My Journey to Godhood as a Caterpillar Book

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My Journey to Godhood as a Caterpillar


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Check out my new novel: The Ultimate Devourer! My life as the strongest cultivator of the blood throne sect let me live a great life, I was born with the highest constitution possible, my wisdom was infinite due to my soul absorbing my former reincarnations, I was the strongest to ever be known in my universe. Until one day that I died, even though I have reached the peak of cultivation it was impossible to attain eternal life, the universe is cruel and the world won't let you live as long as it does. I died as a doddering old fool, dying in my sleep! I just woke up thinking that I reincarnated again only to be greeted with this bullshit: [Caterpillar System Activated] [Does Host want to eat leaves?] [If the host doesn't eat the leaves host will die] I the great cultivator known as Yun Jhin with thousands of concubines and hundreds of official wives became a leaf-eating caterpillar? I do not own the cover picture! Disclaimer: Don't expect stellar perfect English from this novel, I do my best using grammarly to fix all of the problems that the program can find but I cannot fix everything, any obvious mistakes that have been overlooked will be fixed if you point me to them in the comments. If you want to support me or the novel you can donate to my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KaiokenGuy If you want an alternative and free way to support me you can use this link: https://surveytime.app/kaiokenguy Make an account with the link above, verify it with your phone number and link your paypal account, do one survey and get paid 1$ immediately, for every person who gets paid out I get 1$ but this only happens for one person, so if you continue using the site I won't get any more money after that 1$, however even 1$ helps me very much! It doesn't cost you anything and you get paid for it as well!


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