My Life As A Lord In Another World Was Livestreamed Book

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My Life As A Lord In Another World Was Livestreamed

Great Lord

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"Streamer, is your maid a lady with cat ears?" "Streamer, I'll give you a million dollars. Let me see that elf again." "You sure are domineering, streamer. You're bringing along so many people today. Are you preparing to slay a dragon?" "Streamer, your territory has become so powerful. Why don't you take down an empire and become a king? You can tell us if you lack money." After transmigrating to another world, Lin Tian realized that the phone he carried along could access the Internet for an hour every day. He could also purchase things from his original world through a certain function. He also obtained the Reputation System. The greater his reputation in the fantasy world, the more abilities—even magic spells—he could exchange for. Thus, after Lin Tian traded the items in his bag—such as his stainless steel water bottle—for a piece of territory, he started to stream his leisurely life as a lord in another world on Twitch.


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