755 Eternal Happiness II (Ending)

Qin Wenqian held it in her hands and uttered every word clearly. "Mr. Qin Gengxin ~ I want to ask you to marry Xian Guiying and love her for the rest of your life ..."

The host kept whispering in her ear to remind her and to teach her. Qin Wenqian obediently followed, "Forever?"

The voice of a child echoed in the entire hotel's hall. The people of the Xian Family and Qin Family watched the child's actions and couldn't stop themselves from grinning from ear to ear.

Qin Gengxin looked at Qin Wenqian with a funny expression as if he understood what she was asking. Then, with a serious expression, he said with a small laugh, "I'm willing."

Qin Wenqian immediately giggled. The laughter of a child could be heard through the microphone. It sounded especially pleasant.


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