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Author shamelessly supporting his own work. This is a story that will be updated daily with chapters. The first 40 chapters will be released on the very first day. Following that, a 10 day break will be taken and the story will once again resume. An action Weak to strong story as the character learns to navigate their world in such a way that it seems normal. No characters are overpowered for no reason. Each and everything that happens has its own respective reasoning. Any and all comments as well criticism are welcome. Hope you enjoy!

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This is not boring guys 🤗🤗 it is very readable, I assured. It's like a bite of chocolate 🍫 it's very intriguing, with not many errors. I highly recommend 👏👏


Wow, that took a dark turn. I can safely say I love what the author is doing with this story in the early chapters. Begins with the perfect hook as the protagonist jumps off a building to his death, then for the next several chapters we get to see his earlier life and the lead up to this traumatic event. This works as a great way to both grab the reader's attention and get some insight into the protagonist and his state of mind. Throughout the course of these chapters I really came to feel for the protagonist and understand his emotional plight. And then when the reader is all up to speed the story takes another massive turn after the suicide, which I must say I am eager to keep following. I have added this to my library and will be sure to keep my eye on this. Really well-written and entertaining, with an interesting, 3D and sympathetic main character driving the narrative and adding a substantial layer of authenticity. I strongly recommend giving this one a read.


How I love system plot. It's like a stress reliever really. So, finding another brilliant book about system makes me happy! Writing style wise, it's excellent without too much adornment and very easy to understand which I find important in system novel. Cos the element system itself is already going to be complicated so author has to simplify it hence the readers won't get overload when reading. And I also like the beginning of the novel because the author didn't dive in right away to the plot. Author told the MC bg story first and let me connect with Yuki, and understand him to a certain level. Besides, the frustration built from reading Yuki's past made me even more eager to read when he accessed the system! I hope Yuki smacked those bullies soon! Keep up the good work author!


Reading through the novel, it was abit difficulty in the first 2 chapters to really understand the overall plot. Maybe it is because a bunch of text clumped together isn't really good for the eyes of any reader. But i must say, the plot idea is really well done although generic to be honest. I'll say this though, you should make sure chapters are more spaced out, and much less cluttered. Even if it means less word count, it helps us readers really understand the plot more. I only read up to Chapter 12, but i genuinely believe that if you keep going it'll be a really good novel worthy of being uploaded on the platform. This has a lot of potential, i hope you write more!


Primeiramente, desejo sucesso, sua obra e fantasticaaaaa! E espero que continue escrevendo. Boa sorte que possa ter todo o reconhecimento que lhe e merecido.


A well-written slow burner. It was pretty good. The grammar did its job and most of the story flowed. Some dialogues felt awkward as there were to tags but overall I liked the story. Hopefully, the author would keep this updated.


Great story so far, like the plot's premise and the story's flow. Would be nice to see the progress of the protagonist across the series. Good luck author.


Reveal spoiler


This is definitely entertaining. From the first chapter, I can feel myself being in the protagonist’s situation. The author did a good job playing every scene out. This is a masterpiece. I will be sure to read this story to the very end. Kudos to you, author. You did a fantastic job .🤗🤗🤗


Have not read that far yet but it sure is going nicely! I love main characters that have that attitude of just wanting to rule everything and all. Loving how this MC started out this way and not just straight up overpowered. It really makes me want to await his character development. The synopsis and title are quite hooking, I must say! The pace so far is good and the plot is interesting 😊 Overall, great work here! Keep it up, author!


The plot is really interesting and amazing! The writing quality is great too! I love it a lot! It's getting interesting. Keep updating this good work!


The writing is so beautifully crafted that i am in love, it’s so nice with needed details, the plot is great on it’s own. The author has done a very good job in writing this.


It is very interesting and an easy read. The first 5 chapters were already really good and could stand out on their own. The tone was also consistent throughout. I really like how the author brought the main character to life!


From the review swap: Alright. I'm going to say that, although the writing is good... My main issue is this: The story and MC felt um... medium. I can understand the appeal to others, yet it took a dark turn and that isn't the problem for me. More like, how it turned towards that dark turn. The rest of how powerful he was, I didn't mind much, since if well executed it can be good. Yet, it isn't my thing to read about OP characters, so I'll be dropping the book here. Otherwise, it is good. TLDR: Thought the dark turn was unwarranted and OP protagonists aren't really my thing, yet the writing is overall good.




I am really enjoying how this story was put together! The way the author explained what led to the M.Cs decision to jump to his death was really intriguing, that actually got me hooked This novel is definitely going to be a success!!


It is a great novel! A very good execution of the story considering the background of the story. I am looking forward to upcoming chapters! Keep going ; )


I've read a lot of system novels. But even among all the ones I've read, this one stands out. Despite there being a few cliche parts, the writing quality is pretty much flawless, updates are stable, and the characters are well-described and colorful. I especially loved the beginning, how you cut through all the different memories. It was a pretty unique way to start off the story!


Wow, that was a emotional start that easily made me grip my heart. We can relate to the characters and understand both their perspectives at the same time, making us confuse who is right or wrong. I see good potential in the plot ahead and would encourage everyone to give it a read since the grammar isn't bad like most novels in WN,