take a different path and start from other 'Dao.'"

"It's said that a stone from another mountain can be used to polish a jade."

Thinking like this, while nurturing with the Sword Dao, Li Qing also mixed in other insights.

(End of this chapter)

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