3 Leveling Up and Adding Points

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He nibbled on the pancake, eager to click on the upgrade button.


Another flash of light.

The aircraft model was upgraded again.

However, after this upgrade, his appearance did not seem to have changed.

[Item: Fixed Wing Model Airplane +2]

[Experience: 763/400 (Upgradeable)]

[Origin Point: 0.2]

Tang Rui looked at the data on the panel and confirmed that the upgrade was already completed.

He picked up the airplane model and sized it up.

There were no changes to the exterior. If it weren't for the +2 on the interface, one would never be able to tell that it had been upgraded.

However, when he opened the battery compartment and saw the situation inside the body, his eyes widened.

The position of the internal parts of the aircraft had been fine-tuned. The landing gear slot was completely integrated with the aircraft. The circuit board and battery positions had also changed. At the very least, the center of gravity was more reasonable.

Although there was no test flight.

But according to Tang Rui's experience, this upgraded airplane model's performance in all aspects was definitely much stronger than before.

He continued.

He put down the airplane model and clicked to upgrade again.


A faint blue light flashed, and Tang Rui's eyes lit up.

Even the light of leveling up had changed.

As expected, the effect of this upgrade was visible to the naked eye.

The entire body of the aircraft model had become the same as the real one.


Tang Rui looked at the scale model in front of him and was so surprised that even the pancake in his mouth almost fell out.

This effect of the upgrade was rather exaggerated.

You said that it wasn't a scale replica before.


An airplane model that costs two to three hundred yuan. You think that would buy you a replica scale model? Dream on.

It's already good enough that he'd installed two pieces of EP panels on your tail.

Tang Rui stuffed the pancake into his mouth in two or three bites, then picked up the airplane model and looked at it carefully.

Good heavens.

Not only was the fuselage was an exact reproduction of the real thing, but even the instruments in the cockpit had been replicated.

Holding the airplane model, he laughed excitedly.

Fortunately, he didn't have Shura Yan, or else the Uchiha family would have another hero.

But not long after.

His laughter stopped abruptly.

Because he found that there was a problem with the data on the model.

[Item: Exquisite fixed-wing aircraft model +3]

[Experience: 363/? (Cannot be upgraded)]

[Origin Point: 0.2]

Was there no way to level up?

Did he lack the necessary conditions to continue leveling up, or had he reached the peak?

As for the name of the aircraft model, it was not a problem.

Such situations were too common in the game.

There was no need to care.

After Tang Rui pondered for a moment, he decided not to think about this problem first.

Since he could not continue leveling up, it would be a problem he'd have to consider. He would first figure out the problem of the origin point.

This was similar to the Deep Blue panel.

The most powerful function was not to level up, but to add points.

According to the current information.

He could get 0.1 origin points by making an airplane model.

Thus, he would first accumulate his origin points to 1 point and see what the situation was like.

If he wanted to do it, he would do it.

Tang Rui put down the airplane model and went to the workbench, and started on a new one.

All kinds of materials and accessories were readily available. He had just received a batch of tools three days ago.

He skillfully cut the boards, made the fuselage, then installed the accessories and stuck on the decals.

It was a process he was very familiar with.

However, no matter how familiar he was, an airplane model needed to be meticulously assembled and adjusted bit by bit.

He worked hard from noon until 10 p.m. and finally managed to assemble eight new airplane models.

It was just as he had guessed. Every time he made a new model, he would get 0.1 origin points.

Including the previous two models, he had completed a total of ten aircraft models. To say he was overworked was an understatement.

After finishing up the final touches on the last airplane model, he was so tired that he slumped to the ground. His waist was sore.

However, all his efforts had paid off.

The origin points had finally reached 1.

The data on the airplane model finally changed.

[Item: Exquisite Fixed-Wing aircraft model +3]

[Experience: 363/? (Cannot be upgraded)]

[Origin Point: 1 (Can be strengthened)]

It was indeed the Point System.

Tang Rui chose "Strengthen."

However, at this moment, four enhancement options appeared on the entire aircraft model.

Body, flight controls, power source, and engine.

These four points represented the most important parts of the aircraft model.

When he made his choice, every part would light up, allowing for an easy understanding of the specific situation of the part that he wanted to strengthen.

It was quite intelligent. Tang Rui curled his lips and sat there thinking.

First, eliminate flight controls.

This kind of model airplane had very low requirements for the flight control system. Even if the software was upgraded, it would not be much better due to the overall performance of the model airplane.

The battery he was using was not the best on the market, though there was no need to improve it's performance.

A gas engine was still possible, but a 12-bladed 70mm ducted fan was also possible. The thrust would be sufficient.

If that was the case, only the fuselage was left.

After all, the material of the body was too trashy.

Thinking of this…

Tang Rui did not hesitate, choosing to directly reinforce the fiselage.


A blue light flashed.

The body that was originally made of epoxy material instantly became more realistic and had a metallic luster.

Even the original decals on the body had become a coating.

This change made him gasp.

It was simply ridiculous.

He reached out and touched the cold body, feeling the smoothness of its surface and the lightness of its body.

" This is f*cking aviation alloy."

Tang Rui reacted very quickly. This texture was definitely an alloy material specially used for aviation.

Was this what the system meant by adding points?

It was too awesome.

He directly transformed the body of the EP material into an aerospace alloy.

At this moment, Tang Rui's hand holding the airplane model was trembling.

For someone who knew little about the aerospace industry, they might not be too excited.

But Tang Rui understood. This was what he learned.

Although he was just an online shop owner and a part-time UP Master, he was a professional.

He graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology and majored in aircraft design and engineering.

He had only graduated less than half a year ago.

He had not forgotten what he had learned.

Strengthening the body of an aircraft model was nothing.

However, what if he were to strengthen a real fighter jet?

The effect would be absolutely heaven-defying.

Furthermore, not only could the system strengthen the body but also the engine, avionics, and other parts. As long as there were enough source points, the aircraft could be upgraded as a whole.

It was a pity.

Even if he had a cheat, he couldn't build a fighter jet.

However, just because he couldn't build fighter jets didn't mean that he couldn't build drones.

Now, he had the complete drone avionic system package in his hands. This was something he got from China Southern Airlines. There was absolutely no problem.

With this avionic system package, he only needed to buy the spare parts to assemble a drone.

However, he still needed to think carefully about which direction this drone should develop in.

He wasn't planning to make a civilian drone. Even if he made better drones than DJI, it would be meaningless.

If he wanted to do something, he would do something big.

With the system interface in hand, if he didn't want to open a firearms company and make a name for himself, he would be too useless to be a UP Master at the Little Po Station.

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