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Truck-kun the greatest assassin in existence hit the wrong target. As compensation God sends him to the Danmachi world. As a half-elf half-dwarf in a world of magic and monsters he wants to see all it has to offer. I don't own these characters or the world (outside mc and fam) There will be a bit of smuttiness, but it might take a while.

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Chapter 42 Being Biased

I cleaned myself up, Ryuu's innocence showing. She had squeaked and hid behind a tree, then lectured me that it was inappropriate for a boy to undress in front of a girl. I just blankly looked down at my prepubescent body and continued to clean myself. I offered her some baby wipes for herself but she declined, probably too embarrassed to do it with me nearby.

Afterward I took my weapons and climbed to the top of a tree and began maintenance on my gear. I could see in the distance where the town was, the large tree that led to the next floor, even a few rivers and waterfalls dispersed throughout the place.

"Can I join you?" Ryuu asked as she effortlessly leapt up a few branches to the top.

"Of course, hand me your weapons while you're at it."

She silently sat beside me, just outside of arm's length as I worked.

"I am guessing that you are not from an Elven forest?" She finally asked.

"Nah, I grew up a little out of a city in Altena."

"What about your elven parent?"

"Nope, she grew up in an orphanage."

"I see, you are lucky then."

"Really? I would have thought you would have pitied me or something."

"No, well actually the forest that I grew up in was indeed beautiful, but that doesn't mean it was a good place to be."

I smiled.

"Why is that?"

"We are narcissistic fools is why. Our looks, lifespan and magical talent make us arrogant. We don't let those of other races touch us, because we view ourselves as better. That is why I left. I am telling you this so you don't try and emulate their behaviors just because you are a half-elf."

"Is that why you wear a mask? To hide the fact that you are beautiful?"

She blushed and tugged her mask a little higher up.

"I-I guess, I got tired of the way people looked at me and I hated that they did. When I got to Orario everyone would look at me, talk to me in a lustful or subservient way, but I in turn looked at their imperfections with my own scrutiny. I couldn't even touch one of them without recoiling in disgust."

"I see, that is a bit extreme of a reaction."

She looked sad when I said that but agreed with a nod.

"Have you ever heard of nature versus nurture?" I asked.


"It basically asks if someone's personality and behaviors are inherent or learned. Is someone predestined to be a introvert? To be gloomy? To be biggoted? Is that racism that you have been a part of you since you were born or was it learned by years of living in an environment that promoted such beliefs."

"I… see… is there an answer?"

"Hmm, well as far as I know most people believe it is nurture, that everybody is a product of their environment. For the most part I agree, people are meant to adapt to their environment not fight against it. However, I also believe that there is some truth to the fact that we inherit some of those things as well. Elves are a great example."

"How so?"

"Well if the only thing that causes a elf to be racist and arrogant is the fact that they live in forests with nothing but other elves then city elves would be very different than they are now. Sure they aren't narssisists that won't shake a pallums hand, but there are some similarities. Elves live for hundreds of years right? Well if thats the case why have the strongest adventurers been humans? Albert the Hero, Empress, Maxim, Silence, Gluttony, all of them were humans. It should make more sense for an elf to be able to grow over the course of three hundred years and be Level Nine or Ten. The reason they don't is because they are lazy and most of them can't help it. Why worry about getting stronger this year when they can do it next decade instead? Why stand up and fight against a human kingdoms tyranny? They can just wait out the humans death instead. Why would they need to research new an inventive magic when they already have superior magic talent? Why be with a ugly human when their skin is so much more rugged than ours?"

"Not all elves are like that though, there are plenty of elves that are strong, Riviera and the two elves from the Freya Familia."

"I'm sure they all have realized that despite their inborn ability and talents they have been outclassed in many ways by other races. But don't start thinking that its only elves that are like this. Dwarves are stronger and more resilient than the other races, why would they ever let someone of another race protect their backs when they are so weak? Humans are more numerous and widley talented, why would they ever bow down to another race when they can just drown them in numbers. Beastkin have the best senses, why would they ever let someone else lead the way. Amazons are strong and don't even have a male counterpart, how could someone weaker than them ever be worth their time? Pallums have small statures and good instincts, why would they ever rely on someone else to make decisions. Hell, even the gods, ignore their power, endless lifespans and looks and what are they? Selfish arrogant people."

"So… you're saying everyone is racist?"

"Everyone is biased, if you gathered sixty people, ten of each race, that had never met another race in their life together they would gravitate towards what is familiar. If a dwarf sees another dwarf and an amazon fighting they are more likely to root for the dwarf, maybe even help them out without question. The important thing is understanding that we have these biases and doing our best to mitigate their influence on our decisions."

"You don't talk like a seven year old."


"I read a lot."

"If what you're saying is how the world works… then that is sad."

"Meh, those that don't overcome the shackles of their past, be it trauma or nurtured behaviors, will grow bitter of the world they live in. It's just another part of life."

Ryuu hesitated for a minute, thinking over my speech. I had probably taken it too far, no one liked being told their faults, especially in such a high-handed way.

Eventually she reached up and lowered her mask, I'll admit, she was hella cute. She reminded me of what I thought fairies would look like. Then she took off one of her gloves and hesitantly reached out a hand to me.

"I'm Ryuu Lion of Ryumilua Forest."

I took it, her hand soft despite her role as a warrior.

"Kova Nact, of some random cottage in Altena."

I then continued working on the weapons, having forgotten them when I was being self-righteous. After I finished I enjoyed the view of the underground paradise… until something caught my eye.

"Hey Ryuu."


"Is the town on fire?"


Dun dun dun...

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