My journey with a succubus Book

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My journey with a succubus


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Warning!!!!!!! R18 Haunted by the tragic loss of his fiancée in a devastating car accident, Dr.Micheal Greenwood world crumbles as he witnesses her last moments within the sterile walls of the hospital where he works. Drowning in grief and numbing his pain with alcohol, Micheal finds solace in the mundane repetition of life. However, fate intervenes when an unexpected encounter thrusts him into the seductive and perilous world of a captivating succubus. Drawn to her allure, Michael grapples with the dangerous dance of love and the supernatural, risking everything for a connection that defies the boundaries between the living and the otherworldly. In a tale of passion, danger, and the unforeseen consequences of love, Micheal must navigate the thin line between salvation and damnation as he confronts the ultimate choice.