99 Nervous breakdown

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"Yuki-san, what did you say to the king for him to let us go?" Asked Rimuru curiously while jumping up and down in front of Yuki as they left Dwargon with the group of dwarves he recruited that were led by Kaijin.

"Nothing, I just said that he was handsome and he actually agreed to let us go" Replied Yuki nonchalantly.

"Come on Yuki, tell me the truth, what did you do? please please" Said Rimuru and Yuki suddenly paused and asked "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, I do!" Yelled Rimuru excitedly and Yuki went close to him and whispered "I said... Keep bothering me and I will tell everyone that you are still a virgin"

Rimuru's jiggly body froze suddenly as he stared at Yuki, his heart was horrified as he thought 'How did he know? I never told anyone! No, he's probably talking about that king… There's no way he knows I'm a 37 years old virgin. NO WA—'

Yuki shot Rimuru an evil look while pointing at him and the latter instantly understood two things 'He definitely knows I'm a virgin, this is bad… Wait, did he also blackmail poor Gazel like this? Now I feel bad for that king'

"Yuki-san, can we keep this between ourselves please?" said Rimuru trying to put on a sad puppy look. However, he realized halfway that he didn't have a face to begin with so he transformed into a wolf and tried again which made Yuki chuckle slightly…

"You two seem to get along pretty well…" Muttered Kaijin and the other dwarves nodded in agreement with him.

"Well of course, I need to take care of my virg-mmm mmmm" Yuki tried to talk but Rimuru instantly covered his mouth with sticky thread at the last instant and avoided a disaster

"Yup, we take care of each other" said Rimuru before he dragged Yuki and kept begging him to not reveal his secret which Yuki easily agreed to… Although now Rimuru had an idea that Yuki's promises are as empty as the wallet of the unlucky person next to him…


"How do we go back to your village? It would take us months if we go on foot and getting exiled means we can't even hire a carriage… Although we can ask if a traveling group is willing to take us along with them…" Asked Kaijin and Rimuru only now realized this problem

"That's right… I didn't think we would recruit many of you guys, what should we do…" Asked Rimuru while staring at Yuki who shot him a mocking look and said "You would have found a way if you weren't a vir-mmmmm"

After some struggling to get out of the sticky thread, Yuki whistled into the sky, and soon after Dariun came swooping down from the sky startling the dwarves as they yelped in surprise

"This is… it can't be! A golden beaked eagle… This is at least at A- rank, be careful, Yuki-san" yelled one of the dwarves, but Yuki simply smiled as he watched Dariun land beside him and say "Master, you are back"

Yuki nodded at him and said "I need you to transport us, but you are currently too small… Rimuru, give me 1000 high-grade magic stones"

"Hmm? Why?" Asked Rimuru curiously and Yuki simply glared at him and said "Don't you want to escort these dwarves to our territory?"

"hmm, I don't know how this will work but sure" said Rimuru before he walked into a clearing and puked a huge amount of high-grade magic cores!

"So many Magic cores!" The dwarves were flabbergasted by the terrifying show of wealth, but they couldn't enjoy it for long as Yuki waved his hand over the pile and absorbed them using his path of evolution ability before he did the same to the phoenix blood and essence of gold in his inventory.

"Lower your head Dariun" Said Yuki and everyone couldn't help but wonder what was going on, and Dariun was confused just the same, however his instincts craved for the items that Yuki showcased so he lowered his head obediently without any hesitation.

Yuki put his hand on its golden beak and started channeling the energy accumulated by path of evolution for it to evolve and soon after a strong light enveloped Dariun to the point that it created a cocoon around him.

"It's already late, let's camp here tonight, we can resume our journey tomorrow"

"I agree, but what did you do to Dariun?" Asked Rimuru and Yuki calmly explained to him that he was just helping Dariun evolve... no big deal, and he offered to help evolve him from his current debuffs of being a virgin but Rimuru sadly declined…


Meanwhile, as Yuki and Rimuru kept bickering, they completely forgot about their companion Gobta who Rimuru left inside the prison after getting caught the first time back at Dwargon… poor goblin, probably even Yurei's presence is more noticeable than his…

And in another location, Gazel was talking to his trusted subordinate as the latter asked him "My king, why did you let them go?"

Gazel pondered slightly before he said "That slime is a walking treasure, having the ability to create such pure healing potions as well as mass-produce magic items… Only an idiot wouldn't try to build a friendship with him, especially when we don't even know yet if he has better abilities… Unfortunately, it was ruined by Vesta… But that kid Yuki expected my reaction and used this opportunity to get some advantages off of us…"

Gazel's subordinate pondered slightly before he said with wide eyes "You mean when he whispered to you…"

Gazel nodded calmly "Indeed, he promised to open trades with Dwargon in the near future… what a terrifying human. That slime will definitely succeed in building the country he desires with that guy around him."

"You seem very confident in that guy…" Asked the subordinate and Gazel simply frowned and said "Don't be tricked by his childish behavior, from the moment he entered our kingdom, he lost nothing and gained a lot…Including a possible ally, all while gathering bad attention on himself so that people underestimate him in the future just like you might have just done… That kid is thinking 10 steps ahead"

"Thank you for enlightening me my king, your wisdom is truly eye-opening" said the subordinates before Gazel dismissed him as he stared into the distance and thought 'I can't wait to see the waves those two are going to cause… Well, I guess one of them already caused plenty and some more will soon follow him when Elmesia hears about him calling her his girlfriend…'


The next day, the guards and Yuki's group finally recalled Gobta's existence, and he ended up getting thrown out of Dwargon and was immediately picked up by his people bringing tears of joy to his face

"You guys, I thought you forgot about me sniff sniff" Said Gobta while rushing to hug Yuki who calmly sidestepped him at the last second and said "Of course we didn't forget you, right Rimuru"

"Indeed, how could we" Replied Rimuru confidently while shooting a knowing look at Yuki that said I'm in on the joke. However, what Rimuru didn't realize was that Yuki truly didn't forget Gobta, he just didn't care about the stupid goblin's existence in the first place…

"Yes sure, now let's head back shall we?" Said Yuki before a giant bird fell from the sky in front of them.

It was 10 meters tall, its feathers of platinum and gold color and so is its beak. It had a very majestic aura that made everyone shiver! This was the evolved Dariun, Yuki's new mount, and their transportation back to the goblin village…


After a day of traveling, Yuki and the group finally arrived back at the goblin village and they were greeted by many delighted cheers…

Then immediately after, Yuki tasked Kayle with allocating work to the dwarves and left to have some rest and contemplate his plans…

"What the fuck is Shizue doing, it has already been more than two weeks yet she didn't come yet, did something go wrong or what?" muttered Yuki worriedly…

The initial deadline of his mission to save Shizue was one month, but after he gave her the clarity stone, it was extended to two months… However, he started to get worried, with each day that passes where Shizue doesn't appear, he grows more and more worried… worried for his clarity stone never making its way back to him anymore…

"She's probably on her period, yup! She will be coming once it's over" muttered Yuki confidently, but just like that. One month passed, yet there were no traces of Shizue at all.

The goblin village was growing with the dwarves helping in building it and it was starting to take shape slowly bringing a merry atmosphere to the place, especially since its population grew bigger with the expeditions bringing the nearby goblin villages and wolves over…

However, in this merry atmosphere, one man was plucking at his hair while pacing around the village nervously scanning every nook and cranny of it in search of Shizue.

"Are you here?" Asked Yuki while lifting a small rock that could fit in the palm of his hand but found nothing and he couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment before he threw the stone away causing it to land right on the head of a hobgoblin and knocking him unconscious

"Another victim of that crazy man" whispered the hobgoblins among themselves as they stared at Yuki warily before he suddenly heard the sound of explosions far in the distance and he immediately stared in that direction 'don't tell me, they are finally here?' he Thought before he rushed in the direction of the sound leaving a cloud of dust behind him.

Rimuru was also notified by the commotion and was told that a group of adventurers was being chased by a bunch of giant red ants, and he immediately rushed out to help them!


"This is bad, we are definitely going to die" Yelled Eren while running for her life with a tearful face, without forgetting to insult her stupid teammates that provoked the ants!

Meanwhile, Shizue was running silently behind them and contemplating whether she should use her power or not, however she knew that it would be disastrous if she did and she might lose control over it so she was hesitating… However, the situation was growing more and more dangerous for kaval's party which she was traveling with and she didn't want to see them hurt…

However, a yell soon echoed from the distance that brought a smile of relief to her face "SHIZUE!! What took you so long?"

Kaval's party was surprised by the cloud of smoke approaching them and almost thought it was another red ant if not for Yuki's yell.

And they were surprised when they saw that it was someone they recognized… It was the same person they encountered when they were on their mission to investigate Veldora's cave…

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