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Chpater 25: The Hanged Woman(2)


As I was patiently explaining technology to Izanami, my phone suddenly rang.

"Akira speaking."

"It's Yu, Can you give me a little help, we're locked up in Junes. And please come faster."

"How the hell are you locked up, you know what? fine. Anything else?"

"Can you get us a ride? I owe you one."

He just hung up. The nerve on that protagonist. I can't borrow Uncle Ryo's ride since he's already asleep, maybe i should ask iwai or kubo-san.

I dial another number.

"Iwai, can you get me a ride?"

"At this time? I can work it out? Where at?"

"Local department store Junes, Inaba. Can you get me a larger ride for a few people?"

He hung up.

"Want to come along?"

"No, I need my beauty sleep."

"Good night."

She gave me a peck on my cheeks.


I locked the door and started walking towards Junes. As i arrive at the location I was greeted with 2 OA members.

"Young Master!"

"Thank you for coming. What families are you from?"

"Ashina family. We're a family who've been here for 20 years. We're 100 members strong."

"Who's your patriarch? Please extend my gratitude to him for helping me in such small notice."

"It would be Master Ishhin. Your gratitude means a lot to us. Now what do you need, Young Master?"

"Some of my friends are trapped inside the store, I don't know how, but can you help me open the door?"

It seems like I made the right choice calling them to do work, as they quickly pick the locks and open the doors. As they did, I asked them to stay close to me, and we traversed the maze called Junes.

I immediately located them as I know they're around the TV section.

"Why the hell are you guys lying around here this late at night is this some kind of joke?"

I found them sprawling on the floor, with some injuries, there's Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, and surprisingly Saki. (WN: Roll a d20, get a 17.Once you become a DM, You'll Live and die by the dice.)

"Do any of you know first aid?"

"We do"

"Go patch them up."

The OA, no, Ashiya family's men are surprisingly skilled.

"So mind telling me what the hell are you guys doing here?"

They told me what they've been through, going through the TV, fighting shadows, and whatnot, and meeting their 'other selves'. I'm surprised that even Yukiko, and Chie is here without awakening their persona. What more even has Saki awakened a persona? Wait, she's missing and someone should've already filed a missing person case and we somehow found her, what are we going to say to the police? And adachi, he should be suspicious after this. What a drag. But first I should act like a responsible adult.


They looked surprised at me laughing like that.

"You guys. Next time if you want to get high together at least do it in a private place not in JUNES. HAHAHAHAHA."

The men from Ashina family laughed with me

"I remember the first time i tried xxxx … it was hilarious!"

"Hahaha, me tooo …."

They began to share their own.

"HAHAHA! You guys, it's ok, we understand."

I turned towards the Ashina Family men and asked.

"guys do you have any other suit than those, we need to take them home. And with them out of the commission like this, it'll be bad for them to be around people like us."

"Don't worry Young master, we came prepared!"

And prepared they are. I helped the girls up and walk slowly towards the minivan. And as we loaded everyone in, the Ashina Family men switched their clothes, now they look like a bonafide police officer, with an overcoat, and a forged badge. The van is suspicious, but we can always say it's Uncle Ryo's since he's quite well known.

First stop is dropping Yosuke, his house is just a 15 minute walk away from JUNES, His father came and scolded him for staying out late, but after I diffused the situation saying he was helping me and Yu caught up to our studies, he toned down a bit. At least he didn't yell anymore.

Next is Chie's house as she's the nearest. Chie's house is normal to say the least. It's not small but not as big as Uncle Ryo's. It's comfy. As i pressed the bell A huge man, bigger than brother Ryuji, greets me


"Ah, mr. satonaka, My name is Akira, I'm Chie's schoolmate, I'm sorry for keeping her from coming home as she is helping me study."

I say as I bow. He looked around and saw the 2 'police' escorting us home in a private vehicle. A rough voice came out of his mouth


He merely nodded his head. As Chie came down from the car and waved us goodbye, next we headed towards Yukiko's inn. As we arrived we saw yukiko's mother have a worried look and, with the same explanation. We managed to convince her what's happening. She hugged Yukiko as Yukiko looked uncomfortable.

After that I asked Yu to lay low for a moment. As we drove towards Inaba's hospital. As we get near the hospital we go towards the 'backdoor' so to say. The channel normally Yakuza uses for emergencies and places her down in a bed, to be thoroughly checked. We asked the hospital staff to notify her family, and police at the same time, before that we made sure our stories sync up.

Finally last stop, Home. As we reached the house I thanked the Ashina family's men and promised to meet their patriarch. As we reach the house Yu was dead tired, so I just carry him like a sack of potatoes and toss him into the bed, before going to my own room.

I decided to spend some time writing SAO. after putting in words enough for a chapter or two. I decided to get some shut eye.


The next day during breakfast, Uncle Ryo's already up earlier than all of us.

"Morning Uncle Ryo."

"Morning Akira, yesterday I got a call that we found the runaway kid, they said that someone from my unit found her, do you know anything about it?"

"Yeah. I stumbled upon her, in the eastern side of the temple, just in the outskirts of the city."

"How did she end up there?"

"I don't know, but teenagers running away from home isn't anything new isn't it?"

"And the real reason?"

Sharp. Uncle Ryo's detective intuition is flaring up huh.

"Fine, I heard that she's working for Junes. And her family's store's not doing too well because of Junes. I heard other student's gossiping about their parents bad mouthing her. Even her own parents are bad mouthing her. She probably tried to stay at the shrine, before we found her."

"*Sigh* and who are you going out with late at night? Does it have anything to do with Junes being broken into, but nothing is stolen?"

"Ashina Family."

"*Sigh* anything I should know about?"

the second sigh escapes his mouth.

"Other than the peace treaty is in full effect and we're reforming the OA and TJC, nothing much you don't know about. Inaba should be peaceful, can't say the same about Tokyo. Oh and Uncle Ryo, can you give me a badge?"

"Why would you, you know what I'll do something about it, but no promises. You can fool someone on the field, but if they decided to check up on it you're screwed just remember that."

"Thanks Uncle Ryo"

At school.

Today's lessons are all too easy. As I don't really like to waste time, I begin writing SAO again in earnest. This gave me a few troubles with the teachers, but when I proved that I have enough understanding for the subject, they just left me be. I should have done this from the beginning.

The school bell rang signifying the end of today's school session. Today's progress is bountiful as I finally finish half of the book. I could finish it by the end of this week and proceed with my plans.

As i was thinking about it, Yu came up to me. I glanced behind him and I can only see Chie and Yosuke, Yukiko is not there with him. So it's her turn huh. Oh well.



"Can you help me ----"

I know he's gonna ask me to help him as a team member, but i'll have to politely decline, what can i say. Oh I know.

"Sorry, I can't do it. There's something I need to do today."

"But ---"

"Nope! I had to call in a favour for you yesterday, so today I have to pay someone a visit."

He thinks I'm going to pay back the favour of using the minivan, but nope I'll have to visit Saki to verify something.

"Ah okay, so next time then"

"No actually, there's something I need your help with. Let's go."

Since Chie and Yosuke still seem tired, I'm sure they'll not be going to the TV world so soon, and since Yukiko is not with them, the next stage should be set quite soon.


Inaba City Hospital, is a medium sized hospital with 5 floors and a capacity of 400 patients. Our visit here yesterday confirms that there's a public face of the hospital, and there's also the underground side where people who didn't want their information to leak uses.

As we entered the hospital, I asked the receptionist for Saki's room, she seemed to have stabilized. The receptionist seems to be someone who deals in both worlds.

"Is security around her tight?"

"Currently, other than her family only the police chief has visited her. Right now she's in room 744 along with her mother."

"How's the bill looking?"

"Quite big for someone of their household."

I hand her my card.

"Make it believable."

No questions asked. I like it.

"It's done Young Master."

"Is this Ashina Family's property?"

"No, it's Kinoshita Family's, most of the hospitals around Osaka are. I can't help but notice you don't bring anything for your visit. Here!"

She hands me an assortment of fruits in a basket. Now that's customer service! (WN: actually it's me who forgot so i just shove it here.)

"Send my regards to Hideyoshi will you."

"Let's go Yu."


We went to room 744. It's a shared room for 2 but currently only Saki is staying in it. As I opened the door.

"Good evening Miss Konishi."

"Ah! Good evening, you must be Saki's friends."

"Yes we are, my name is Akira Dojima and this is Yu Narukami, how is she?"

"The Doctor said that there's only minor injuries and a little bit of malnourishment. But nothing life threatening. Akira-kun are you the one who found my doctor. Thank you very much, if it's not for yo---"

"It was fortunate that I was passing by with my friends. I am doing what everyone else would do. And please accept this" as I hand her the fruit basket.

"Oh my! Thank you. I'll leave you young one's to it, while I'll borrow some plates and cut the fruits."

"Saki-san I'm glad you're better now."

Yu said. I don't know why but this guy is really reliable when comforting other people there's some calming aura around him.

"It's thanks to everyone I'm still here today."

"Hey I'm not going to be a killjoy but, next time please take into consideration time and place if you want to have fun. I'm not judging you for trying out drugs. But try not to lock yourself into stores again. And Saki, if you ever need help, you can ask Yu and the rest, and don't make your parents worry alright. Kids these days"

They had no way to refute me. Because from my standpoint, what they're saying does seem too mystical to be true. And I'm sure that if i add up both my lives together I'll be older than Uncle Ryo. So I can call them kids. Not that they know.

As I say that though I feel something coming from Yu, it's like he somehow powered up. Bonds huh. I wonder what Arcana I am. I sincerely hope it's 'za wardo'. Heh. I can just ask him later.

"Ah so this is where you've been!"

I heard a voice as I saw Chie and Yosuke.

"You should've waited, we also want to come here."

I'll let Yu handle them. I've helped enough.

"Ok then you kids have fun. Just don't get caught while you're high allright?"

"Like I said it's not like that!"

Chie shouted but I just ignore her and keep on moving.

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