My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?!

His legendary class is The Husband Of Deathwill Sisters! While other players went through common quests to get their classes, Alex started by getting a legendary class: Husband Of Deathwill Sisters! He got three beautiful wives from the start and the legendary castle! What would his girlfriend and friends say about this once he reveals his class to them? And what about Deathwill Sisters? What is their plight, and why would they suddenly get a husband?

Sixth · Games
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470 Chs


Chapter 152: Together

"The last floor… We really did it…" Zhen spoke slowly as if shock killed all his usual optimism.

He stared at the system message with incredulous eyes, thinking that perhaps it was some game bug. No one had ever mentioned something like that in the past. No one has ever skipped floors in the dungeon!

The rest of Team Homies was the same, including Alex.

While everyone hovered their eyes on the system messages, Tomo Homie noticed a black and much bigger silver wolf closing up distance with them.

He woke up from his stupor, "We should prepare for the last floor."

Everyone raised their eyes at him.

With all their attention, Tomo Homie continued, "We don't know if the boss is alone or not… The last bosses always have some underlings. Other parties of players might be on the last floor as well.

We skipped many floors, but it's not like dungeon conquerors are that rare nowadays. I won't be surprised if we face players," Tomo Homie explained.

He was right.