My life revolves around you Book

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My life revolves around you


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Wen Lin is one of the few people born with a mutated gene. As a commander and leading scientist, he has plenty of enemies. However, what happens when the enemy he so wishes to kill and find is his own biological brother? What happens when he finally meets the man who is responsible for his wife being in a coma and being separated from his son? To save his brother from punishment, and get an antidote to save his wife from death, he is forced to embark on a dangerous mission. Wen Lin has to change places with his brother and work for the bad guys. He leaves his brother to take his place in his work and his place as the father of his children and husband to his wife. Will his wife recognize the switch? Will they be able to end the operation successfully with no mishaps? Wen Lin stood by the door leading to the hospital room, where the beautiful woman rested. He softly called out her name, with no intention of walking inside. He could not walk inside, he did not have the courage to say goodbye. PS: cover not mine, from pinterest cover rights to owner.


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