19 Saw Magic Again

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The figure slid past the bandit and slashed at the other bandit with the short sword in her hand. Before the bandit could react, he felt a pain in his throat and blood spurted out.

The two bandits finally shouted, but their throats had been cut. Their screams were like leaky microphones, extremely hoarse.

In just a few short seconds, that nimble figure cut open the throats of another two bandits at an extremely fast speed. Within seconds, four bandits had already died at her hands! The other bandits were all stunned!

The viewers in the livestream were also dumbfounded.

[Cat-cat-eared lady?]

As the figure was moving too fast, it was impossible to see her appearance clearly. However, when the viewers saw the small and delicate tail, they were immediately stunned.

The cat lady's combat strength was actually so strong?

"Who is it?"

"Be careful"

The small square was in chaos. The bandits finally reacted, but it was already too late.

The cat-eared Mary was too agile. Her speed was far faster than these bandits.

After finishing off the four people, she rushed toward another bandit. The bandit, on the other hand, noticed Mary and slashed at her with both hands. However, Mary lightly dodged his knife, and her short sword cut the bandit's neck.

She had been training since she was a child. Her killer instinct allowed her to take a person's life with a single strike.

"Quickly gather together!" shouted Ron, the robber leader.

He had rich combat experience. The best way to deal with such a flexible opponent was to gather together and not give the opponent a chance to escape. Thus, the remaining bandits quickly gathered together, and more bandits rushed in from behind.

"Boss Ron, we can't hold them off any longer!"

At this time, the gangster leader Jerry ran in. As soon as he entered, he was stunned because the small square was filled with the corpses of the bandits. Fresh blood covered the ground, and it looked particularly frightening.

His face turned pale. At this moment, he felt that there was nothing wrong with being a gangster. At least a gangster's life would not be in danger, but a bandit's head could fall off at any time!

After the few bandits gathered together, cat-eared Mary finally stopped attacking. The reason why she stopped attacking was not because of the bandits' gathering strategy. It was because her injuries had not fully recovered and her body was still very weak.

She had killed five people at once, and she was almost at her limit. Otherwise, as Jenny had said, she would have had no problem fighting ten people.

The short sword in Mary's hand dropped due to her exhaustion, and she immediately took a defensive stance. Her face was pale. The battle just now had consumed too much of her energy.

The people in the livestream could finally see her face clearly.

[Wow, it really is the cat-eared lady!]

[The cat-eared lady is too amazing! She easily got five kills!]

[Why do I feel like this cat-eared lady is different from the one in the past?]

[It's real. The streamer has definitely transmigrated. Look at the corpses on the ground and the battle just now with the cat-eared lady. How could it have been a show?]

[Yeah, it's too real! I can't believe my eyes!]

The comments in the livestream flew everywhere, and the situation in the small square changed again.

"She's out of stamina! Let's go together and kill this lord! Then we'll deal with the guys outside!"

Ron looked at the current scene and immediately made a decision.

"Boss Ron, be careful, he's a mage!"Jerry shouted from behind.


Upon hearing these three words, all the bandits took a step back in unison.

[Haha, you must be scared!]

[The slap to the face came too fast, the streamer knows magic!]

[Bandit: I was suddenly dumbfounded.]

[I look forward to the streamer casting magic again!]

The atmosphere in the livestream became much relaxed.

Ron cursed, "Idiot, why didn't you tell me earlier!"

There were very few mages in this world, and every mage was an extremely honorable existence. Many people would never see a mage throughout their life, but everyone knew that mages were powerful, incomparably powerful.

Ron and his bandits had never seen a mage before today, but this did not affect their heartfelt respect for mages.

"Boss, what do we do?"

"Let's retreat, boss!"

The bandits were struggling.

"Boss, their men are coming!"A scream of fear suddenly came from outside. Following that, there were more and more shouts.

"This is impossible!"

The leader of the bandits was not expecting failure from the 30 men he sent to stop Lin Tian's army and workers!

"Let's go all out! We still have a chance if we kill this lord!"

After all, Ron was the leader of the bandits, so his mind was much tougher. He steeled his heart and brought a few bandits with shields to charge at Lin Tian! A red light flashed in front of his eyes, and then the shields in front of them started to burn!

"Magic?!" shouted the bandits in confusion.

Lin Tian's fire control spell was only at the beginner level. If there were flames burning in the first place, it would have been much easier for him to control the flames. However, if he used fire magic out of thin air, he could only release one fireball in a short period of time. After casting one, his spiritual power would immediately weaken, which would greatly affect his combat ability.

Therefore, when these people charged in with their shields, Lin Tian did not immediately use his fire control spell because if he had used it then, it would have affected the battle situation. Moreover, when he was about to use it, Mary made her move. Mary had a great impact on the battle situation. Not only did she kill five bandits, but she also gave Lin Tian some time to rest.

[It's really magic! What an eye-opener!]

[Wow, I saw it clearly! It's the great fireball spell that unifies the world!]

[I bet there will be some trolls who think that the streamer sent someone to pour gasoline on the wooden board in advance.]

[That's what I think. What about it?]

[Streamer, did you really transmigrate? How did you transmigrate?]

There were many comments in the livestream.

"Hurry up and throw it away!"

In the small square, seeing that the shields were burning fiercely, the bandits immediately threw their shields away in fear.

Lin Tian drew his bow again. This time, he was aiming at the bandit leader.

Ron was shocked by the flames. At the same time, he saw Lin Tian shoot an arrow at him. He swung his knife to block it, but he was one step too late. He was hit by the arrow.

Seeing this, the other bandits lost their will to fight. One by one, they wailed and tried to escape.

Lin Tian could not let them escape. He shot another arrow, knocking over a bandit who had already rushed to the door. The remaining four members of the patrol team chased after the bandits when they saw them escape. Soon, the bandits were all killed.

After Ron was shot by an arrow, he was killed by the patrol team.

"Sir, please spare my life!"

A row of bandits was kneeling outside the castle, and the few gangsters were among them.

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