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My Journey to Godhood as a Caterpillar


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This novel is good for the following reasons 1. The world building is good base on that the Author didn’t do the world building in one go 2. The MC intelligence is consistent through the novel ( unlike other novels ) 3. The MC didn’t have game breaking elements for example MC levels 50 vs some mobs characters levels 100 the winner is MC with some flesh wound (in other words power doesn’t mean anything when you’re the MC) I’ll add more if I see more The novel is good. Did I say good? I mean very good. To be onus this novel is better then those paid novels so far. This novel should go premium. (I don’t know how a novel goes premium so... good luck)

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One of the best stories I have ever read! Not just on this site, but on any site. Why do I think this? - MC is extremely well-characterised. The author puts in immense effort to explain how the MC became what he is during his final reincarnation (where the story starts from). - Original system. The system in this story isn't just original, it's also unobtrusive. The MC by no means depends on the system to gain power, 90% is the MC's sheer grit, determination and scheming. The system exists just to facilitate the MC's growth! - World building. The universe in this novel is exceptionally well-crafted. You can tell there's been a lot of thought put into this world. A comprehensive path to cultivation. Simple, but realistic universe! - Cliche breaking. There's so much cliche breaking in this novel that I've never been more astonished. This MC has ate the hearts of Heavenly Beauties, used them as lure to save himself, and seduced fairies! No-strings-attached! - Writing quality. Top-tier understanding of English language! The language in no way or form inhibits the reading experience. - Long chapters. Each chapter is at least 5k words long! And there's never, ever any fillers. Something important is always happening. - Pacing. The pacing is fast! I love that. In 70 chapters, the MC has climbed more stages of cultivation than xianxia MCs do in 1700 chapters! The pacing makes sense though. The background of MC is after all the Master of the Blood Throne! Check this story. I would heavily recommend to any who like dark protagonists. Not the faint-hearted or the squeamish. If you're a self-righteous hypocrite - please don't read.


I didn't read this yet and I will read it later. I hope it isn't some Pokemon HAREM **** cuz in his previous life he has thousand women. I hate HAREM like where he meet a girl and then she love him and accept his HAREM without proper development and reasoning. I hate it when MC leave his wife on lower realm and goes to higher realm and chase some skirts their and making babies and leave her to saying he will come back after he become strong then he chase different skirt. If he want sex he can go to brothel no need to waste some women's life. I hope it's good story without hiatus and nonconsistancy in update. Thank you for hard work


Evil, villan mc wants only 1 ting entaral life. Mc only cares about himself. Mc is 100% evil he will even eat childeten if he has to. Love it


Does this novel have romance and harem ? And does the mc transform to a human or not ? I hope if the mc can transform to make him handsome with harem and romance in the novel.


Damnit, the story is too great. For me the concept is very unique and interesting. The MC is evil and ruthless and cares of no one. It feels satisfying and once you read it you are hooked to it.


This novel is Great and the mc has a consistent personality with him being evil although I say the cultivation is sometimes a little to fast with him getting to the next level in 2 chapters. Also, this is novel doesn't have a harem or any romance.


could be good novel. Sadly author managed to make it worse than xianxias shit. boring af. stupid af. world building.... just bland, boring. mc is kinda meh


Well written and consistent MC (Pretty much bootleg Fang Yuan from Reverend Insanity). My only critic is that plot seems to be going too well for the MC. Would like to see him struggle a bit more in order to achieve his goals (Eternal Life).


This is one of the better novels out there. The MC is pure evil, and disdains making friends. This means that there is a lack of side characters, which can be good or bad. The only gripe I have is that sometimes the quality of the grammar drops, and the MC seems to repeat the same thing over and over to become stronger. He eats corpses (and sometimes living things) to get stronger, which is fine but he just does the same thing. He makes two experts fight each other, then eats both, then he makes two more experts fight each other and eats both. It gets a little repetitive, but I still enjoy it. 4/5


Woaahh this is interesting, mc cruel, smart and only cares about himself hahahaha, although it's a bit disgusting he eats human flesh, but it's a bit funny too haha, the spirit of the writer, don't drop this novel !!!


Everything is near perfect, why it isn't perfect is that nothing is perfect but this novel is close to it. Writing is of top quality and you can really immerse yourself with this story. I recomment this story to everyone, even if you dislike an evil main character. I will definetly keep on reading as long as you keep those juicy chapters coming!


The story is pretty good so far, I've only read 40 chapters at the time of this review. The mc acts as he was portrayed to be in the introduction so there are no problems there. The world background and grammar usage are pretty solid as well, nothing crazy but it is good. My main gripe with this novel is the way the author handles time skips. Time skips are a staple of the cultivation genre so its pretty much expected that there will be some, the problem though is that when time skips happen in this story it feels like time only moved forward for the mc. Ex: Mc does something that would create trouble for the country he was in and flees to another country. While in country number 2 there is a time skip of several years after which mc returns to country 1. None of the consequences of the mcs actions at country 1 have played out during the time skip, but after mcs return the consequences suddenly start playing out. Personally I think the author needs to look at how he handled these time skips and correct his handling of them at least with whatever time skips come later. If possible I would suggest he goes back and edits the early chapters and make a couple changes to the story so it doesn't seem like things only happen when the mc is around. I'm not saying that he can't only focus on the mcs perspective because there isn't anything wrong with that, just that things should be able to progress even when he isn't physically present.


cruelty check. rationality check. ambition check. no mercy check. kill innocent check. author release more novel man[img=coins][img=update][img=update]


i liked the story a lot. the way you made the mc not follow every girl and not save every other maiden in distress was revolutionary. but the ending was kinda me. really wanted him to stay evil and become the god of death or smth


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Been looKing for evil ruthless mc for While. This Is what am looking for give no p00p about girl. Mc can do everything and anything to reach his goal, thats nice.


Reveal spoiler


10/10 loved the book great world development. And at first when he got a wife I thought he would turn into a brain dead man but that didn't happen he accually stayed true to his goal so im rating this book 5 stars because thats what it deserves.