My Life As A Lord In Another World Was Livestreamed

"Streamer, is your maid a lady with cat ears?" "Streamer, I'll give you a million dollars. Let me see that elf again." "You sure are domineering, streamer. You're bringing along so many people today. Are you preparing to slay a dragon?" "Streamer, your territory has become so powerful. Why don't you take down an empire and become a king? You can tell us if you lack money." After transmigrating to another world, Lin Tian realized that the phone he carried along could access the Internet for an hour every day. He could also purchase things from his original world through a certain function. He also obtained the Reputation System. The greater his reputation in the fantasy world, the more abilities—even magic spells—he could exchange for. Thus, after Lin Tian traded the items in his bag—such as his stainless steel water bottle—for a piece of territory, he started to stream his leisurely life as a lord in another world on Twitch.

Great Lord · Fantasy
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40 Chs

The Cute Cat-Eared Lady

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Lin Tian rummaged through his bag and took out a glass teacup.

"This is the only one left. I got it from a mysterious merchant from the east."

Actually, he still had a lot in his storage.

However, it was not a good idea to take out too much.

After all, as the saying went, a poor man was innocent, but a man with treasure was guilty.

[Streamer, it's so easy to earn gold coins, why don't you sell more?]

[Stupid, the streamer's way of doing things is more appropriate.]

[That's right, the Lord is in another world now and there are many bandits. If he shows too much, it would be bad if the villain takes notice of him.]

[Wow, watching the same livestream with so many smart people, I feel like my wisdom has increased.]

The people in the livestream began to express their opinions on this matter.

In the end, the long-faced man watched with regret as Lin Tian traded the cat-eared lady with glass teacups and a mirror. The other glass teacup was sold for 6 gold coins.

"Come out."

The long-faced man opened the cage.

However, the cat-eared lady was curled up inside and refused to move.

"Hurry up and come out."

The long-faced man's face instantly sank and was prepared to pull her out.

"I'll do it."

Lin Tian stopped the long-faced man from moving. He walked to the cage and gave the cat-eared lady a gentle smile.

His phone captured his smile.

[Wow, he's so handsome.]

[Oh my God, I'm intoxicated by the streamer's smile.]

[I'm done, I'm gay.]

[White Rabbit sent a cloud-piercing arrow to the streamer!]

[Comment: Streamer, your wife has fallen. Hurry up and bring her home.]

Not only did Lin Tian's smile bewitch the viewers in the livestream, but it also slightly relaxed the cat-eared lady's worrying heart.

For some reason, she had developed some trust in Lin Tian.

Lin Tian reached out his hand to her. "Come with me. I won't hurt you."

The cat-eared lady looked at Lin Tian for a while and carefully reached out her hand.

However, her body was very weak. She nearly fell the moment she moved. It seemed that the long-faced man and the others did not give her any food to prevent her from escaping.

"Let me carry you."

Lin Tian did not care about the opinion of the people around him. He bent down and picked up the cat-eared lady.

[The streamer's hand speed is fast!]

[I'm so envious.]

[Is the cat-eared lady very soft?]

[Little Hong and Little Lu gave the streamer a Ferrari!]

[White Rabbit gave the streamer a Ferrari!]

[Flat and Round gave the streamer a cloud-piercing arrow!]

When the viewers in the livestream saw that Lin Tian had bought the cat-eared lady and was carrying her away, they started to send him gifts.

As the number of gifts increased, the popularity of Lin Tian's streaming room also increased.

When the newcomers joined the livestream, many were stunned at the sight of the gifts on the screen.

They immediately looked at the streamer's name and realized that he was not the top streamer.

However, their attention was quickly attracted by the cat-eared lady.

[Oh my God, is this a cat-eared lady? Who is this cosplayer? She is so beautiful!]

[Fellow friend, she's not cosplaying! This streamer has transmigrated, do you understand? The cat-eared lady is a real cat-eared lady!]

A group of old viewers who had been following Lin Tian from the start started to explain.

Although not many of them believed in transmigration, it still did not stop them from explaining it to the newcomers.

Hence, the newcomers could not help but suspect under the old viewers' serious explanation, did the streamer really transmigrate?

When Lin Tian carried the cat-eared lady back to the castle, the popularity of the livestream had already exceeded 4,000.

Compared to before, it had doubled.

Moreover, the popularity was still increasing.

Lin Tian did not do much and allowed the system to continue recording automatically.

Although it was an automatic recording, the system was capable of capturing some classic scenes.

The cat-eared lady was very weak, so Lin Tian placed her on a chair.

He said softly, "Eat something first, then get some rest. You will recover slowly."

The cat-eared lady curled up on the chair, looking very delicate.

[Sigh, my heart aches so much.]

[Heartache +10086.]

[It really arouses people's desire to protect her.]

Because of the cat-eared lady's beauty, many people started to reward him again.

Lin Tian took out a biscuit and milk and handed it to the cat-eared lady.

"Eat this."

The cat-eared lady smelled the fragrance of the food and swallowed her saliva. Her eyes were filled with desire.

However, she looked at Lin Tian and did not move.

Lin Tian smiled and broke off a small piece of biscuit and fed it to her.

The cat-eared lady hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth and eating the small piece of biscuit.

After she slowly finished eating the biscuit, Lin Tian passed the milk to her.

The cat-eared lady looked at the milk carton with confusion in her eyes.

Lin Tian immediately understood that she had never seen a milk carton before, so she should not have used a straw.

He sucked the straw into his mouth and said, "Use it like this. Don't drink too much at once."

Then, he passed the milk over.

The cat-eared lady slowly opened her mouth, held the straw in her mouth, and took a deep sip.

The taste of milk spread throughout her taste buds.

Her round eyes suddenly widened, looking very cute.

This was her first time tasting such delicious food!

Seeing her cute expression, the livestream went into an uproar again.

[Amazing! Who could tell that this was an act? I'm afraid everyone would think that this was her first time drinking milk!]

[Her acting skills are comparable to that of a movie queen!]

[Alright, I believe that she is a real cat-eared lady!]

Although the cat-eared lady thought that this was the best thing she had ever drunk in her life, she still remembered Lin Tian's words and did not drink too much.

She took a small sip and stopped drinking.

Seeing how obedient the cat-eared lady was, Lin Tian smiled.

The people in the livestream were already mesmerized by the cat-eared lady.

After drinking that mouthful of milk, the cat-eared lady's gaze toward Lin Tian changed.

Originally, she felt that Lin Tian radiated a different type of feeling compared to other humans. However, now she was feeling a precious warmth.

"Come, continue eating."

Lin Tian waited for her to finish drinking before he continued to feed her biscuits.

The cat-eared lady's face was flushed. Lin Tian feeding her food made her feel surprised and shy, but she did not have much strength at the moment.

She had never made such an intimate move with another member of the opposite sex before.

In her opinion, feeding her was a very intimate act. It could even be an act that was performed only by lovers.

Therefore, she felt really shy.

This shyness was genuine. There was no trace of acting.

In the livestream, many people were impressed.

[The little girl's acting skills are amazing!]

[Streamer, I'm a talent scout. Can you give me the little girl's contact information?]

[Get lost! I'm a director!]

It took the cat-eared lady more than ten minutes to finish a piece of biscuit.

The people in the livestream watched silently for ten minutes.

After she finished eating, Lin Tian picked her up again and said, "I'll carry you to rest now. You'll have more strength after a nap."

The cat-eared lady nodded obediently.

She was already very sleepy when she was locked in the cage.

Right when Lin Tian was about to carry her into the bedroom, he suddenly thought of something and ended the livestream through the system.