My Life Reset Simulator

Xu Yuan by chance acquired a Life Reset Simulator. By spending money, he could set his own basic attributes such as looks, intelligence, physical strength, and family background. He could experience parallel lives starting from birth over and over. Moreover, he could retrieve the identities he achieved in different parallel lives and apply them in his current life! Genius young writer, martial arts stuntman, Michelin three-star chef, Olympics decathlon champion, mad scientist… Each time Xu Yuan was bored with a certain identity, he would go back to the Life Reset Simulator again. A new life journey would then start. As such, in the eyes of others, a mysterious man who was capable of all things was born.

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40 Chs

The Life Reset Simulator

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

[Ding! Life reset simulator activated!]

Without touching it, Xu Yuan phone's screen suddenly lit up, and a black-and-white box popped up.

Xu Yuan's bloodshot eyes moved away from the computer and picked up the phone to take a look.

"A virus?"

His first reaction was that a rogue software was acting like a rogue. He used the most primitive method and shook his phone. Then he found that the page was still the same. He thought of fixing it after work, so he didn't pay much attention and put down his phone to work.

It was already the third night of overtime for Xu Yuan. Only his computer was still lit up in the pitch-black office.

His hands were numb as he typed on the keyboard. His tired brain was screaming for a strike, but he kept telling himself that he could not stop!

The rate of increase in housing prices was so fast that it surpassed the speed of the rocket launchers. If he did not work hard, he wouldn't have even been able to afford a toilet!

This year was his third year after graduation for Xu Yuan. It was also the third year of his 996 work schedule (9 am to 9 pm for 6 days a week). Although it was hard, this was the highest level job that a non-famous university graduate like him could find.

Xu Yuan was not satisfied with this two-point, one-line job. He only stayed in the big city because he did not want his parents to be disappointed.

After all, for parents who had been farming for their entire lives, it was an honor for their children to be able to stay in the big city. They could brag about it to everyone.

Moreover, in order to let their only son take root in the city and marry a wife, the two elders sold their home and went out to rent a house. They gave all their money to Xu Yuan to pay the down payment.

However, this big city was not so easy to stay in. The two elders sold everything they had and even insisted on doing part-time jobs after they retired. Unfortunately, the down payment was still short of more than 100,000 yuan.

Xu Yuan wished that his parents would not humbly go to their relatives to borrow money, so he worked overtime day and night just to reduce their burden.

Although the company's strength was not bad, the leader at the top was good at playing games. They were all talk and no do. There would always be no bonus and a stack of award certificates.

They would be happy to talk about anything other than promotion and raises. As for the distribution of shares, it was a pipe dream.

Xu Yuan could only be done in another way. In order to earn a little more money, he had to write web novels as a part-time job. However, his energy was limited. His modest results were barely enough to buy a few packs of cigarettes.

Now that it was late at night, Xu Yuan was extremely tired. All the bad things rushed into his mind.

Every time he thought of the down payment that he had painstakingly collected, and the more than ten years of mortgage waiting for him, the pressure was like a shadow, which also followed him.

The dull and depressing life was like the work at hand, as if there was no end to it.

The ambition to do something big before graduation was ruthlessly crushed by life. "Live" and "Life" only differed by one letter, but it was like a natural moat. Xu Yuan had a deep understanding of this.

Thinking of this, he sighed heavily.

The phone next to him seemed to have sensed something, and the screen's light was still flickering tenaciously. It was really annoying.

Xu Yuan picked up the phone unhappily, and the screen's interface was still the [Life Reset Simulatorator] with black letters and a white background.

There were a few lines of small words below: [Players can reset according to their own attribute points, simulate another life in a parallel space-time, and experience it in person.]

[After a successful simulation, player can extract the corresponding abilities obtained in parallel life into real life!]

[When you finish reading this sentence, it means that you have agreed to all the rules of this game. "Player" has been changed to "Host"!]

[Dong dong dong! Congratulations, Host, for obtaining the novice gift pack. You will get three chances to simulate a new life!]

[Please make the most of it!]

Xu Yuan's body shook violently! The last few words were not displayed on the screen, but the mechanical voice sounded in his head!

He was a web novel author himself, so how could he not understand what this situation meant!

He held his phone again and carefully read the rules. As expected of a hooligan game, the conditions of the binding system were also so hooligan. Now, he was going to say hi to fate-changing and Bye-bye to trash life!

He could not wait to click the "Restart" button.

Then, the option to draw ten consecutive talent cards popped up! He opened it and took a look.

Ten random talent options lined up neatly on the screen.

[Unexpected Surprise: Random Attribute + 1]

[Beautiful Life: Beauty + 2, Physique-2]

[Popular Person in Class: Easy to get along with classmates ]

[Rider: Learn how to ride a bike easily ]

[Experienced Driver: You and your family won't get into a car accident]

There were a total of ten options. Xu Yuan was to choose three out of these strange prompts.

While Xu Yuan was still not clear about the rules of the game, he decided to familiarize himself with things first.

Then, the interface changed again, providing 20 attribute points and giving four options to Xu Yuan.

[Appearance], [Intelligence], [Physique], and [Family Background] 

Xu Yuan tried to click on the plus sign behind each option and found that it could be allocated according to his will. However, the maximum value of the four options added together was 20.

Of course, the higher the value, the better. However, he browsed the game page several times, but there was no hint on how to increase the attribute points. He could only make do with 20 attribute points.

After completing the attribute distribution, the simulation life would begin simulation [0 years old, 1 year old ... x years old].

As for the specific age, it would be calculated according to the talent he chose and the attribute distribution.

Xu Yuan skimmed through the operating guide and nodded while holding his chin.

He roughly understood the rules of the game. In conclusion, he would be in charge of his own world!

This was simply a god-given skill. Xu Yuan was overjoyed, and he quickly began his first life!

He returned to the home page and began to simulate a new life according to the prompts.

When he was in the talent options, Xu Yuan had a slight hesitation. After a simple thought, he chose:

[Experienced Driver: You and your family won't get into a car accident]

[Traveler: You like to travel]

[Independent at 30: Family Background + 2 at 30]

Xu Yuan thought that he understood the meaning of the talents drawn and chose the most free and unfettered [Traveler].

As for [Experienced Driver] and [Independent at 30] was for the safety and wealth of his family.

It was simply perfect!

Next was 20 points of attributes.

Faced with the four attributes, Xu Yuan suddenly hesitated. He touched his face. To be fair, he was not ugly, and could even be said to be a little handsome. When he was in school, there were even female classmates who secretly sent him love letters.

Since it was a simulation of life, then he would first choose the simplest way to earn a living by relying on his face! After all, his foundation was not bad.

When a person had a good-looking face, without superior intelligence and a good family background to protect him, he could only become a fish that was at the mercy of others.

With this in mind, Xu Yuan divided the 20 points evenly among [Appearance], [Intelligence], and [Family Background].

As for [Physique], with money, looks, success, and fame, his feet did not even need to touch the ground. It should not matter if his feet were a little lower.

After completing all his choices, Xu Yuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and prepared to start resetting his life!

He decisively clicked the [Start] button!