My life in Persona 4 Golden as a Tojo Clan Heir (droped)

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Chapter 27 : White Wolf of Inaba (1.5)


Yu's POV

After battling Sakamoto-san, I felt a bond being created.

'Thou art I... And I am thou...

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating

Personas of the Death Arcana…'

I hear a familiar chime followed by a familiar voice. I laid bare on the floor trying to catch my breath. Thinking about the duel and today. It's safe to say that I've just gotten stronger, and all that thanks to Akira-kun huh.

"I know you can do it Yu."

"Thanks for believing in me."

"Yu know it better than anyone Yu. I'll always believe in Yu. But with that said, [Demon King's Right Hand], it does have a nice ring to it no?"

I tried hard not to mind his puns but the symptoms are getting worse. I should try and save him before it's too late.

"But, Yu know, once you've accepted becoming my sworn brother, there's no going back. Are Yu sure Yu want to do this. It's dangerous, what's more once you're in, there is no out. The only way out of life is death."

"You sure know how to dramatize the fact Akira."

"Hideyoshi, you should know it better than anyone, even though you're 'out' it always drags you back 'in', no matter how much you tried."

"True, should i get the ceremony ready?"

"Yes please."

"Yu, this is the final time, are you sure?"

I feel that my bond with Akira is about to get deeper, and there's no turning back once I've said my answer. I should think about it clearly.

I met Akira earlier this month, 3 weeks ago to be precise, that time, he's just like me, no he's more than me in every sense of the word. He's mature, dependable, and more importantly already trying to protect everything he held dear. But that was far from my first impression, my first impression of the Yakuza, like any other is fear, and worry.

I worry, because if he tried to do anything no one could fight him back. And I fear that one day he might have gone too far. But when I get to know him better, all those worries are gone. He's the very definition of dependable, just like his arcana, Equity, Margaret says it's a mutation of the VIII arcana Justice. His and Marie's Arcana are the only one different from what I've collected. Marrie's Card that resides in my soul has a golden border and back, while his, have a blood tainted border, but unlike it's evil appearance, the back side of the card is the same as Marrie's It's golden in color.

Akira is a person who works so hard towards his goals, I've never seen him rest or even go out and have fun like the rest of us, the most rest he had is at home talking to Izanami-nee and Nanako, even when we all head to bed, I'll still hear sounds of him writing something in his room. at first I thought that he wanted to prove something to his family, but after hearing from Uncle, I understood what he wanted to do immediately.

He wanted to create a safer world. It might be naive of me to think like that, but there's no other reason to cull half of his own organization. Or 'rotten corrupted corpses' as Uncle called it. I overheard what he did when Uncle was having a phone meeting. But it doesn't make me despise him.

Either it's by my blind fate, trust, or my own naive mind, I justified his actions, but if it's to protect those who I held dear, like Nanako, I would've done the same. If it's for her, I shall reach out towards a brighter future, so I can protect everyone's smile.

"Yes, I'm sure."

I said with determination.

The ceremony is simple, we had to cover an item that shared our bond with both of our blood. Then we should exchange sake. So I took out his card from my soul, I hid my hand inside my Gi, and took out the card.

"I never knew you believed in Tarot cards Yu."

"They've guided me well this couple of weeks."

As I said that he simply slid his thumb open with the presented knife, and gave it to me. I also did the same as him. And both of us at the same time put our thumb upon the card's picture, smearing it with blood. As soon as we did, I simply took the card back and place it in my Gi, returning it towards my soul.

Next Hideyoshi-san has already prepared us each a cup of sake, we simply cross our arms and drink it together.

I felt lightheaded, I guess I won't be drinking anytime soon.

"Thou art I... And I am thou...

Thou hast seen how bonds may change…

The bond that hath changed... It is thy

first step in learning the truth.

Thou must bear thine inner power of

Equity becoming Harmony "

His card shone, as the nasty border disappears, and the blood is then replaced by surprisingly skulls. The picture itself turns into a winged skeleton holding a sword in the middle of it's frame, acting as scales, the left side is filled with skeletons, a black wing, and it looks sinister. The right side on the other hand looks like an angel, with white wings, the scale filled with assortments of food, and riches. I finally understand you now Akira.


Timeskip the next day at 4

Arriving at the giant gate, I tried to open it with my hands. No matter how hard I push, it never even moves, how did Akira do it? What's the trick? As i was thinking about it.

"Disciple you're late!"

"Disciple greets master!"

"At least you have the motivation to train, very well, wear this."

He gave me something, when I caught it, it sent me thumbling back.

"Wear it, always, except when you sleep. Now give me 20 pushups and run around the DOJO, I'll see you in an hour."


The tor--- Training is very very challenging.

"Hey! What are you slacking off for. Did I give you the permission to stop cutting?"

Right now I'm trimming the dojo's garden, with a pinky sized knife.


Yu here, it's finally dawn, but my to--- training hasn't even finished yet.

"Yu! They'll sell out at this rate and run faster! "

I'm currently running to buy ingredients at the nearest fish market. Master? He's behind me riding his car and screaming at me.



I'm dead, no I wish I'm dead.

"Even while resting you should be training."

That's what isshin said. So he had me meditate under a waterfall, somewhere in inaba.


8.30 am.



I said as I dialed his number.

"*yawn* yeah?"

"Pick me up."

I died.