1 Chapter 1

Yuichi stepped out of the bustling arcade, his heart still racing from the intense games he had just played. At thirteen years old, he possessed an otherworldly appearance with his striking white hair and piercing blue eyes. As he waved goodbye to his friends, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement bubbling within him.

The sun was beginning to set over the vibrant streets of New York City, casting an orange glow on the tall buildings that surrounded Yuichi. He started his walk home, eagerly anticipating the warmth and comfort he would find in his old, cozy apartment. His parents always seemed to work late at the factory, leaving him in the care of his two older sisters, Akari and Ayumi.

Passing by busy shops and lively street performers, Yuichi's mind was filled with dreams of the future. He had a fervor for technology and innovation, spending hours at the arcade honing his skills. The year was 1968, and the world was changing rapidly. Yuichi could sense the endless possibilities that awaited him.

As Yuichi approached his apartment building, the aroma of his sisters' cooking wafted through the air, filling him with hunger and anticipation. Akari, the eldest sister, was a skilled chef, while Ayumi had a knack for making the mundane feel magical. Their home was always filled with love, laughter, and the scent of delicious meals.

Entering the apartment, Yuichi was greeted by the energetic chatter of his sisters bustling about the kitchen. The walls were adorned with posters of The Beatles and Bob Dylan, capturing the spirit of an era full of hope and rebellion. The radio filled the room with the sounds of the turbulent times, a reminder of the world outside.

"Yuichi, you're back!" Akari's warm voice cut through the noise, making him feel instantly at home. She wore an apron with flour smudges, a testament to her culinary creations.

Ayumi, with her wavy brown hair falling over her warm smile, approached Yuichi with a playful twinkle in her eye. "Did you beat your high score today, little brother?"

Yuichi couldn't help but grin. "Almost, Ayumi. I'll get it for sure next time!" he exclaimed, feeling a sense of determination taking hold.

Settling around the dinner table, the three siblings shared stories of their day while devouring Akari's mouthwatering creations. The aroma of her cooking filled the apartment, weaving a sense of comfort and familiarity that allowed Yuichi to momentarily forget the chaos of the outside world.

As darkness fell and the city came alive with its neon lights and honking taxis, Yuichi shared his dreams with his sisters. He talked of building robots, exploring outer space, and creating a world where technology and humanity walked hand in hand.

As the first rays of light streamed through the cracked window of Yuichi's bedroom, he could hear the bustle of the city streets below. Slowly opening his eyes, he yawned and stretched, feeling the weight of the day ahead. It was almost time to begin another day at school.

As he stumbled out of bed, his white hair ruffled and untamed, he peered into the mirror and stared at his reflection.

After hastily getting dressed in his favorite denim jacket and worn-out sneakers, Yuichi made his way to the kitchen, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the sound of his sisters' laughter. Sitting at the table, they chatted about their own experiences in high school and shared stories from the bustling city they called home.

With his school bag slung over his shoulder, Yuichi bid his sisters farewell and ventured into the bustling streets of New York. As he walked, the sounds of car horns and sirens filled the air, blending with the laughter of children and the chatter of adults.

As he walked home from school, he noticed a small gathering of people at a nearby park. Curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to investigate. What he stumbled upon was a group of activists, passionately advocating for peace and justice.

As he entered his math class, Yuichi's attention was immediately drawn to the blackboard, where his teacher was engrossed in a lively discussion about geometry. Yuichi listened intently, always eager to expand his knowledge and excel in his studies.

science teacher, Mr. Thompson, who was discussing the wonders of the universe. His eyes sparkled with fascination as he learned about the intricacies of atoms, galaxies, and the possibility of life on other planets.

After the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, Yuichi stepped out onto the city streets, filled with an infectious energy. He met up with his friends, Nate and Lily.

Yuichi and his friends decided to visit the arcade after school. Excitement filled the air as they entered the vibrant establishment, the sound of electronic bells and whistles enveloping them like an orchestra. Yuichi approached his favorite game, a vintage shooting game called "Galaxy Fighter," eager to achieve a new high score.

As he maneuvered the joystick, expertly dodging enemy spaceships, a group of rough-looking teenagers caught his eye. They donned leather jackets with menacing patches and bandanas wrapped tightly around their heads. Known around the neighborhood as the Street Gang, they were notorious for causing trouble and intimidating anyone they crossed paths with.

Yuichi couldn't help himself. His mischievous nature compelled him to make a sarcastic remark about the Street Gang, drawing the attention of their leader, a brawny teenager with a fierce scowl. "Hey there, tough guy," Yuichi quipped, a sly smile playing on his lips. "Are you here to challenge us to a game of 'Pac-Man,' or are you lost?"

The Street Gang leader's face turned red with rage. He clenched his fists and slowly approached Yuichi, his gang members closing in behind him. A tinge of nervousness replaced Yuichi's usual bravado, but he refused to back down. His friends stood by his side, ready to defend him if needed.

Words were exchanged between Yuichi and the Street Gang leader, fury rising like a tempestuous storm in their voices. The tension reached its peak, and with an explosive shout, the Street Gang leader swung a punch at Yuichi. Quicker than a blink of an eye, Yuichi ducked, narrowly avoiding the blow, and landed a swift counterpunch to the gang leader's abdomen.

It was chaos. The arcade seemed to tremble with the commotion as more punches were thrown and bodies collided. Yuichi fought valiantly, his quick reflexes allowing him to evade most of the blows, but he could not escape unscathed. A strike from behind caught him by surprise, sending him crashing to the ground, pain radiating through his body.

Suddenly, a voice rang out, cutting through the chaos. "That's enough!" It was the arcade manager, a stocky man with a gruff voice. The Street Gang threatened to retaliate, but the fear of getting banned from their favorite haunt, the heart of their world, persuaded them to retreat.

Bruised and battered, Yuichi picked himself up and wiped away the blood trickling from a split lip. The arcade manager approached him with a mixture of concern and admiration in his eyes. "You've got some fight in you, kid," he said, patting Yuichi gently on the back. "But let's save the battles for the games, huh?"

With a nod, Yuichi thanked the manager for his intervention. As he and his friends left the arcade, their laughter replaced the tension that had filled the air moments ago.

As dusk settled in, Yuichi walked home, his sisters asking what happened as they got the first aid kit. Cleaning up his wounds. You should see the other guy haha. Yuichi laughed walking to his room.

Four weeks had passed and it was finally the day of the highly-anticipated school field trip. Yuichi and his friends gathered excitedly, running around and making jokes with each other as they boarded the bus.

they arrived at Oscorp, their eyes widened at the grandeur of the facility. The students were given a guided tour, learning about the advancements in science and technology.

As the day progressed, Yuichi and his friends found themselves increasingly eager to explore areas off-limits to the public. Their youthful curiosity led them to sneak away from their group and venture into a restricted area. It was in this room that they stumbled upon a peculiar sight - a container housing a rare and venomous spider.

Unbeknownst to Yuichi, the spider had escaped from its container, and as fate would have it, crawled up Yuichi's arm and bit him. The unsuspecting boy swatted the spider away. Ouch damnit that hurt.

With adrenaline pumping through their veins, Yuichi and his friends quickly left the room, unaware of the extraordinary changes that awaited Yuichi. Back among their classmates, they admired the fascinating exhibits and shared whispered tales of their daring escapade.

Yuichi was heading home heading to his room laying on the floor sweat pouring down his brow and soaking his clothes. He clutched his throbbing arm, passing out due to the pain.

Norman Osborn, a brilliant and ambitious scientist, paced nervously inside his laboratory at Oscorp. Norman had been experimenting with a serum that promised to unlock extraordinary abilities. Pacing back and forth in his laboratory, he pondered the potential risks and rewards of injecting the compound into his own veins. The fear of failure held him back, but the temptation of becoming a formidable force was too enticing to resist.

Finally, taking a deep breath, Norman made up his mind. He prepared a small vial containing the serum and injected it into his body. The room filled with a strange hum as the serum coursed through his veins, its effects beginning to take hold.

He could feel the potent cocktail coursing through his bloodstream, immediately taking effect. He convulsed with pain as his body underwent a terrifying transformation. His skin began to turn a sickly green hue, while his muscles bulged and expanded, his bones elongating. He felt an overwhelming surge of strength and power coursing through him, as if he were becoming one with the very essence of his ambition.

But as his metamorphosis progressed, so too did his mind. Unbeknownst to him, the mutagen had unleashed the dormant evil that lay within his core. It awakened a dark and malevolent alter ego that would forever haunt Norman – The Ultimate Green Goblin.

Yuichi groaned as he slowly regained consciousness, squinting against the morning sunlight streaming through his window. As his blurred vision cleared, he noticed something unusual. He staggered towards the mirror on his desk and stumbled, shocked by the reflection that stared back at him. His body had transformed overnight. His skinny body was now slim, yet muscular, with well-defined biceps and a chiseled jawline. Flexing his muscles for the first time, Yuichi couldn't help but admire his newfound strength.

(Now this is what i call a growth spurt! I can't believe i have a six pack! But how? i don't remember taking anything or eating anything that could have made this happen). Yuichi was deep in his thoughts until his sister Ayumi knocked on the door telling him that school was about to start.

Yuichi changed into his clothes, a faded plaid shirt paired with worn-out jeans, he headed towards the bathroom, ready to tackle his morning routine.

Yuichi stood before the mirror, toothbrush in hand, gleaming with a bright smile. As he brushed his teeth with a vigor that matched his youthful enthusiasm, he accidentally exerted a bit too much force, causing the door knob to shatter beneath his touch. The hell? Yuichi then opened the other door carefully turning the knob.

Yuichi found himself sitting at the breakfast table with his two elder sisters, Ayumi and Akari. As Yuichi enthusiastically dove into his scrambled eggs, his fork bent unexpectedly under the pressure of his grip. He looked at his sisters in disbelief, but they merely giggled and continued with their meal, unaware of the anomaly.

Sorry sis i should get going to school Bye. Yuichi quickly grabbed his bag heading out the door. With his school bag slung over his shoulder, Yuichi made his way down the bustling streets of Manhattan. Engrossed in his thoughts, Yuichi stepped off the curb without noticing an oncoming car hurtling towards him. Suddenly, a vibration shot through his head, jolting his senses to high alert. Instinctively, he knew he needed to dodge quickly to avoid the impending danger.

In a split second, Yuichi leaped into action. He performed an acrobatic flip, defying gravity, and landed safely on the other side of the road. The bewildered driver slammed on the brakes, unable to comprehend the agility and swiftness of the young boy.

Yuichi's heart raced as he made his way to the sidewalk, adrenaline coursing through his veins. Now running towards his school still trying to figure out what happened.

Yuichi found himself in his school's gymnasium. His gym class was filled with the boisterous laughter and chatter of his classmates, all eagerly preparing for their basketball lesson. Yuichi, however, observed from the sidelines, not fond of team sports but always eager to cheer his friends on.

As the basketball team gathered on the court, a mischievous glint sparked in Yuichi's eyes. He couldn't help but feel a sudden surge of excitement. (I can test my abilities here). Yuichi stepped onto the court and called out to the basketball team. "Hey, how about a little challenge? One against three, what do you say?"

His classmates exchanged puzzled glances, their confusion evident. The basketball team was known for their prowess on the court, dominating every challenge they faced. However, they couldn't pass up the opportunity to showcase their skills against Yuichi, a boy they underestimated.

The buzzer rang, and the game began. With lightning-fast speed, Yuichi weaved through his opponents, effortlessly stealing the ball and gliding across the court. His white hair almost appeared to shimmer as he leaped through the air, making seemingly impossible shots with ease.

The crowd that had gathered to watch this extraordinary spectacle gasped, their eyes widening in amazement. Yuichi's classmates and even the basketball team members couldn't help but cheer for his incredible display of athleticism. Each time he scored a basket, the applause grew stronger, echoing through the gymnasium.

As the game reached its climax, with Yuichi's small team leading the ball possession, he jumped higher than ever before. Time seemed to slow down as he soared through the air, defying gravity with his super agility. A hushed silence fell upon the gymnasium as everyone watched in awe.

With a swift flick of his wrist, Yuichi sent the basketball flying through the hoop, scoring the final point. The crowd erupted into thunderous applause, their admiration and respect for the young boy surging.

Yuichi, feeling a mix of exhilaration and exhaustion, caught his breath. Walking towards the basketball team, he extended his hand in friendship. "Good game, guys.

How did you do that Yuichi you never played any kind of sports. And you seem a lot slimmer. Okay what's your secret? Nate asked eager to hear Yuichi's answer. Guys i really don't know i mean i woke up and i can now Dodge a car at full full speed without looking. I think i finally got my growth spurt. This is more than just a growth spurt. People just don't just Dodge a car or can easily take 3 basketball players overnight. Lily said. (Hmmm). Yuichi was thinking back to when he got bitten by that spider.

After school, Yuichi found himself in a deserted alleyway, he found out he could stick to walls, climb them effortlessly, and even jump between buildings, as if defying gravity itself. Woohoo! Yuichi landed on the building looking at his fingers. This is something else. If that spider gave powers then can't i do anything a spider can.

Taking a deep breath, Yuichi concentrated all his energy in an attempt to spin a web from his head. Closing his eyes, he visualized the threads effortlessly extending from him, soaring through the air to create a perfect web. But when he opened his eyes, all he saw was disappointment.

To his surprise and amusement, nothing happened. Instead of spinning a web, Yuichi found himself swaying precariously on the edge of the building. Frustrated, he scratched his head. Well I'm not shooting out my ass. So i can cross shooting webs off the list for now.

Yuichi found himself alone in his apartment, he stood by the small kitchen table, observing a fragile glass cup and wondering if he could hold it without crushing it. Taking a deep breath, Yuichi concentrated all his focus on his hands.

Slowly, he reached out and gingerly touched the glass cup. As his fingers made contact, Yuichi felt a surge of energy coursing through his veins, his muscles tightening. Fearful of breaking the delicate cup, he took great care to adjust his hold, finding a rhythm between the strength he possessed and the delicate item he handled.

Minute by minute, Yuichi practiced controlling his superhuman strength. He experimented with lifting the cup, gently applying pressure and releasing it in a controlled manner. Yes i did it! Yuichi got excited jumping up and down. Boom! Boom! Hey keep it down up there! the Downstairs neighbor yelled using a broom to bang on the floor. Sorry!

At school, Yuichi had two close friends, Lily and Nate. They were inseparable and always looked out for one another. However, trouble seemed to follow them wherever they went, and one day, they found themselves being confronted by a gangster bully named Frankie Demarco. Demanding money from the duo, he began threatening and intimidating them.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Yuichi clenched his fists, ready to take on Frankie. Unbeknownst to him, his powers were about to be put to the test. As Frankie lunged towards Lily and Nate, Yuichi instinctively reacted, deflecting the bully's first punch with astonishing speed and strength. The surprise on everyone's faces was palpable.

With his newfound abilities, Yuichi grabbed Frankie's arm and, with a powerful twist, broke it effortlessly. The bully winced in agony as Yuichi released his grip. Stunned into silence, Frankie quickly retreated, nursing his broken appendage.

(Crap i thought i had my strength under control). Yuichi thought as he left his friends behind Heading home.

Yuichi opened his door to hearing his sisters, mom and dad discussing how to pay the rent. Oh hey Yuichi how was school? His mom asked. It was interesting. What's going on? Are we going to make the rent? Don't worry about that Yuichi you just make you get your grades up. His father said signaling him upstairs.

As he sat in his dimly lit room, he began scouring the newspaper for opportunities. His eyes fell upon an advertisement that sparked his curiosity - a wrestling competition, with a grand prize of 4,000 dollars. Excitement surged through his veins as he realized that his super spider strength could give him the upper hand in the ring.

As the day of the tournament arrived, the atmosphere in the packed arena was charged with anticipation. Wrestlers from all walks of life had gathered to compete for the grand prize. Dressed in his black spandex suit and red masked disguise, Yuichi stepped into the ring, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.

Match after match, Yuichi fought with unparalleled athleticism. His agility allowed him to dodge opponents' attacks effortlessly, while his strength helped him execute complex maneuvers. Spectators marveled at the grace and skill displayed by this enigmatic masked wrestler.

As the tournament neared its final round, Yuichi faced his greatest challenge. He squared off against Brett "The Bull" Thompson, the reigning champion known for his brute strength and ruthless tactics. It was a battle of speed versus power.

Yuichi's spider senses tingled as he dodged and weaved around Thompson's heavy punches. With calculated precision, he leaped from the turnbuckle and executed a powerful body slam, pinning his opponent to the mat. The crowd roared in approval as the referee's hand struck the mat, declaring Yuichi the winner.

Yuichi headed back home sneaking in leaving 3 thousand on the kitchen table. and a thousand for himself. Over the next few days Yuichi was doing more tournaments feeling overconfident. Playing basketball and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

He had overheard some older kids talking about a house party taking place in a nearby neighborhood and its intriguing whispers had ignited a spark within him.

Yuichi's big sisters, Akari and Yumi, had been preoccupied with their own lives, while their parents were asleep Seizing the opportunity, Yuichi decided to venture out into the night, sneaking out of his room without making a sound.

With the stealth of a spider, Yuichi scaled the walls of his family's apartment building and made his way through the labyrinth of New York City streets. As he moved with grace, he couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. He knew he was breaking the rules, but the allure of the unknown was too enticing for him to resist.

Arriving at the house party, Yuichi couldn't help but admire the neon lights, vibrant music, and laughter emanating from within. The pulsating beat penetrated his young soul as he observed the crowd, reveling in their carefree spirit.

Pushing through the crowd, Yuichi quickly realized he was the youngest attendee there. He tried to blend in, swaying to the rhythm of the music, but his youthful appearance and innocent demeanor were evident. However, that didn't deter Yuichi's spirit. He had always loved to dance, and he wasn't about to let his age get in the way.

As he moved through the crowd, Yuichi caught the eye of a girl named Mai. She was a few years older than him, with a playful smile that mirrored his mischievous spirit. The two began dancing together, their energy filling the room like an electric current. Yuichi's spider reflexes allowed him to execute acrobatic moves that astounded Mia and left the entire crowd in awe.

Upon reaching his family's apartment, Yuichi was met with disapproving expressions from his older sisters and parents. They had been waiting anxiously, their worry transforming into frustration as the minutes ticked away. Yuichi's mother, Mrs. Takahashi, was the first to speak, her tone laced with concern.

"Yuichi, where have you been? It's well past midnight! We've been worried sick about you."

Yuichi's face flushed with guilt, but his stubbornness fueled a retort. "Relax, Mom. I was just having some fun. Is that such a crime?"

His father, Mr. Takahashi, tried to maintain his composure, but his voice trembled with disappointment. "Yuichi, we expect you to be responsible and follow the rules. We worry about your safety."

Feeling cornered, Yuichi's frustration welled up. "You don't understand! I'm not like other kids.

You are just a kid and You need to learn that your actions have consequences and you can start by acting responsible."

The heated argument escalated, echoing through the tiny apartment. Feeling overwhelmed, Yuichi made a hasty decision, storming out of the apartment and into the dark streets of New York. His heart pounded, emotions swirling within him as he sought solace in the city's vastness.

As Yuichi aimlessly wandered the deserted streets, he stumbled upon an encounter that would change his perspective forever. A criminal, chased by the police, sprinted past him, desperation evident in his eyes. In any other circumstance, Yuichi would have intervened, using his powers to catch the wrongdoer. But this time, he simply watched as the fleeing figure disappeared into the night.

A deep sense of apathy overwhelmed him, his frustration resurfacing. "Why should I care?" he muttered, still walking in the streets.

Arriving at his apartment was a crime scene, filled with flashing lights and investigators carefully examining every corner. Panic surged through him as he caught sight of body bags laid out on the floor. His family was gone, their lives stolen away by an unknown assailant.

Anger welled up within Yuichi, an intense desire for revenge burning deep within his soul. In that moment, he made a vow to find the person responsible and teach him a world of pain.

Yuichi tirelessly scoured the city, following leads and utilizing his unique abilities to track down the criminal. Finally, one evening, he stumbled upon a dimly lit alley where a man matching the description he had gathered stood, smoking a cigarette with a sinister grin on his face.

Without a second thought, Yuichi confronted the man, his eyes blazing with fury. The criminal's eyes widened with surprise as he realized the danger he now faced. Yuichi grabbed the man by his shirt.

"I want answers!" Yuichi seethed, his voice laced with a mixture of sorrow and rage. "Why did you do it? Why did you take my family away?"

The criminal, struggling to speak, muttered incoherently before finally managing to gasp, They should have let me in instead of trying, to be heroes. they got what they deserve.

With a furious swing of his leg, he delivered a swift, incapacitating blow to the man's jaw, knocking him into a wall. continuing hitting him his mind going blank. Until he just stopped leaving the man bloody and unconscious.

As he left the criminal helplessly, Yuichi knew that he hadn't achieved true justice. He had let his emotions get the best of him, driven solely by revenge. In that dark moment, he vowed to never let the same happen again.

It had been four long months since the tragic accident that had taken away his parents and older sisters. Life had changed so dramatically, and struggled to adjust to his new reality.

Yuichi groaned as the shrill sound of his alarm split through the silence of the early morning. He warily blinked his eyes open, squinting at the dim light that filtered through the curtains. Rolling over in his small bed, he reached out to hit the snooze button, longing for just five more minutes of blissful sleep.

Suddenly, a knock on his bedroom door startled him. "Yuichi, it's time to wake up!" a voice called out.

Yuichi groaned and mumbled under his breath, "Just five more minutes, Gwen..."

"You know we have to catch the bus, silly. It's already late."

Yuichi's eyes widened as he checked the time. He hadn't realized how long he had been lost in that half-asleep daze. He quickly threw on his school uniform and attempted to tame his disheveled hair.

Yuichi and Gwen reached the bus stop just in time, and as they climbed aboard, they found an empty pair of seats near the back. Yuichi was looking out the window missing his two best friends Nate and Lilly. Both moved away last month due to their parents.

After a long day at school, Yuichi rushed back home. He sat cross-legged on the ceiling, Yuichi pondered the idea of creating a costume to protect his secret identity. He knew he possessed a great responsibility with his newfound powers, and anonymity would be crucial to keeping his loved ones safe.

He stumbled upon various comic book heroes and their unique costume designs. Inspired by their vibrant colors and symbolism, Yuichi decided to create his own distinctive outfit.

Spandex everything and I'll need a symbol something That's me... Yuichi's eyes trailed off seeing a spider crawl on the outside of his window. With every stitch and every patch, he felt a sense of excitement tingling through his veins.

As midnight approached, the suit was finally complete. The costume is mostly blue with red gloves, boots, mid-section, and mask. Yuichi designed a web pattern that covers the red portions of the suit, starting at the mask. The suit also has a black spider in the center of the chest and a larger red spider on the back, both of different designs. The mask has plastic lenses with a chrome covering that allow Yuichi to see out, without letting others see in.

Yuichi put on his spiderman suit maskless making some goofy poses. Jumping and sticking on his ceiling getting used to his suit. Yuichi turned his head seeing a human figure on the corner of his eye. Gwen?

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