23 Fire-Fighting Drone

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How should he pursue her?

He had no experience.

"Celia, search for how to make a girl like you, and show me the answer with the most likes."

Tang Rui thought for a while, and decided to learn from the internet.

"Initializing search."


A web page appeared in front of him.

How to make a girl like you?

Answer: Have money.

Seeing this answer, Tang Rui gripped his chest.


"Show me the answer with the second most likes."



The web page changed.

Answer: Romance, girls like romance.

To quote some lyrics: The gift doesn't need to be too expensive, just the fallen leaves of Champs Elysees.

Did you notice?

To give a girl romance, you need to have money first.

Damn it!

"Close it. Close all the web pages."

Tang Rui said irritably.

"Okay." Celia.

He leaned on the sofa and looked at the ceiling.

He found that the problem had returned to the original point.

He had to make money first.

For him, there were many ways to make money now.

The simplest and fastest way was to get some dirt on celebrities and sell it to them.

But this method was illegal.

Of course he couldn't do illegal things.

So what was the legal, fast, and no-cost way to make money?

Tang Rui thought for a long time, and finally came up with a way to make money, which was to sell the algorithm to Huawei.

Was this illegal?

Not exactly, but it was unethical.

He had no choice.

This was the fastest way to make money, and he could compensate Huawei later.

"Celia, give me President Yu's phone number."


Tang Rui picked up his phone and dialed President Yu's number.

President Yu, who was working in his office, heard his phone ring and picked it up. It was an unknown number.

"Hello, who's this?"

"President Yu, hello. I am a loyal fan of Huawei phones."


President Yu was confused.

"Uh… thank you, thank you. What can I do for you?"

"Well, I found that the phone camera had some problems, so I developed an image processing algorithm that can improve the clarity of photos.

"This algorithm is suitable for any Huawei phone, and can even be used in self-driving cars."

After hearing Tang Rui's words, President Yu's expression changed.

If he wasn't bluffing, then this algorithm was very valuable.

"I don't know if your algorithm…"

He didn't finish his sentence, and was interrupted by Tang Rui.

"I understand. After all, no one would believe this kind of thing if I just said it. I have sent the algorithm to your computer. You can arrange for technical staff to verify it."

President Yu was stunned. He glanced at his computer.

Sure enough, on his desktop was an extra folder.

The name of this folder was Image Algorithm.


Seeing this scene, President Yu gasped.

Their Huawei internal network had been hacked.

And this person had uploaded a file without their knowledge.


"President Yu don't worry. I am a loyal fan of Huawei.

"You can verify the algorithm first. We'll talk later."

Tang Rui finished speaking and hung up the phone.

President Yu held his phone and listened to the busy tone from the receiver. He hadn't reacted yet.

After a while, he came back to his senses. He quickly asked his secretary to notify the heads of the technical and information departments to come over for a meeting.

Tang Rui didn't care what happened on Huawei's side.

Anyway, after they verified the effect of the algorithm, they would contact him.


 This algorithm was a split beggar version of the drone image processing algorithm, but it was still very valuable.


 But this wasn't that important, so Huawei wouldn't pay a sky-high price for it.


 According to his idea, he could get eight figures for it.


 With this money, he would have start-up capital.


 Establishing an arms company would no longer be a dream.


 What to use as the main product?


 Reconnaissance drone?


 No… The country had that too. Wuzhen 8 was very awesome.


 At that time, it couldn't be sold abroad, and not many could be bought domestically. It was meaningless.


 Strike-reconnaissance integrated drone?


 No either.


 The competition for this thing was even more fierce, and he couldn't do this thing right away.


 After all, he didn't have the three certificates of military industry. He couldn't make weapons right away.


 So what to do with civilian drones?


 Delivery drone?


 Pesticide drone?


 Fire-fighting drone... Wait a minute, the foreign trade version of the fire-fighting series drone was a good idea.


 Tang Rui's eyes lit up as he knew what to do.


 Firefighting drone!


 If this thing was done well, it would be a surprise.


 He even thought of the buyer.


 Just sell it to Russia.


 After all, Russia's home had a lot of forests, and the urban street environment was complex.


In this situation, if there were a drone that had strong ground reconnaissance scanning performance, could easily find the "fire point" in the forest and the hidden corners of the city, and carry five kilograms of "fire extinguisher", which could accurately deliver the "fire extinguisher" under cover of smoke and dust… would interest Russia, right?


 If you improve a regular fire extinguisher by changing it to a regional spray fire extinguisher, it could spray at a fixed point in the air, and directly extinguish the area within a radius of 20 meters.


Russia would be interested in this sort of drone, right?




 Russia would certainly buy all the units.


 If the cost was cheaper, this firefighting drone could definitely become a bestseller.


 Maybe buyers in the Middle East would be interested too.


Well, that was decided.


 Tang Rui lay on the sofa and opened the CAD drawing software.


 Mind control was simply a blessing for engineers.


 He just had to think about it, and the drawings would be generated directly.


 In less than ten minutes, tshape design drawing of the drone was drawn.


 It was fast because this firefighting drone in his imagination was a disposable item.


 So there was no need to design it perfectly.


 The body was a 75 cm long cylinder with a propeller at the tail.


 Before launching, the wings and tail were retracted into the body, and then unfolded after launching.


 The wings and tail were rectangular aluminum bars, easy to install, and very cost-effective.


 "Celia, make a 3D model based on this drawing."


 "Modeling completed."


 With supercomputing, he had the world in his palm.


This speed instantly generated a three-dimensional model. How incredible!

Looking at this extremely ugly drone in front of him, Tang Rui didn't feel that there was any problem.

He used aluminum alloy to make the body and aluminum bars as wings. He didn't care about how ugly it was.

Normally speaking, he should design the internal structure next.

But he didn't do that.

After all, this was his first drone he had designed. 

"Celia, give me permission on the supercomputing platform of COMAC Aircraft Design Institute. I want to use "Dongfang·Yufeng", an industrial-level fluid simulation model to do a wind tunnel test for the drone."

Tang Rui said bossily to Celia.

"Permission opened, data imported, simulation modeling completed. Do you want to start testing?"

"Start. Start with a low-speed fluid test."

"Test started."

Tang Rui looked at the data that kept refreshing in front of him. He felt very happy.

He personally thought the test was really unnecessary, but it was done this way traditionally.

Anyway, it didn't cost him any electricity.

Soon, the test results came out.

The aerodynamic design of the drone at low speed could only be described in two words.

Utter trash.

"Celia, do a high-speed fluid test."

Tang Rui didn't care. He curled his lips and let Celia continue testing.

Soon, the test ended.

The result of this test could be described in three words.

Complete. Utter. Trash.

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