My Kpop Journey To Stardom Book

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My Kpop Journey To Stardom


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This story tells the tale of Park Jin woo a man who lived a depressing and unfulfilled life as a talented yet unacknowledged kpop songwriter who used music and dance to escape his sad life, but what he didn't expect is that it would actually lead him to meet a being who would give him 1 wish and transmigrate him into a parallel world to his where music from his previous world doesn't exist and the most surprising part of it all is...Idols are actually encouraged by fans to date each other in this world..... Join Jin woo in his journey to the peak of the music industry and watch him find true love and friendship and attain the peace he had always craved. AN and disclaimer: I wrote this based of my favorite groups and their members. Please don't be offended and please don't get mad if I ship people...There will be cases that I would be using the artist's songs so please do not get mad and understand that these are just songs that i love and wanted to use. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE SONGS NOR DO I WANT TO AFFECT THE LIVES OF THE ARTISTS. This is purely fictional and is not meant to harm anyone. Other than that, please enjoy my story i hope you can immerse yourself in the story and escape like Jin woo had ;)


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