40 To Transmigrate Is to Rebel

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The foxmen were probably too tired. After eating their food, they all sat down and fell asleep. Lin Tian's soldiers also rested after they had replenished their energy with food.

Lin Tian glanced at the time, ended the livestream, and began to go shopping on Moujing. He decided to customize a batch of armor for the taurens. In the battle just now, the taurens dominated the battle between them and the kobolds. However, more than a dozen of them still ended up injured.

In a battle of less than a thousand people, the taurens were very powerful. However, when the number of people fighting exceeded a thousand, or even more than ten thousand, the taurens would be at a disadvantage if they did not have armor protecting them. The same was true for Lin Tian's soldiers.

He found a flagship store for custom-made armor. Although the armor in this store was mainly used for collection and cosplay, Lin Tian valued the materials of the armor more. As long as the materials were good, the original use was not important.

Custom-made armor required everyone's height and size. When the store owner knew that Lin Tian wanted to custom-make dozens of two-meter-tall armor, he was shocked. The price of a set of armor was very expensive. Lin Tian did not order custom-made full-body armor. Instead, he covered the entire upper body and part of the lower body with light materials.

He negotiated the price with the store owner. In the end, he paid a price of 20,000 for a set of the taurens' armor and 8,000 a set for the soldiers' armor. As for the archers, Lin Tian was prepared to equip them with light leather armor. Leather armor also had a great defense and was difficult to be cut through with a single slash.

Five hours later, the foxmen gradually recovered some of their strength. The large group began to set off toward Lin Tian's tribe.

At this moment, it was already nighttime. It had been a long time since Lin Tian ended his livestream, but there were still many people in his livestream. His popularity had not dropped much. Many newcomers were still watching the replay of Lin Tian's livestream.

Many people who clicked into Lin Tian's livestream from the popularity rankings were confused. There were hundreds of thousands of people in a livestream that was offline? At this moment, many people had edited the video of the newest livestream and posted it on other websites, immediately attracting the attention of many people.

[May I know the name of the movie?]

[I would like to know the name too.]

Many people thought that it was a movie after watching the videos, so they asked for the name of the movie in the comments. Then, they saw a link to Lin Tian's livestream on the top of the comments.

[What? Transmigration? Really?]

Most of the people thought that someone was pulling a joke, but out of curiosity, they still went to Lin Tian's livestream to check it out.

After a night of marching, everyone finally saw the outline of the Lin Tian tribe. Wendy heaved a sigh of relief. The other foxmen were very curious about the appearance of the Lin Tian tribe. After all, this was where they would live in the future. Many people in the tribe also heard that the foxmen were coming, so they all came to watch.

Lin Tian brought the foxmen to the area between the castle and the small town. A thousand over tents had been set up there and the foxmen began to choose their own tents.

Wendy and Lin Tian moved into the castle together. The castle was not big, but there were many rooms. Wendy's mother saw that there were no servants in the castle, so she picked out a few beautiful fox-eared ladies from the female foxes and let them take care of the castle. The castle finally gained some vitality.

Lin Tian did not let the foxmen start work immediately. Instead, he gave them two days of rest.

He returned to the construction site and began to inspect the construction of the new city. When he arrived at the construction site, he started the livestream and found that the number of people online had increased. Many newcomers joined in, and they were asking all kinds of questions. Lin Tian took a casual look and then shifted his gaze. The newcomers immediately exclaimed saying how cold Lin Tian was.

All the curious newcomers started to watch the livestream. However, today was not like yesterday. There were no intense battle scenes and only working scenes were streamed. Seeing the taurens appear, the newcomers perked up.

[Wow, it's really a tauren!]

[It's too real!]

[Did you all watch yesterday's video? The tauren's combat strength is too awesome!]

[So the streamer has really transmigrated?]

A wave of discussion was stirred up in the livestream.

The foxmen started working the following day. There were a total of more than 1,100 foxmen, and only half of them could work. However, many female foxes could do other jobs. Lin Tian bought many materials from Moujing to build a shed, preparing to cover all the potato fields that had previously been cleared.

The tribe residents' food had not fully matured, and the yield was very low, but the potatoes had already begun to grow. When they fully matured, the yield could easily reach a few thousand catties, and a few dozen acres of land could produce hundreds of thousands of catties. With so many potatoes, it would cost a lot of money if they were to purchase them.

Many places required a certain degree of spending. For example, the daily meals, cement, and other construction materials each cost tens of thousands of yuan. With the expansion of the army, the expenditure on equipment was also a large part of it. Though now, Lin Tian was still relatively well-off, so he was not worried.

When a large number of foxmen started working, they caused a small sensation in the livestream. Lin Tian's livestream today was about building the city. Occasionally, he would let his phone follow Tauren John because John's popularity was also fairly high.

A few days later, Lin Tian got a chance to draw a lottery. He was a little curious about what he would get this time, so he clicked to draw.

[Congratulations, you have drawn a spell: intermediate fire control spell.]

His initial basic fire control spell had finally upgraded. The basic fire control spell could only release one fireball at a time, and it was not very powerful. The intermediate fire control spell was slightly more powerful.

A few days had passed but the locusts had not arrived. In the livestream, some of the viewers were gradually feeling bored.

[Streamer, originally, I didn't believe that you have transmigrated, but now I do. However, all you do nowadays is build the city. Isn't it too monotonous? When will you finish building the city?]

[That's right, streamer. Although the city building is interesting, it's really boring to watch it every day.]

[Streamer, since you've transmigrated, why don't you do something big?]

[That's right. If you don't rebel after transmigrating, you might as well go home and sell sweet potatoes!]

[Streamer, you have such fierce taurens. Why don't you conquer other tribes?]

[Be a Brave Leader gave the streamer 100 Ferraris!]

[Comments: Streamer, rebel!]

[Streamer, why don't we take advantage of this locust plague and directly devour all the surrounding tribes?]

[That's right, attacking the Beastmen Kingdom is also a good choice!]

[What goes on in all of your minds every day? Aren't you aware of how many men the streamer has?]

[Don't rebel! I only want to see the fields!]

[Streamer, their brains did not mature properly. Don't listen to their nonsense.]

[White Rabbit sent 100 Ferraris to the streamer!]

[Comment: Hubby, your safety is priority!]

The livestream was bustling with discussion. Some people wanted Lin Tian to rebel, some wanted him to continue farming, and some people were just watching the show. No matter what the livestream said, Lin Tian did not care. However, from that day on, more and more people in the livestream encouraged Lin Tian to fight.