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When she regained consciousness, Qin Nuan realized she had transmigrated as the tragic female lead of a romance novel. Faced with the fate of being bullied by the wicked second female lead and the heartless male lead, Qin Nuan laughed coldly. She was now a female lead who held the completed script in her hand. Did someone say she was hopelessly in love, a stupid and naive woman and an actress with lousy acting chops? She was going to wave the male lead farewell, thrash the second female lead and get that coveted Best Actress award! The most popular young actress declares, "Sister Nuan is a sister of mine!" A well-loved singer claims, "Sister Nuan is my Daddy!" The Qin father and son, as well as her 80 million fans exclaim, "Sister Nuan is my precious!" At the same time, one random user quietly puts up a post: Sister Nuan is my darling! The paparazzi immediately smell a rat! #qinnuaninlove #qinnuanboyfriend start trending on the same day. Just after receiving the Best New Actress award, Qin Nuan walks offstage and is surrounded by reporters. "Miss Qin, is your boyfriend the CEO of Li Group?" "Miss Qin, are you together with the God of Singers?" But Qin Nuan just smiles charmingly at the reporters' questions and dispels all rumors with just one statement. "What's the point of having a man? He will only affect the speed at which I unsheath my sword." That very night, Qin Nuan gets pressed against the blankets by the actor who's swept all the top awards in the industry. He bites her ear and orders her, "You are making us official. RIGHT NOW." The next day, Qin Nuan massages her waist miserably as she puts up a post: Men will only affect the speed at which I unsheath my sword, so...I threw the sword away."

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Chapter 31 Oil and Smoke Is Bad for a Girl’s Complexion

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"The first round! You draw, I'll guess."

After the director finished reading the game rules, a person in a Kumamon costume walked over with some little blackboards and gave each pair one little blackboard.

Gu Zhengxi looked at the person in the mascot bear costume and twitched his lips.

For the first round, Qin Nuan was able to draw all the items that Kumamon gave with just a few strokes because she had learned how to drawback in university, plus her partner was Shen Chang'an. The two ladies shared a similar wavelength, so they guessed all five items correctly and won five little red flowers.

Zhou Qingshu and Su Wanyu managed to get two little red flowers.

Gu Zhengxi was on a completely different wavelength and had a different thought process from Hao Bai, so they didn't get a single right and didn't get any little red flowers.

The second round was Repeating the Phrase Backwards, and the third round was Word Association.

After all three rounds of the game ended, Qin Nuan's team took a big lead as they had scored a perfect score and received a maximum of 15 little red flowers. Gu Zhengxi's team received five little red flowers, while Su Wanyu's team received six little red flowers.

Three little red flowers could be used to exchange for one ingredient.

Qin Nuan picked five ingredients: potatoes, pork, eggs, green leafy vegetables, rice. That made a nice mix of vegetables and meat. It was enough to feed them for the next two days, never mind the next two meals.

Su Wanyu said that she needed to cut down on food, while Zhou Qingshu said he wanted to slim down. The two of them only picked cucumbers and tomatoes, but they were thrilled with their pickings.

But when it came to Gu Zhengxi, he nearly called it quits. He only had five little red flowers and couldn't get two ingredients, so he had to choose only one. He picked up a broom to suggest the director, but the director politely (or rather, heartlessly) refused to accept it.

In the end, Gu Zhengxi and Hao Bai decided that since neither of them knew how to cook, they settled on two bowls of instant noodles.

It was nearly noontime by the time the game finished. Qin Nuan brought the ingredients she got to the kitchen and washed everything. Shen Chang'an didn't know how to cook, so she just watched Qin Nuan get busy and helped her whenever she could.

The kitchen was well equipped with cooking utensils, and they had a good number of condiments available too.

Qin Nuan put the washed rice into the rice cooker very naturally. After that, she picked up the potatoes, cut them neatly into strips, rewashed them, then threw them into the batter as if she was very used to doing such things.

Shen Chang'an just stood to one side and stared at Qin Nuan's hands with a look of surprise in her eyes. "Sister Nuan, your hands are so fair and slim. They look more like they do hand modeling rather than cooking. Why are your chopping skills so good? You look like you've practiced this for a long time. Your potato strips are more evenly and neatly cut than some restaurants."

"Life is hard, so it's better to learn how to do as many things as possible." Qin Nuan smiled as she drained the water from the washed vegetables, then turned to crack the eggs into a bowl. Everything she did was looked so easy and natural.

She noticed that the rice was almost done, so she turned the stove and poured some oil into a wok.

In between doing that, she turned to say to Shen Chang'an, "Chang'an, stand a little further back. Oil and smoke are bad for a girl's complexion."

Shen Chang'an immediately took several steps back and stood next to the kitchen door instead.

Qin Nuan poured the eggs she had beaten earlier into the wok. There was a loud searing sound as the oil crackled, and the fragrance immediately wafted out.

Gu Zhengxi was tanning himself in the courtyard and hopped into the kitchen when he smelled this fragrance. He craned his neck in to look at Qin Nuan and said loudly, "Gosh, little sister. You're really something! I couldn't tell that you were actually such a good cook! It looks like my lunch is all settled!"

Shen Chang'an threw him a glance and couldn't help but say, "It's little wonder you couldn't tell."

"Big sister, what do you mean by that? I don't understand?" Gu Zhengxi walked over to where Shen Chang'an was standing.

Shen Chang'an's expression was cold and aloof, but she explained patiently, "I'm saying that your eyesight is poor."


Gu Zhengxi clapped his hands together in surprise. "How did you know that I'm shortsighted? The contact lenses I'm wearing are really high-quality ones, so it's impossible to tell unless you look extremely closely at me. Big sister, have you been secretly noticing me and staring at me? Is that how you know I'm wearing contact lenses?"

Shen Chang'an couldn't believe it.

Why did she even bother talking to this idiot?!