1 Legendary Class

Chapter 1: Legendary Class

"I will see you soon in the game world, Alex!"

"Yeah, I will search for you immediately."

Alex brightly smiled at his girlfriend, who was about to fly abroad. Due to her family's matters, Olivia was forced to choose between her mother and father.

Both her parents decided to divorce, and they also wanted to start a new life in different countries.

But as her parent's divorce hurt her, Olivia's life was also about to change significantly. She would need to change school in her last year and leave her friends behind, to say nothing of saying goodbye to her boyfriend for a long time.

That hurt her much, and Olivia had been in a sulky mood for some weeks. She often cried to Alex.

However, the world's technology had advanced so much that the first immersive game was finally revealed on the market.

That immersive game utterly broke what was the common gaming as players would enter the game with their bodies and minds.

It was like the opening of a new world.

And in that world, Alex and Olivia could meet every day, just like in real life.

That was exactly why both of them were smiling right now.

"Will you really search for me immediately after the tutorial? I heard you already made some plans with boys," Olivia clutched Alex's clothes and deeply looked into his eyes.

Alex shrugged, "You will have to deal with them for a little."

Olivia chuckled, "I would rather deal with them after I gain power in the game world. For the first day, I will hang out with my friends then."

"We can't tell how we will adapt to the game, anyway. I might need your help to stay brave before monsters. I can't look lame before my cute girlfriend, can I?" Alex jested with a chuckle.

"If you don't focus, I will look cooler than you. I will not play healer and instead go for full dps to clear the whole world!" Olivia clenched her little hand and loudly declared.

"Hmm… I haven't decided on my class yet…" Alex pondered openly.

The couple talked for a little while longer before going their ways. Unfortunately, the time for Olivia to go came, so she turned around and joined her mother.

Alex waved at them, then turned heels as well.

On his way back home, he wondered what class he should play. All classes sounded exciting in a world where he would move with his body.

'Well, we choose the class in the game, so I will try out newbie weapons in the tutorial, then decide in the first city,' Alex decided.





[Welcome to the Avander World.]

[Choose your nickname.]

"There we are! I am really in the game world! Damn awesome!" Alex clenched his hands from excitement as he stared at himself in the mirror.

He was in the character creation room, so he could view himself from every angle. Before appearing here, Alex entered VR Capsule, so he knew that he wasn't dreaming, nor someone had pulled a prank on him.

He was truly in the game world!

The Avander World was the name of the game.

From its promotional videos, all players knew what amazing world awaited them. However, the character creation was pretty lackluster.

It didn't offer many cosmetics. Players couldn't change their gender and couldn't make themselves unrecognizable. All they could do was add some small characteristics or change hair color.

Alex assumed that too many changes could lead to mental problems in real life, so he casually checked what the game offered, then lifted his hands to type the name.

After he clicked on the nickname message, the window turned into a floating keyboard. Here, Alex typed [Lexta].

It would be his nickname.

However, a sudden message window appeared before his eyes.

[You have been chosen by fate!]

[Do you want to receive the Legendary Class?]

"Legendary Class?!" Alex dilated his eyes as he stared at the sudden message.

He didn't expect that. Who would, actually?

In the promotional videos, the developers told the world that players would take their class from martial artists or other special facilities. They also could stumble on a unique class in the tutorial.

But no one ever mentioned the legendary class in the character creation!

"I am so lucky!" Alex's cheerful voice boomed in the room.

He clicked [Yes.], and that was when his whole life changed.

[You have received the Legendary Class.]

[Husband Of Deathwill Sisters.]

"Wait a second…" Alex blinked his eyes.

[You can not be teleported to The Tutorial.]

[Your destination has been changed.]

[Deathwill Household.]

Alex couldn't read his class information, yet another power took hold of his body. He felt pressure all over himself, and he felt like he would soon sink into the ground. However, it was nothing lethal as it was just teleportation.

Since it was his first teleportation, Alex's body needed to adapt to these dimensional feelings.

Furthermore, his destination was not The Tutorial, close to the character creation room but farther away. Therefore, Alex felt more pressure, and his bones cracked.

He then disappeared from the character creation room.

[Your nickname has been changed.]

[Alexander Deathwill.]





"Who are you?" A childish and cute voice woke up Alex from his stupor.

He was on his butt, his hands touching the cold floor. Since the teleportation was so abrupt, Alex failed to process what had happened.

He blinked his eyes, then lowered his eyes a little.

Before him, a kid no less than four years old stood. She wore an adorable black dress and hugged the white plush horse. Her big eyes never blinked as she stared at Alex.

She then whispered in a probing tone, "Daddy?"

"No! No! No! I am not your Daddy!" Alex waved his hands, flustered.

Although he was shocked how far the technology went, as the NPC before himself was like a natural person, Alex didn't want to be called [Daddy].

He was too young for that.

He stood up and smiled widely. He didn't want that kid before him to get scared or wary of him as she should be connected to his tutorial.

"There's a reason for us to be together here. I can be your friend, instead. How about it?" Alex spoke softly.

And as his words sounded nice, the kid nodded brightly.

But as she did, her head suddenly fell off her neck.

"My name is Celia! And this is my horse, Kubo!" she said as if nothing had happened.

But Alex froze, and he stared slack-jawed before the young lady. He didn't know how to react, and he was astonished to see the black hole in place of Celia's neck.

Her little arms went up, and she presented her white horse plush as if nothing had happened!

"I am Alex…" he introduced himself and pressed Kubo's plush head.

Celia happily grinned, "Take Kubo, Alex!"

"Yes," Alex took the plush.

He then saw how his new friend went up to pick her head. She put it on casually, then turned around and smiled widely at him.

If it weren't for that incident, Alex would think of her as a cute and polite human girl. However, the reality was different.

She was half-dullahan.

'The race doesn't matter. She is as innocent as any other kid. But well… This should be my tutorial… And since I got that weird class, I should meet wives here,' Alex thought inwardly.

Although he was eager to go through The Tutorial, he had received a new class, so he needed to take things differently.

"Where is your mom?" Alex asked.

That mom should be his 'wife' as per the legendary class.

Celia nodded, "Mom is not here to play with me. She is fighting the hungry demons!"

"Hungry demons… Doesn't she need help?" Alex asked.

He was level one, but perhaps his class would help the lady.

Celia replied, "Mom is strong! She can fight them alone! Aunts will also help after they return, you know?"

Alex nodded, agreeing with Celia.

But he was also quite tense. He learned that there were three wives here, and all of them fought in this tutorial.

Now that he had time, Alex looked around.

On his right, he saw a vast black castle with withered gardens. Those gardens were in a bad state, and the building also looked old with scars. Battles left scars, since there was a sharp claw on one of the towers, and also the time left scars because Alex saw a few bricks with natural holes within.

Below him, he saw an army of skeletons wandering around mindlessly.

As if his eyes asked a question, Celia and Kubo pointed at those skeletons, "They have appeared again. But they are too weak to break our home, so we are okay! Let's play hide and seek, Alex!"

"We will play hide and seek later… What about tea?" Alex asked.

He wanted to check his class, so a tea party sounded like a good plan to do so. It should make Celia a little busy, and he would have time to read all information.

"Tea Party!" Celia's eyes gleamed in excitement, "Yes! Tea Party! Let's go!"

It would be her first tea party.

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