My Legendary Weapon Can Evolve Infinitely!

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/d9z3CCEXWw The past, the present, and the future will all be connected. Human society will learn how things were in the past when gods walked among men and monsters roamed freely. When Earth was finally connected to the multiverse, the entire world erupted into chaos! It was as though reality itself was contorting to accommodate countless versions of itself. Astonishingly, it began to expand, stretching its boundaries beyond imagination. At that time, Jason was recovering from the betrayal of his girlfriend cheating with her supposed best friend. He looked for solace by retreating to a serene lake for a weekend of fishing. Craving solitude to deal with his thoughts, he wanted some peace. But as soon as he stepped out of his car, the ground convulsed violently. Much to his surprise, a mysterious system had been activated, revealing portals to alternate dimensions. Suddenly, Jason found himself thrust into the depths of a dungeon, a valuable treasure chest right before him. Within that chest was the Infinite Dagger—a legendary weapon capable of infinite evolution! From a mere dagger to a formidable sword and even transforming into a bow—its potential knew no bounds! Jason was surprised at his unexpected fortune, yet he understood that obtaining such a treasure wouldn't be without risks. No, crossing this dungeon would be a stroll. He stood at its precipice, facing a boss—a towering, purple-hued Colossus that looked like it came out of a fantasy world. To add insult to injury, he would need to get rid of the boss's minions. The real question remained: How could he, at level one, defeat the dungeon's boss?

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Chapter 01 - A Great Day For The World to End

As the sun began its descent behind the rugged mountain peaks, emitting a warm golden hue across the landscape, Jason took a deep breath while the steering wheel of his car tightly, his knuckles turning white. His eyes, filled with a mix of anger, betrayal, and a lot of determination, were fixed on the winding road ahead.

"Just forget about her, you moron… she was the one who lost, not you," Jason muttered under his breath. "Anyway, not to self for future reference: don't date girls who have best friends who are also their exes."

The engine roared as he navigated through the twists and turns of the mountainous terrain. The beautiful mountains, adorned with dense forests and rocky outcrops, seemed to mimic his troublesome emotions. Each curve brought him closer to the serene lake nestled in the heart of the peaks—an oasis of tranquility that had often been his refuge many times already.

As the car descended, the air grew crisper, carrying a scent of pine and the promise of a storm in the distance. Raindrops sporadically splattered against the windshield, mirroring Jason's turbulent state of mind. Yet, he remained resolute, determined to find solace in the simplicity of nature's embrace.

Finally, the road leveled out, and the shimmering expanse of the lake came into view. Its crystal-clear waters stretched out before him, reflecting the vibrant colors of the sky. The surrounding landscape embraced the water, offering a patchwork of lush greenery and distant peaks, creating a beautiful backdrop for his troubled thoughts.

Jason parked the car near the shore, the tires crunching on the gravel. He stepped out onto the moist ground, inhaling the invigorating scent of damp earth. The rhythmic sound of gentle waves lapping against the pebbles soothed his troubled soul.

Slowly, he walked to the edge of the water, casting a long shadow on the pebbly shore. With each step, he let go of the anger and pain, allowing the calmness of the lake to wash over him. The weight of the betrayal seemed to lighten as he gazed across the serene surface, watching the ripples caused by the soft raindrops.

Reaching into the backseat, Jason retrieved his fishing gear—a trusty rod, a well-worn tackle box, and a worn-out fishing cap. These familiar items brought him a sense of comfort, reminding him of countless days spent fishing with his now ex-girlfriend. Though tainted by recent events, he was determined to reclaim the joy that once filled those moments with nature.

With practiced ease, he cast his line into the water, the bait landing with a soft plop. Time seemed to stand still as he patiently waited for a bite, the rhythmic swaying of the fishing line calming his racing thoughts. The serenity of the lake enveloped him, calming and purifying his heart more and more.

As the storm clouds dissipated, the sun made a final appearance, casting a vibrant spectrum of colors across the sky. Jason watched in awe as the hues danced upon the water's surface, a symbolic reminder that healing and renewal were possible even amidst heartache.

At that moment, surrounded by the beauty of nature, Jason found solace—a balm for his wounded spirit. The betrayal still lingered, but he knew that the mountains and the lake would always offer him a sanctuary, a place to reflect, heal, and find his way back to himself.

With a surge of excitement, Jason felt a powerful tug on his fishing line, signaling a catch. Adrenaline coursed through his veins as he skillfully reeled in the struggling fish. As he lifted it out of the water, triumph shone in his eyes, a hard-earned victory against the odds.

However, in the midst of his excitement, a sudden jolt shook the ground beneath him. The tremors intensified, causing the earth to shudder and crack. Startled, Jason stumbled backward, clutching onto his fishing rod for balance. The distant once-steadfast mountains began to shift and sway as if awakening from a deep slumber.

Astonished, Jason watched in shock as the mountains seemed to come alive, their colossal forms slowly moving away as if responding to some mysterious force. The ground beneath him groaned and heaved, and the very foundation of the land transformed before his eyes.

"Hey, hey… what the hell!" Jason muttered with his eyes wide open.

As the mountains receded, revealing an ever-expanding distance, Jason felt a surge of both confusion and fear. The familiar peaks that had framed his world now shifted away, exposing an unknown and uncharted realm. His heart raced with a mix of fear and shock, unsure of what lay beyond the once-familiar landscape.

Meanwhile, the lake, once calm and serene, responded to the seismic shift in nature. The water swelled and surged forward, its waves growing in intensity. The shoreline that had once provided a comforting boundary began to retreat rapidly as if pushed back by the lake's expanding might.

Jason's gaze darted between the transforming mountains and the growing expanse of the lake, his mind struggling to comprehend the insane events unfolding before him. The ground continued to tremble beneath his feet, the vibrations resonating through his entire being, amplifying the sense of terror and uncertainty. It seemed that the world was ending…

As the tremors subsided and Jason's surroundings seemed to settle, he saw a distortion in the space around him expanding. Colors swirled and twisted, and reality itself seemed to warp and bend. A moment later, he found himself standing at the end of a dark, mysterious cave.

Surprised and nervous, Jason looked around, his gaze fixed on the unknown depths that were before him. The air grew cooler, and the cave walls, rough and uneven, showed the marks of time and echoed with a sense of forgotten history.

As soon as he turned, Jason saw something weird in there… a golden treasure box that seemed like the ones he saw in some games… if that wasn't weird, he didn't know what it was.

"Am I losing my mind just because I discovered that my ex is a thot?" Jason wondered while scratching the top of his head.

(Welcome, your planet reached the requirements to join the multiverse system. From now on, your planet will become part of the multiversal network, and you will be able to use its functions. However, you should be aware that this is a warzone and despite being vast, all the species are fighting each other for dominance. Some have already invaded your world and are readying themselves to create their bases on it. Stop them from taking over your home planet and be rewarded with powerful relics and then take the next step to make your species stand at the top of the multiverse!)

 Jason wondered once again if he had gone insane. He couldn't say with certainty since he felt that he was thinking clearly and he wasn't accepting things that easily. Still, it was getting hard considering what he saw next in the corner of his field of vision.

Jason - Lv 01

HP: 50/50 (0.01 Regen)

MP: 60/60 (0.1 Regen)

SP: 70/70 (0.1 Regen)

Power: 5 - 8

Constitution: 05

Dexterity: 07

Magic: 07

Spirit: 06

Perception: 07

Available Status Points: 00

Titles: None

Bloodlines: None

Skill: None

Jobs: None

Job Skills: None

"Just what is going on… this must be a very convenient dream," Jason thought.

(For being the first human on your planet to find a dungeon, you received the title Explorer (F). You have been rewarded with the skill Complete Appraisal (A))

(For being the first human on your planet to enter a dungeon, you received the title Challenger (F). All Parameters + 02)

 Jason blinked several times and then shrugged. He started to feel pretty good, so perhaps that was all real. To confirm that, he decided to open the golden treasure box behind him, and then he found a single silver knife. 

(For being the first human on your planet to find a treasure, you received the title Treasure Hunter (F). +20% Experience gain.)

Infinite Dagger (Legendary)

A weapon that can evolve the more you use it.

Power: 3 - 5

Skill: Double Slash Cost: 05 SP

Mastery: 0/100 TP

Reward upon mastery: Dexterity + 01

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